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  1. Hello! I am looking for information on the Western Mediterranean itinerary on Allure of the Seas or the Greece/Croatia itenerary on Rhapsody. I am not looking for info on the Allure as I've sailed it before, but rather on the itinerarys, or if someone can compare the two boats. Hope that make sese. Can someone guide me as to where to find reviews of this specific itinerary? Looking to sail early June, 2020. We are really limited on our travel dates, so needs to be something the first week of June. Thank you!
  2. Yes that’s true- I started this thread about the gift cards at Frys/Kroger and the fuel points and some people also mentioned the AARP. Wanted to share with people that the 4x fuel points are back for those that are interested. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I bring an over the door shoe rack/ perfect for holding sunscreen, hair brushes etc. I also bought magnetic hooks on amazon for our last RCCL Cruise. They were so strong and held up even swim bags. I assume the walls on carnival are also mostly magnetic and will work there too? When traveling with my family, we designed a simple sign with our names and emoji images. Had it laminated at FEdEx and put on our door with magnets. If you are celebrating something, you can bring decorations with you into the cabin, but just can’t tape anything to the wall. Helps spruce up the cabin. When we traveled with our young we kids we brought the gel window decorations st the target dollar spot and they decorated the patio window with it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. It’s 4x fuel points right now on travel gift cards [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Frys has 4x fuel points right now on all travel gift cards through July 17. We decided to buy the Cheers Package. You can choose the amount on the gift card. So you think each person in our cabin could buy their own gift card then use all 3 to buy the 3 drinks package? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Hello! Our group just booked two Junior Suites with some friends to celebrate our milestone birthdays. We’re on the Imagination for a quick 3 night cruise out of LA. With a junior suite, I believe you get priority embarkation, but not access to your rooms is that right? What time is the embarkation typically? Trying to decide if we should drive from Phoenix that morning or the night before. Our docs aren’t available yet so don’t have anything official on this info. Are there any other perks of having a junior suite or is that it? Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I bought a gift card at my local Fry’s (Kroger) when it was 4x fuel points and used it for my deposit. I paid $100 but will get $10 off my next gas fill-up from it. Thinking of buying more but curious if there is anything you can’t use them for? Can you use it for settling your account at the end of the trip? Prepurchasing the drink package? Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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