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  1. Sorry haven’t posted anything in a while but have been following along every day. So sorry for all the Texans suffering and hope everything settles soon and back to normal. Birthday wishes to cruise mom, I beat you by 16 days. Thanks all for your gorgeous travel photos, funny cartoons and memes, they certainly put a smile on my face. My only news here is my dh snagged me an appointment at the university of tenn for a COVID shot and we went today. Easy Peasy in and out in 20 minutes, 15 was the wait time. It was pfizer and no effect from it at all, my arm doesn’t even feel sore, maybe I dre
  2. so very sorry to hear about health problems plaguing your loved ones, wishing a speedy recovery to them all. both the meals sound delightful, but i made a big chicken pot pie and we finished it all. love the bernie memes and nice to know they are helping other people in need. thank you for showing us the sweet eagle chicks hope they make it to maturity. wow cheap wine, i am putting it on my list for future purchase. thanks all for keeping me sane, dont know what i would do without the daily. i feel like i smile after reading it. Linda
  3. Debbie you can't jinx me on siding because ours was done just a few years ago. so sorry you ran into that problem and hope it isn't going to cost a lot. VMAX1700. the drink box video is great. Linda
  4. good morning all, always great to celebrate MLK. elementary school teachers an if I look amongst my numerous bookshelves I bet I could find a thesaurus somewhere. Been real busy trying to complete my puzzle that is driving me crazy, no defined colors and just a real royal PITA. my sister sent me a video I thought I would share (if my dh can load it) and hope it will give you all a laugh. enjoy and stay safe everyone until we can all meet on a cruise someday. Linda. funny.mov
  5. missed a day so sorry. I'm going to see if my dh can post some pictures of me in Helsinki eating the wonderful salmon soup they had at the market down by the waterfront and the batch I made the other night. love that soup. I'm going to count myself as a peculiar person so I guess today is my day. sorry don't care for grits so I will pass on that menu but I do like the alternative listed but we are having beef ka bobs (remember I don't have an oven so the grill will have to suffice). I have killed more house plants than I can count but I have a windowsill full of air plants and things I haven
  6. Just gonna say if someone can get a shot go ahead, the more people who get protected the faster this nightmare will be over, and I really want to be able to travel in september. I still dont know when our turn will be but I will be careful until such time. rafinmd i love your alternative menu and would eat every last bite but i have some salmon thawing ( need to get some omega 3 ) and am making a salmon soup like I had in Helsinki on the Baltic cruise. oh my goodness I chuckled over all the cartoons they were great, thank you all. oh and please take me off the list, its just a silly stove a
  7. apparently you just put a pan of water in and it produces steam to clean. I saw the ones with the air fryer but was too rich for me maybe in my next life, besides we are hopefully( if the stars aline) meaning everyone can get vacinated we are doing the fjords trip plus training around a few places in europe ( and we are footing the bill for all six of us). then i booked. a panama canal trip for four months after that so watching the pennies. linda
  8. no I’m okay replaced washer and dryer in June , sure hope yours doesnt need replacing, they have too many stupid things on appliances these days, all of which like to break. Linda
  9. to dfish and cat shepard. bought a whirlpool the dead one was lg. pretty much the same but has a steam clean feature instead of the high heat clean. comes next wednesday so all cooking has to be done on the top burners or take out. I’m voting for take out. hope no one else loses refrig, dishwasher or microwave, just dont post if you do. 😩😩. linda
  10. I seem to remember some posters having their stoves die? did you jinx me? had to buy a new stove today the bake option died, ever try to cook a meal on broil ? just won’t work so that was my day. won’t even say anything about the crazies in washington yesterday. I think we need more mental hospitals so these nut cases can have their heads examined, just too sad. wow I love that giant rock, the itty bitty penguins ,the meal suggestions, that drink sounds yummy , that sweet little owl, well I could go on but I thank you all for all you share. please be careful and stay safe. Linda
  11. oh please I need someone to make that caramel drink for me I’ll have to pass on the chicken had it last night. I am chowing down on stroganoff. I may need to learn braille, the steroids I am on are wreaking havoc on my cataracts. The travelogue and pictures of Antarctica make me so envious of your adventure,I love penguins and would love to go there but it looks way too cold for me It is 52 degrees here today, we did have some sun for about an hour or so but now cloudy and I feel it in my bones. thanks to all for this bright spot, please take care and stay safe. Linda
  12. thanks copper 10-8 I wrote your instructions down and they are. in my file so Ishould be able to find it, going to be fun for sure. linda
  13. gee whiz I learned so much today from you all. I knew of Epiphany but date escaped me, sorry lapsed catholic here. copper 10-8 I am learning so much about the workings of the ships from your post and I thank you. i would like to know where those coins are on the ship? I am excited to be on a brand new ship (hopefully in september) and plan to find them, sort of like a treasure hunt. thanks to all the posters who put up pictures of the sleepy baby animals and the cartoons, what a laugh I had. lazy boring day today just unboxed a puzzle to do and we will see how long it takes me to finish.
  14. back again to say I just loved all of the pretty cats , thanks for sharing. I’m planning on getting our dog Dillie ( well her formal name is Shareabs Bailey Dylis of Rocky Hill) only because the breeders insists you register with AKC but we call her dillie bean mostly, groomed soon and I’ll get my IT guy to put a picture on here. (that’s my dh). sorry about the run on sentence. Absolutely find all the travel pictures wonderful, now stop giving me so many places to make plans for.. Everyone please be safe hopefully we will soon be on the beautiful sea again. linda
  15. okay here goes.... I am a lurker ! I am also not a computer person (I actually hate them) so I will probably never post a picture or a funny meme or cartoon because I really dont know how. may I just say how much I appreciate all of you for giving me the best time of every day when I read what you are all up to. reading this column every day (for the last 5 or6 months) has kept me sane. I also think I may be on a future cruise with dfish (Debbie ?) on the new rotterdam sept 12 to the 19th. so maybe we will meet. That is if this covid will take a hike and we can all get back to some semblenc
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