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  1. Looks like Amsterdam finishes up Oct 22, 2021 at Ft Lauderdale. That seems to rule out a Grand Asia for that year.
  2. Very good ! A real incentive to use those campgrounds and keep travel costs down. Good luck !.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. $585 a year is a good deal. I assume that is a membership that allows camping at multiple campgrounds all around the country ?
  4. Wow, just the 150 timeshares boggles my mind ! It seems like a lot of yearly fees to pay. Not to mention whatever fees the 108 campground memberships require.
  5. Thanks to others confirming, our TA tried for the 3rd time and was successful in doing the placeholder deposit. As others said, it is not known whether there will actually be a 2021 Grand Asia. It seems like in essence, it is a placeholder for whatever cruise the Amsterdam does in fall 2021. Thanks for those who posted on this thread !
  6. My TA said that HAL would not place this for me. Can you confirm that you actually were able to do the $100 deposit?
  7. Just like reserving a hotel : read and understand the cancellation policy before you book !
  8. We have often asked the steward for extra non-wooden hangers.
  9. We have found some decent hotels, not fancy, at reasonable prices by searching on Trip Advisor.
  10. The porthole cabins the most forward often feel (and are) smaller because of the hull curvature. Best to get one as far aft (but still in the forward part of the ship) as possible. Main deck can be better than A deck because the curvature is less.
  11. For a long cruise, it is a good idea to Plastic Wrap the toilet bowl to slow down evaporation of the water. Also we put something over the shower drain to cover it up.
  12. Spend time finding as much as you can about all the ports you will be visiting: the history of the country and the port, the languages, the political situation, the geography, and things to do.
  13. If I were the OP, at this point I would like to hear from someone who has actually stayed in cabin 2556 !
  14. Sorry, you are right and my grammar was wrong. I should have added the word "above" to my first sentence.
  15. The Main Deck cabin does have cabins above but also the walking promenade. Potentially could be noisy but our experience not a problem. Other inputs?
  16. Not only can you book private tours, you can go off the ship on your own and poke around or take a tour with a local. Just be careful how you fill out the US government form, it is a little tricky (like the way HAL's wording makes you think you need to take a HAL tour). We just walked off the ship on a HAL cruise in December. Tom
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