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  1. It was in their contract. We called and if we board with a POC. Then we received a form. You can not hide it in a tote as everything is xrayed. About the size of a handbag. It makes oxgyen.. We did want to arrive in Seattle and be deny boarding at the port. pam
  2. Received a message from our travel agent Wednesday informing us Hal would deny boarding for our Alaska cruises. the reason I use a probable oxygen concentrator for flying. So Hal said I must have. a lung disease. I had a lung infection 10 years ago and need P.O.C. To fly only. I have never needed or use it on a cruise ship. We have done 25 to 30 cruises in those 10 years. I offered to let medical center or the front desk to hold my POC until l disembarked. I would also get “ a fit to cruise”letter from my Doctor. The answer was still no. we were to board today forB2B cruises. we were Told our account had been flagged so we were also forced to cancel 27 day Europe cruise Finally after called Mariners I got a email Bryon Mckeena in the president office. He stated I “singled out” and prevented from boarding. disappointment can not describe what I feeling. I also believe that Hal has violated the America Disability Act . i am filing against a violation with the Justice department. Pamela have
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