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  1. lol hey thanks y’all! I was able to book.
  2. Oh man see I picked choose my on after midnight.So if they booked a guarantee premium aft means I’m on standby?
  3. So can someone else see if it gives them an aft premium balcony?
  4. Can anyone who is not Elite book a premium aft balcony on Enchanted for 2020 Thanksgiving? Mine says one. Would be assigned.
  5. I’m trying to get an aft balcony on the Enchanted. Tells me that it will be assigned later.
  6. So stayed up all night to book my special cabin only to find it will be assigned. Thought I accidentally checked choose for me, I did not. Anybody else without a cabin number?
  7. Congrats on your win!
  8. I was looking for honest answers to the question if why someone stays on the ship avoiding a certain port? I know that New York and other places can be thought of as dangerous. Cruise Law News has some horror stories, do they prompt you to stay on the ship? I also know that it is great to visit Princess Sanctuary on those days as well. Why take the time to ridicule someone’s questions? If we can't ask these questions here, then where?
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