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  1. The internet is slow, but passable. Don't even attempt You Tube or videos. Can be used on several devices, but, only one at a time. Rainy day today in Bermuda. Sailing at 2PM. Last night "death by chocolate" was one of the most amazing displays of chocolate we've ever seen.
  2. It's been almost a year since our last SS voyage. Will be on board again in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there is any change to the internet policy. Last time, each traveler had one hour per day of usage or you could opt for a "premium". service at an addional charge. Has that policy changed considering so many lines are now offering unlimited service?
  3. I agree. We have close to 100 days on Seabourne and never experienced anyone trying to push premium beverages I guess SB hasn't done much of a job vetting bartenders based on the job requirments.
  4. We, as any apparently many others travel business class on long flights. Seabourn should offer business class at a reasonable price as do Silversea and Regent. We've opted for one of the other lines many times due to their business class offerings.
  5. You can board anytime after noon and have lunch but your cabin will not be ready until 2 PM
  6. Finally got assignment 7 days before sailing. V6_a t complain.
  7. Down to about 10 days to sailing and haven't received suite assignment How close to sailing have you been assigned to a suite?
  8. We have sailed on both Silversea and Seabourn and have a question regarding Regent. We usually prefer a table for two at dinner. Does Regent offer that option?
  9. All cr use lines are now marketing to the millennial demographic since that population is their future. You would think they would take that into consideration when looking at their wifi offerings.
  10. Sailed on Seabourn last year and only option for unlimited Internet was $400 for the entire cruise. Will be sailing again in October and curious as to whether SB has changed their internet policy considering other lines like Silversea are now offering unlimited access.
  11. Anytime we booked a guarantee, we have ended up with a v4 or v5 suite so we don't accept upgrade offers
  12. As far as I know, you can only book air reservations directly with Seabourn. If you booked through a travel agent, the travel agent will have to contact Seabourn for air reservations. I have not bee able to find way to book air online through the Seabourn website
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