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  1. Yes, we were right below Windjammer too on Grandeur in our GS. it wasnt't too bad though really. If we go back on Grandeur I would absolutely book a GS again.
  2. We just got back and I believe Captain Jack's was an extra charge. The Snack Shack was included. We had food from the Shack and it was very good. This didn't surprise us though since food on the island was great when we were there in January as well. It's just burgers or chicken sandwiches in our case, but it was better than I expected!
  3. We too always book a GS and get the drink package. Honestly, it's just simpler and if you book it right it's not that much more expensive, if at all. The Suite lounge will sometimes limit drinks, I believe 2 per night, as there is a policy in place. Also the choice of liquor may not be what you prefer, for example we like Tito's and always ask for it. With the package the concierge lounge servers will be happy to bring that if you ask. The added flexibility is nice. On Harmony you will have access to Coastal Kitchen for all meals, so no need for the Ultimate Dining package. However on smaller ships we generally have been booking that when available as well. Having been on Harmony in a GS recently, I can say you have selected an amazing ship for the occasion. The added benefits that come with the GS will make it even more special. I can't think of anything else I would add honestly! Enjoy your trip! Oh, and now that you have booked a GS you won't want to go back. Welcome to the club. ;)
  4. Well it looks like those might have worked. I waited some time after trying - and I used both addresses - and so far no bounce back. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I used "an_concierge@rccl.com" as indicated in the spreadsheet. I received an "address not found" message back.
  6. It looks like the concierge email in the spreadsheet for Anthem may have been changed since my email to it bounced this morning. Does anyone have an updated email for the Anthem concierge? We will be suite guests and first time as Diamond, so not sure which concierge we will be assigned. I was hoping to contact them a couple of weeks ahead of our cruise for a special request. thanks!
  7. We did this trip a couple of years ago around this time of the year - late Sept to mid-Oct sometime - and really enjoyed it. It's likely to be colder obviously so maybe hoodie/jeans weather. I'm generally prepared with this plus t-shirts i would wear under a hoodie so I don't really double pack for different weather. As the weather gets colder seas do tend to be a bit rougher. If you're a seasoned cruiser though it's generally not bad at all.
  8. Hi, I've seen a bunch of threads here regarding car services around the CT/NY/NNJ area, but not sure those are the best options in our specific case. Has anyone had good experiences with a service coming from farther south in NJ, specifically the Ocean County area? We've always driven, but are considering trying something different for our next trip in December and are looking for some input. thanks!
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