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  1. We will be in the Beach Winds Condos. I believe the 4th floor. Should be a good vantage point. Supposedly going to the roof on Sunday. (Not confirmed).
  2. Amelia taped itand is watching it now. My brothers condo is a 1/4 mile from Lori Wilson Park. We will be on his balcony watching the show.
  3. Expand my signature below and it should be pretty self-explanatory. LOL🚢🛳️
  4. I remember it. I also recall that we had a significant snowstorm around 15 -20 years ago on April 15th here in the Northeast. I have my own plowing business and that was about the latest snowfall that could recall. Which is why I would never book a cruise until springtime. I am getting a little braver, (or crazier), in my old age seeing as I am taking chance with the "Friends of Bella" cruise in March 2023.😲🙂😮
  5. Not sure about RCCL FAN, but we are doing the 3rd scheduled sailing out of Nassau on 6/26/21. They are also doing sailings on 6/12 and 6/19.
  6. Attempting to retry the link.... https://donyoung.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=401898
  7. There is at least 1 elected official in Alaska that is trying to do something to save the cruising and tourism industry. https://donyoung.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=401898
  8. Does anybody else "SEE" the 2 white dogs in the trees on the left ???
  9. Actually, that statement is incorrect. Clocks are going backwards 1 hour. HOWEVER, I have no intention of doing that. The last thing I want to do is ADD another hour to 2020. What we are going through is bad enough !!!!!!!!!😮
  10. There is also a similar thread in the "Floataway Lounge"about screen name origins. As for ours, when joining CruiseCritic in 2004, (after multiple cruises staring in 2002,) I looked at our cruise history and realized that the CC name was a "No Brainer".
  11. No problem.... I wasn't trying to associate the picture with the article.🙂
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