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  1. So glad you are doing this review. It is always a great source of entertainment and information. Joe
  2. Can't wait to see how that insurance claim is written up.🤔🤯
  3. Have done this tour twice. It gives you a whole different perspective of the Locks as you travel into and through them. You are on a boat that holds about 200 people. There is a large seating area along the sides and also an area up in the bow section for viewing. You can stand along the side of the boat and actually touch the walls of the Locks as you are being raised or lowered. Sometimes, you are paired up with a Container ship when you are traversing the Locks and it a strange feeling being overshadowed by such a large ship. They also serve a light lunch.
  4. Keith, Welcome Home, (ALMOST 🙂), I hope it doesn't take you to long to get your "land legs" back. It has been great following along on your journey and it definitely will make me want to book a cruise on the Sky somewhere in the future. If you are lucky, by the time you get back to CO., the snow will be gone. That storm is actually heading for us for the end of the weekend. "Pennies from Heaven"🙂 Safe travels home to You & Tammy. Talk soon, Joe
  5. Hi Keith, If memory serves me right, on the Royal the Retreat Pool had steps that went directly into the water. From your photos, it looks like the only way in is by using the ladder or lowering yourself in off the side. Or am I just not seeing a good angle? You sure have had some really crazy weather for this cruise. I hope it improves for you soon. Talk later.
  6. Good day my friend. Following along and thoroughly enjoying your pictures. Looks like we are going to have to try this ship out. Love to Tammy.
  7. You and Tammy have a great cruise, my friend.🛳️🥂 Sorry that we are going to just miss you.🙁
  8. Julie, Have a great trip. Happy Anniversary and congrats on being Elite.
  9. We will be boarding on Thursday. We are having an informal Meet & Greet on the 1st sea day, (Friday) at 10:45 just aft of Club One5/Horizon Court on the Non-Smoking side. It would be great if you could join us as I'm sure we will have a few people with questions that you would probably be able to answer. Thanks, Joe
  10. When they christened the Caribbean Princess in April 2004, they broadcasted the ceremony with Jill Whelan, (Captain Stubings daughter Vicki), being the Godmother. She then got married onboard with the Love Boat cast in attendance. The next day we sailed out of FLL for the inaugural run. Jill and her husband stay on for the week and mingled with those onboard. For the Ruby in 2008, DW was invited to go with a TA friend of ours on the "3 day cruise to nowhere". On that they did the naming ceremony & christening with Trista & Ryan from the Bachelorette. After the 3 days, the ship docked back in FLL to pick up us commoners, (spouses, families and friends). When the Royal did her 1st U.S. "Maiden' Voyage after being on the "other side of the pond" for the first 5 months, we did a 5-day and a 7-day B2B sailing and I don't recall if Princess did anything special for that particular cruise.
  11. Our hearts and prayers going out to all that are in the path of this "Monster".
  12. Twangster, Thanks for the fantastic review. Would you, or anyone else for that matter, be able to tell me if the pools on the Empress are "Fresh Water" or "Salt/Sea water"?? Thanks.
  13. I would also. I always fill in the cruise dates and memories. With my memory slowing "Going to hell in a hand basket", I need some quick way to recall certain people or things we had done. Right Keith ??? 🤔
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