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  1. Should be darn near everything, I would hope.
  2. Looks nice. Reminds me a bit of when American Airlines finally did away with the blinding metal fuselages.
  3. Jim Cramer is to be taken for pure entertainment value only. Heck, CNBC in general.
  4. besides, you know, the whole vaccine thing.
  5. There’a already a class system forming of “vaccinated” vs “non-vaccinated”. Social media and the conventional media are playing a big part in that.
  6. eh, small potatoes either way. It IS a little unsanitary I guess
  7. the CDC is like a lost little child, reading some of those requirements.
  8. You are dreaming, my friend. Reminiscent of the people who last spring said “if we’re not back to normal by the end of the year, citizens will be rioting int he streets demanding answers from the elected officials“
  9. that’s really swell of them to give us the go-ahead.
  10. to be extra safe, they should expressly prohibit gathering indoors, except with your immediate family.
  11. “Face coverings are currently required for guests while indoors except for in their own accommodations and while eating and drinking in restaurants, bars and lounges or outdoors when physical distancing is not possible.” .... despite mandatory vaccinations for everyone on-board. Good grief.
  12. Never attribute to malice, that which can be attributed to mere incompetence.
  13. bookings are going to go quick, I think. Lots of pent-up demand.
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