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  1. How was the MDR food and did you have select dining or fix ? thanks sea ya Eric
  2. Have fun, If you attend any shows please let us know who you found them. Thanks Sea ya Eric
  3. Oh ! That be great if they do but can’t seem to find any menus with them on it.
  4. Oh Yes !! We Ketos love the pure alcohol but love a great beer during the day near the pool 🙂
  5. Hello, we we have been on Keto now for over 1 1/2 and have no problem doing it even on vacation. We are moderate Keto so this makes it probably easier and yes vacation is vacation so we do cheat on occasions on vacation 😉 sea ya eric
  6. Following and great review so far 😉 will be cruising Equinox in November. thanks again sea ya Eric
  7. I see you also know about Low Carb beers 🍻.... I will probably go with Miller Lite as it has 4,2% alcohol compare to the Bud Select 2,4% alcohol. FYI in the low carb beers if ever they have Corona Premiere or Amstel light those are good runner up as well. Thanks sea ya
  8. Hello all, Does Celebrity carry any Low Carb beer such as Michelob Ultra ? Thanks Sea ya Eric
  9. OMG !! I am so stupid I always though these were free only if you had a paid coffee or tea. Equinox I cant wait to eat all of them now lol lol. sea ya Eric
  10. What’s a Gatsby patty ?
  11. Going on the EQ in November and can’t wait as this class of ship is one of the nicest I’ve been on. Does anyone know until when captain Kate will be on-board ? sea ya Eric
  12. How cool as I thought I was the only Quebecer on this site. Thanks for the kind word and when your next cruise ? Merci Eric
  13. We have been telling her this for many many years that this is the type of vacation she would like but like your father she was scared of being stuck on a boat doing nothing and on on. My only regret will be after this cruise I’m sure she will say she should of listen to us while my dad was alive and do it then. The good thing is it’s never to late. sea ya Eric
  14. It took me more than 40 cruises to convince my mom to come with us lol. Hope your father-in-law will give in as well. We are on the November 16th sailing. Eric
  15. That should be fun happy cruising 😉
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