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  1. The issue was resolved! Apparently we had been going to the overflow room of the DL (clearly marked as the D and D+ Lounge) and the REAL D and D+ Lounge was around the corner. Totally our mistake (and at least 2 others that night). Perhaps the overflow venue (looked like a dance/music venue) was possibly booked for something else or may not have been needed. We felt like diamond dummies!
  2. We tried to call the Diamond concierge last night (5:30pm) and it rang about 30x and never even went to voice mail! Lines are loooooong at guest service right now, with us changing routes and people wanting to change/book new excursions and check on refunds (although you can access that from your tv! 😄). So perhaps tomorrow we can check.
  3. Can you go there (the bar) even if you aren’t dining there?
  4. Went tonight...doors to DL are closed! A lady told us she had just got off the phone w/guest relations, and was told that they closed the DL for a private party! 😬 No alternate location, just cancelled the entire 3.5 hours! She also mentioned the lack of service last night as well. Kind of a shame they couldn’t have let people know last night it would not be open today.
  5. We had about 50 yesterday during “happy hour” in the Diamond/Diamond Plus lounge on Symphony last night...and just 2 waiters. We waited awhile, and the waiters never even made it to our side of the room. Finally decided to forgo the “free” drinks in the lounge and went to the Schooner bar instead to use the loaded drinks on our card. The munchies in the DL were great, the diamonds just outnumbered the waiters by about 25 to 1. Not sure what we’ll do tonight.
  6. I’m on Symphony now. The captain just announced that we are being rerouted due to the Tropical Storm Karen. Skipping Puerto Rico and St Maarten, keeping Labadee, and adding Cozumel and Coco Cay. Safety first, and always!!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the kind and helpful information. It looks like I will just have to wait & see, as it looks like different ships do different things. We sail on Symphony this Saturday.
  8. LOL, no I don’t honestly think that an emergency only happens in nice weather! That wasn’t my question.
  9. Yes, I agree that people with disabilities attend muster inside. We’re leaving Saturday, and there is a strong chance of rain/thunderstorms around the time of the drill. Just wondering if they moved them inside in bad weather, or not.
  10. If it is raining at the time for the muster drill is it still held outside at your muster station? How about during a thunderstorm?
  11. Anything new about Gabrielle? I'm on the same cruise you are, and wondering!!
  12. Thanks for the great info! Sailing Mariner in Jan 2020.
  13. That was my understanding. Soda package worked last time we were there.
  14. I thought they were still gonna offer the complimentary buffet...?
  15. We love their signature margaritas, and the bartender on Liberty had a very liberal pour!!
  16. We just returned from Liberty on Sunday. I emailed about 3 weeks before sailing, and received back an email about our MDR seating requests, which were honored!
  17. Oh my goodness! A Panama Canal cruise from Galveston would be amazing!
  18. We sailed her in June, out of Miami. My biggest complaint was the WJ. It was hard to find something decent to eat...and I’m not picky, trust me. We chose not to go to the shows, but instead spent some time at the casino...and actually won. We decided for a 3 day, she was all right, but anything longer and we’d look at a different ship.
  19. We cruised on Liberty in early October and were VERY pleasantly surprised by the improved pizza and salads available in Sorrentos. To us, it looked like they were at least TRYING to improve.
  20. We also had a nice topper/pad on ours. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  21. We also concur. Not all entrees, and not all waitstaff, but overall, it has been excellent. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. I’m interested too! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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