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  1. PUPs and their continuation or stoppage are apparently a temporary cure for boredom!
  2. A virus is apolitical. This one is new. We are learning as we go. Mistakes and miscues are part and parcel of the process. When I need medical advice I go to my physician, not the news or social media. It's worked out well so far.
  3. I am not a fan of X IT department, however I have to say that each time we've been shorted points i contacted Captains Club by telephone, followed up with an email accompanied by screenshots proving the activity was done and it was corrected the following month. Also when these PUP activities started DH got the emails and I did not. Again, I contacted them by phone and we both get them. I guess we've been lucky enough to get to the right person each time. It's sad that so many others are still having issues.
  4. Earlier today I checked and DH and I had each received only 6. I just checked again and we've received 7 more which, I'm happy to say was correct for once with the left over PUP points that didn't post last month added in! Yay! No Captains Club call and email needed this month!!! Happy dance!
  5. I didn't think you were insulting my TA, no worries. I have the FCC emails and have given the TA the numbers. They have everything recorded. It's all good!
  6. This seems to only be concerning to you. Both I and the TA I use have no problem applying our FCC. Whether the deposit requirement is by my TA or X doesn't matter to me. The TA has no problem applying it. They have the FCC #s and will do it at time of final payment. I have no problem paying a fully refundable deposit. The mechanics of how it's done are irrelevant to me as long as it gets done, which it will, if my next sailing actually happens. As I said, the TA is not a small local agency but a large TA who deals with all cruise lines and has a very excellent working relationship with them a
  7. Not worried. Our TA is a very large online agency that knows its way around the cruiselines and has great working relationships with all of them. It's all good!
  8. It's non a problem. As I said, they will apply it to the balance due and it will pay for the booking when combined with our deposit.
  9. Our FCC is unusual. We boarded a cruise on March 13, 2020 that was cut short because of the Covid world shutdown and returned to port after 4 nights. We were refunded our full fare and issued a 50% FCC. When we booked our next cruise our TA, who we have used for many years, they said we could not use the FCC for the deposit. It really doesn't matter to us because the FCC will pay for the balance still due and as I posted earlier, the TA rate was $1100 per person less than X rates at the time and included much more. Even if X rates come down significantly I cannot imagine they would reduce enou
  10. Perhaps the difference is that I didn't book online or with X. I booked with my TA who had a group rate that was $1100 less pp than X rate and included more. That was worth it to us to book a refundable deposit paid out of pocket with the TA and then use the FCC for the balance.
  11. I was told by my TA that I could not use the FCC for the deposit.
  12. Sort of reminds me of the ones that say Alaska and Hawaii are not in the US!
  13. When I registered using the email link it asked for my phone number. DH also.
  14. Unlimited talk and text makes "delete" my friend. I will glance first to make sure there's no PUP opportunity hidden in the X texts.
  15. When we did this directly from our phones using our email links nothing happened, got nothing back. We did it again from our tablets and got the texts back. IDK how the X IT team keep their jobs. Shaking my head......whatever....it worked.. 3 more points...
  16. I did and received nothing. Neither did my DH using his link
  17. I did it without the quotes and got nothing. I then tried using the other link and also got nothing from that.
  18. We used two tablets on the same WIFI network simultaneously. Also I was watching baseball on my phone. We didn't use a computer at all, nor did we use headphones. I muted one tablet, listened on the other. Everything worked seamlessly. I guess we were fortunate! Anyway, as long as we actually receive the PUPs we'll be content. Sorry others had issues, but hopefully everyone will receive their points. That's the only reason most of us watch anyway. The webinars are just hour-long commercials to be endured for the point reward.
  19. It seems like the issues some had with this webinar might have been on the end of attendees rather than originating from X. Many had no issues at all, while others had problematic experiences. Ours worked perfectly with no freezing on 2 Samsung tablets on chrome. Maybe it more a function of the internet provider or the device rather than X this time?
  20. I logged on using the links in my calendar without any issues. It worked fine on my tablet without any hiccups. The audio and video worked perfectly. I took screenshots at the beginning n middle and end just in case. It was good that LLP left it to the people that mastered the medium.
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