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  1. So happy to read the positive reviews on the forward facing PH suites. I have been questioning myself constantly...thinking that I would not have a good view (I noticed the balcony railing was not see through or rails but a solid piece of metal. I worried that you could not see through it). This has eased my mind!! Thank you.
  2. momof4boys

    Radiance-Disembarking in Seward, AK

    I am thankful, too, for this information. Going on our first cruise to Alaska...and it feels like my first ever cruise. The ports are different and I still don't have a good feel for what I plan to do. I need all the help I can get!!;p
  3. momof4boys

    Alaska Cruise Newbies - couple questions

    We have only cruised Carnival Cruise Lines to the Caribbean. We enjoy the large size of the suite rooms for a cheaper price than on the other lines. We don't care about the extras in suites on other lines. The food is good and entertainment is what is expected (although both food and entertainment is not as good as it was 5 years ago) We chose NCL for Alaska for several reasons. If I am only going to visit Alaska once (or maybe twice...) I want to see as much as I can. CCL only has round trip...no cruises deep into Alaska. Every book on cruises reports that Glacier Bay is a MUST. So we booked the Northbound cruise....on NCL : The Sun. We are excited to try NCL. Good Luck and no matter what....have fun!!
  4. 1. YES!!! 2. Maybe I would love it!!
  5. momof4boys

    New Perspective on Cruising the Sun??

    Awww so sweet!!! Loved hearing about this!! We always wonder about all the wonderful employees on the ships we cruise. Wish we could meet your daughter!!
  6. momof4boys

    FLL tragedy - sailed Conquest NYE 2016

    That airport situation was literally fluid......CCL most likely had NO way to know what was going to happen. FLL did not know what was going to happen. The airport didn't even know if there were more shooters, or what was going on. I am not sure what you wanted them to do. Shootings, Bombings, and terrorist attacks have occurred while I have been on cruises....it is a waiting game and you just have to be patient to see what the people who are really in charge are going to do.
  7. momof4boys

    Shooting at FLL Airport

    My heart goes out to all those people ....those who looked forward to going on a fabulous vacation, those traveling to visit loved ones, those on business related trips....all those involved in this horrible tragedy. I pray for comfort and healing.
  8. momof4boys

    First cruise to Alaska

    Can some one tell me the difference of cruising in late July vs mid July?
  9. Hi! We have cruised many times but now have some grand babies to introduce to the cruising world!! I have tried to get on the DCL website since 7 am this morning and it is down. I tried calling (YIKES!!!!!) and leaving a message...it cut me off in the middle of my street address, and called back and spoke to a human in tech support who told me they are updating their site and it would be back working by noon. Three hours later and there seems to be no hope? Should I just go to a travel agent or keep waiting. I don't have a lot of spare time and was hoping to get this done. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Looking forward to the rest of your review. Our group is booked for this itinerary in July, but the ship will be the Fascination. We have always wanted to do the Saints.
  11. momof4boys

    Fascination in San Juan

    Interesting. Our group of 12 is booking this cruise for July. We didn't care which ship was there. We have been looking and there are lots of balconies on this ship (Must have upgraded at some point) We are booking 3 grand suites and 2 balconies. I personally LOVE the Fantasy Class. We have done the Fantasy twice and Elation once,.....all 7 nighters. I have loved the staff, ease of getting around the ship, and the not so crowded feel. Not a fan of the DREAM Class. We always book suites plus balconies. The OS looks right out on a deck....very little privacy. I want to see the ocean...not a bunch of teens making out when they think no one can see them! LOL! There were always lots of crowds on the DREAM, but I still loved my cruise. I would have been fine with the Liberty, too. I loved the Freedom when I was on it. No matter what, a cruise is what you make it!! I'll take the lower price, bigger cabins, nicer staff, decent food, and AWESOME DODs anytime!!!
  12. momof4boys

    Dietary Restriction Experience

    When we first started cruising 10 years ago I think they handled restrictions really well. As time has gone on ....with so many people now having restrictions, I think it is harder for them to keep up. I cannot have walnuts and my friend's DH cannot eat Peanut Butter or Peas. We always contact special services plus let our waiter know the first night. Last cruise we had some trouble with dinner in the MDR. Two times peas were added to the sauce and served to my friend. Ultimately it is up to you. Tell everyone, but be careful.
  13. momof4boys

    question about passports..

    Exactly. That is what is recommended by the government the Embassies.
  14. momof4boys

    Travelers checks

    Almost all banks, credit unions, and even AAA in my area have done away with those checks. They use a card now that you buy....but every time you use it there is a fee and a fee to load more money on it. I tried it for my son in Europe about 5 years ago....never again. Also, many many merchants do not accept travelor's checks since their use is so infrequent. Cash or a CC is about the only way to go anymore.
  15. Loved Four Points Sheraton on Bourbon Street! It was awesome! We stayed with the Courtyard/Pool View and it was nice. I did read that some people got a parking view and weren't happy!!