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  1. These are far forward Vista suites on Deck 6. My understanding is that the balconies wrap from the side around to the front. I'm concerned that perhaps the front section is partitioned and has to be opened / unlocked by the cabin steward. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  2. I'm surprised you're surprised about cabin availability. Your cruise won't sail. For starters, it will very challenging to get a crew in place.
  3. Your cruise isn't canceled? Cases have been confirmed in PR, STX, STM, Jamaica, Martinique, Aruba.
  4. I've snorkeled Maho dozens of times and never not seen turtles.
  5. The CB ferry restarted fairly recently. In addition to it and the Red Hook ferry, there is one from downtown Charlotte Amalie that starts running again on 9 Mar I think. But Crown Bay is the way to go for you.
  6. Just got off Encore and saw it; never seen it on a RCI ship.
  7. I don't know the formal answer; however, on the 23 Feb cruise, I was in GP for a bit and there was an unaccompanied ~10yo kid up there on his own playing game after game. I'm assuming his parent dropped him off and he has some kind of pass.
  8. From Trunk, almost always yes. Just keep in mind that they often wait until the taxi is full before departing, so leave some cushion and don't expect to be on your way immediately. It's all very easy to do; don't be deterred.
  9. If you were on Vision OTS, you docked at Crown Bay.
  10. There are always taxis waiting for the ferry. Just make sure you have a plan to get back from the beach.
  11. Do it yourself. Since Freedom docks at Crown Bay, walk over to the marina and take the 930am ferry to STJ. It leaves Cruz Bay at 415pm. If that doesn't work for you, just take the hourly ferry to Red Hook and taxi back. Once in Cruz Bay, you can taxi to Trunk or Honeymoon or hike into Honeymoon.
  12. I just got off Encore. All the arcade games I played and saw were $1.70.
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