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  1. $129 per person for 3 dinners in specialty restaurants on the first night. Tonight we we are in Icey Straight and the buffet maître’d offered us 30% off on any restaurant. Tonight only.
  2. We are on the Equinox right now. A couple of pictures from last night. Hope I’m not hijacking the thread. Past the Lions Gate Bridge. Diver Scallops Wellington in the Murano.
  3. Could you please post up the diesembarcation schedule? It would nice to schedule our pickup when we return next week. Great blog btw. I have been following it intensely
  4. Paul, we are boarding this coming Sunday, May 26. What internet package do you have and what does it cost?
  5. Ok, my wife has put the kybosh on the pickup idea. From the airport you can take the Canada Line train to downtown Vancouver pretty cheap. If you get off the train at Vancouver City Centre Station it is about a 600 metre walk to the Shangri-La Hotel. If you are looking for dinner when you arrive you have some pretty good options very close to there.
  6. Hmm...I live in Vancouver (suburb) and I'm taking the same cruise immediately after you. Gonna watch carefully. Would it be creepy if I drove to the airport and offered you guys a ride to your hotel?
  7. I wouldn't (nor did I) suggest in any way that anyone else was responsible for my immune system, or lack there of. However, being a pig at the trough is not in anyone's best interests. Common decency and hygiene are worth the effort for everyone. Sorry if you can't understand that. PS: "boosting your immune system" is something that starts when you are a child. Don't for a moment believe that taking some vitamin or other substance is going to do you any good against the runny nosed person handling your food after touching their nose/face.
  8. Loser-loser. Being a pig in public is never an excuse.
  9. I have never been told that. However, your (or my) immune system can't be built up in preparation for a cruise. Good hygiene can!
  10. Try having leukemia. Your idea doesn't work so well. Better that everyone is a little more sanitary.
  11. I'm the suspicious kind of guy. They make a lot of claims, but really don't provide any data to back it up. 24 hours is an awfully long time for any anti-bacterial agent to remain effective. Just saying...
  12. ZooNo looks interesting, but their website doesn't reference any clinical trials. In fact, no science references at all. I'd be skeptical of their claims.
  13. I carry $10m emergency medical. Costs me $450 and it expires in a month 8(. I was just curious if the US Coast Guard charges to airlift you off of a ship. Socialized medicine has its advantages. Most I would be out of pocket for air evac in British Columbia would be about $90.
  14. That's a pretty pricey option. If you evacuated from a ship in US waters by coast guard helicopter, is there a fee for that?
  15. I doubt if you would make your flight. It takes 30 minutes to get from the cruise ship terminal to YVR via Canada Line rapid transit. Budget 90 minutes to clear security etc and you'd have to be off the ship and moving by 8AM.
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