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  1. Our booking includes a free dinner at the Pinnacle Grill. Are there any limitations ? can you order anything on the menu, does it include dessert ? We also have the SBP but it looks like the the wine on the PG menu are over $11. Could we order wine included in the SBP with dinner or do we have to bring a glass in ourselves?
  2. Thank you that is helpful; yes, we decided to splurge on a balcony though it is quite a bit more. By "upfront" I wasn't referring to ship location; I meant choosing a specific cabin when booking vs letting HAL choose for you
  3. Hello, I'm new to HAL and planning an Inside Passage cruise out of Vancouver on the Volendam in Aug 2020. Debating whether to select a cabin upfront or take our chances and let HAL choose. Is it likely we will get least desirable (noisy, etc.) cabin if we let HAL choose ? Would you spend an extra $300pp to sail in June/July (rather than 3rd week of August) or use it to guarantee a cabin mid-ship which seems to be the most desirable? Also has anyone experienced seasickness on this particular route ? I've been sick on deep sea fishing boats and on a sailboat boat on Lake Michigan in choppy waters but not a cruise (have been on 3). I've read that motion sickness isn't so much an issue on the IP cruises out of Vancouver Thanks in advance for your help.
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