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  1. We have one from the Glory and one from the Valor back in 2005 and 2007. Haven't watched them for a while, but will pull them out now and then when I need a cruise fix. We also have placemats from both of those ships, which were signed by the dining staff. We had them laminated and use them quite often. Miss cruising but just found out the border between our two provinces in opening next month and we will be able to visit our grandchildren for the first time in months. I know that that is not related, but just had to share it because I am so excited.
  2. I would buy this in a heartbeat as DH's birthday is at the end of March, but am in Canada and although we have a U.S. mailbox, living only 5 minutes from the border, we can not cross to pick something up. This really stinks, any idea how to make this happen.
  3. We have rescheduled our cruise again, this time from this September to next. We still can't even cross the border into the U.S. and live just five minutes away. I expect DH and I will be in line to be vaccinated probably around April or May. I really don't have a problem having a vaccine mandate. It certainly could make the whole cruising experience more enjoyable knowing everyone around you has also been vaccinated. To me cruising is a privilege, not a right and as such I don't feel that I have the right to cruise if I am not prepared to do everything possible to keep everyone on board s
  4. The question today is what will dining look like going forward. I would guess we would not be seated with strangers.
  5. Anyone else missing watching all the weekend sail-aways on the web. Counting down the weeks till a future cruise this was one thing that always got me excited. You can be that even though we are not scheduled now until next September I will be the first one in line to watch the first ships sail from my favorite ports.
  6. Just a guess on my part, but I suspect we will see "cutbacks". No doubt they are going to have to do lots of belt tightening, and I suspect food will be one area they will somehow try to save money. Just as long as they don't take away my crème Brule
  7. As far as packing the bags go, I was just in my "cruise trunk" yesterday and was sad to see all things that I had ready to go for my original cruise in March. Can't complain though, we have stayed healthy and so far live in one of the safest places on earth. For that we are very thankful.
  8. Yeah, I guess those of us who are really committed to cruising again will have to think outside the box. We probably would have cancelled completely after the last cancellation, but have $2000. in GC money tied up and weren't sure if it would be possible for us to cruise again down the road and don't want to lose that money. DH and I are not high demand people and can be quite content dealing with changes that might come along, so as I said we are cautiously optimistic about next fall.
  9. We also are cautiously optimistic and booked for next September. For us it is after 2 cancellations. We have talked about what restrictions we are willing to live with and certainly restricting excursions is a biggy, but we are doing a b2b in a suite and then an aft Havana wrap, so we know we can really enjoy our cruise even if we seldom leave the ship.
  10. I really don't know what their plan will be in regards to reducing capacity, but it would make sense to spread people out on the decks as much as possible. Not only would it cut down on hall traffic, but would also potentially reduce overuse of one set of elevators over another. As far as fttf goes, if it is offered I would guess those with fttf would get the first crack at boarding times after diamond and platinum. I expect everyone will have specific times to board or should I say arrive at port, in order to spread everyone out. Getting on the ship first is the least of my worries.
  11. Of all of the new measures that may be put in place when cruising starts up again, this is the one that I find most concerning. DH and I like to enjoy the freedom of doing what we want when we want when we cruise. Usually on a two week cruise (usually a b2b) we take maybe 2 carnival excursions and then do our own thing from there. Many times we will head to a favorite beach and then go shopping or perhaps something else, but not real keen on being locked in to an excursion every day in order to get off the ship. It is not just the lack of freedom, but also the cost. Even if th
  12. Well we were booked on the Sunrise for Sept 2021 and are supposedly being moved to the Horizon. Our sunrise cruise just finally disappeared and are waiting to see where they try to put us on the Horizon. We are b2b in an ocean suite on the Sunrise. I am guessing they have it blocked while they sort it all out.
  13. Our b2b cruises for Sept 21 changed to horizon a week earlier
  14. We are rebooked on her for Sept 2021, so are also anxious to hear,
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