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  1. Anyone have any idea of the current price of the Behind the Fun Tour on the Carnival Magic. We are looking at the May 23rd itinerary which is an 8 day. Also any idea when it might take place?
  2. Well I would agree with almost everything above, but the two main things that stand out to me are spending quality time with my hubby of almost 40 years, we will be celebrating this on our next cruise, also being so removed from the rest of the world that I rarely think about work.
  3. Flying fish many times, dolphins in Galveston and manatee in Port Canaveral. We also saw a shark swimming alongside the pier in St. Kitts as we were walking back to the ship.
  4. My husband is a minister and on our very 1st cruise he performed a renewal of vows ceremony for a couple we met here on C.C. We simply went to an seldom used aft deck on a quiet morning. It was quite lovely. Yes a few people strolled by, but we weren't bothered by them or I don't believe they by us.
  5. With priority tender they will give you a location to meet and will accompany you off.
  6. Thanks shakybeef. I am picturing falling asleep on a lazy afternoon. Thats my idea of a perfect sea day.
  7. DH and I have an ocean suite booked on the Magic . Anyone ever had any success getting a second lounge chair for their balcony?
  8. My alarm normaly goes off at 2:30 in the morning and I can't seem to change my internal alarm on a cruise. I try to stay up with my hubby but the result is I find I am usually tired quite a bit of the time. Any suggestions?
  9. Ok, so you do realize they will soon be checking our luggage for smuggled straws.
  10. Thanks so much for your review. We have sailed on the Magic twice before, and have another cruise booked on her for next May. Curious to know what sandwiches were available in the Deli on Promenade. We just fell in love with the Deli on our last cruise and would love to think we could get something good there in a less crowded environment next time.
  11. We have sailed out of San Juan, Miami, Galveston, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral is our hands down favorite. We usually fly in to Orlando the day before and spend the day in Canaveral doing some last minute shopping, watching the ships sail, relaxing by the hotel pool etc. I guess what we really like is we are comfortable renting a car and driving around there. We are not big city folks, so driving in Miami not going to happen. Galveston is too far away and San Juan is too expensive to get to. Fort Lauderdale is great, but we have had a hard time finding itineraries from there that interest us.
  12. Anyone know what time Magic sails tonight?
  13. What time is she due to leave port today.
  14. Just have to say this is the best thread I have seen in a while. That being said I am afraid my experience might put me in the kitchen as a pastry chef, but what I would really like would be working the future cruise desk. Spending the last 15 years searching and researching constantly and being glued to these boards, I do believe I know more than most I have seen on board.
  15. DH and I were looking for something special to do for our 25th anniversary when we set sail on the Glory back in '05. We had never really researched cruising before we booked, but between the time we booked and the time we sailed we learned everything we could, much of it on these boards. I guess the main thing we were concerned about was fitting in. Would we be dressed well enough? Would we get lost? Would we like the food? and so on. What we discovered was that the ships are so big with so many people that you just go about your own vacation and no one could care less what you wear or what you eat etc. Now 13 years and 14 cruises later we never give a thought to those things. We know we can have a wonderful time no matter the ship or the itinerary or the food or the cruise director. In just 13 1/2 months we will do it all again. No worries just anticipating another amazing vacation.
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