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  1. Ok, so I may have to have a garage sale to raise the money, but I'm thinking the Sunrise would fit in my backyard. Most water around is our small backyard pool, but I'm sure we could work something out. Seriously we are scheduled to sail on her as ab2b next September. Getting tired of cancelling and rebooking. We have the same room booked for both weeks. Would hate to lose that if we had to transfer to another ship.
  2. No room service is not done that day. BTW on one cruise we were the only b2bs onboard. We were treated like royalty.
  3. Thanks for your replies. From what I am seeing and hearing, Sunshine seems to be a really tight ship. Now much place to crash. This is good news.. Now to only finish waiting an extra 15 months.
  4. Wondering if there is seating on the exterior of deck 3? This has always been our favorite place to sit on the conquest class.
  5. As a Canadian who lives a 2 minute drive from th U.S, border and who travels regularly to cross it, I absolutley do not want the border to the U.S. to open. I also do not want the Quebec border to open. I live in New Brunswick and am very upset at this irresponsible doctor who has endangered so many lives. It has also made it so that we will probably not be able to see our 7 week old granddaughter any time soon. If you look at the stats, yes we have many cases across this country as well but by far the majority are in central Canada. Cruise ships for the most part do not travel to central Canada. We don't need them to bring new cases to otherwise relatively safe places. Just for the record we are supposed to be diembarking a b2b this morning. We rescheduled for September, cancelled that and are now rescheduled for next September. I miss cruising, but I want all of us to be safe.
  6. Since early saver became a thing we have always booked that way. This time with all the uncertainty we booked for next year under a "dealers choice exclusive offer". I know how to apply for a price reduction with early saver. My understanding is we can still get one with this offer up until the time of final payment. My question is how do we apply for it?
  7. Sometimes we haven't had hardly any time between cruises. Just fun to walk around an empty ship for awhile.
  8. Thanks for all your responses. We who have cruised have all been blessed with many wonderful memories. My dh and I, just a couple of hours ago were blessed with the birth of a very special little granddaughter. Anxiously awaiting open borders so we can meet her in person. Anyone else have any stories to share?
  9. My daughter is in labour and I don't know when I will be able to see them. Right now I am waiting on my own testing results. Don't believe I have it, but the two things have made for a not great day. Another wonderful memory. Standing at the top of El Morro in San Juan looking out over the crashing waves. It was so awesome, it almost took my breath away.
  10. Come on guys you must have some good memories!
  11. I am sure i am not the only cruiser feeling blue right now. Cancelled our b2b May cruises for September and suspect will need to reschedule again for next year. In the mean time I would love if people would pick a favorite cruise memory to share. Might cheer some of us up a bit. I will start with 2. 2005 1st cruise sitting in a glass enclosed restaurant in the middle of the jungle in Belize with new friends made here on cruise critic. DH and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary. 2012 2nd Falling asleep on the outer deck on deck 3 on the Freedom. We were docked in Ocho Rios and I awoke feeling like I was living in a dream. Simple memory, but a special one to me.
  12. Loving your review. DH and I are travelling on Amtrak for our next cruise on the Magic. We are just getting a roomette, which I know will be tight, but we get along pretty well, so I am not too concerned. The cool thing is though that we will have the same room you had when we sail. You have got me wanting 104 days to go more quickly.
  13. If you are coming in the day before, renting a car is a good option. The drive is easy and gives you wheels to get around once you get there.
  14. WE have not had great experience with the internet on the ship, so I can't really comment on that, but I will say I let my daughter know not to have a baby while we are cruising. She is cutting it close with this next one. Due just 3 weeks before we sail. Congrats by the way.
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