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  1. OP - thanks for the heads up - just locked in at $46 for our 9 night Oasis July '21 cruise.
  2. I thought you could not utilize multiple FCC's on one cruise?
  3. Excellent points....I will stem my enthusiasm - for now.
  4. Thanks for the feedback - we purchased it for our May Allure cruise.....cant wait....never stayed in a CLS before!!
  5. Think its time to buy back in, with the reports of crew returning.......
  6. Guess I better buy back in on RCCL stock.
  7. That exactly where our heads were at too.......thanks for the input!
  8. Seeing that this is "Suite School" - to continue learning.....If you were to book a CLS, would you also book the Deluxe Drink package?
  9. Our May cruise is down to $53 today - booked it. Our July cruise still at $61 - will wait.
  10. Hey - I get it - hopefully she/you bought them closer to the 70 mark then the 100+ mark RCCL was selling at pre covid....
  11. Maybe because the people that are down haven't sold, so its just unrealized loss until you actually sell.........just saying.
  12. I guess it depends on timing of covid solutions......I am with @John&LaLa and @Ocean Boy - I think it will go back down, which is why I sold but I also never thought it would hit $70+ this soon......This stock is not performing like any brokers predictions, its actually an enigma right now in my eyes. If you have been playing with it since it hit $19, you were in line to make some good cruise cash. So I'm in a watch and learn mode right now and feel real good about my sale today regardless if it shoots up to 90+ ....
  13. I could see that too...I'm in again when it gets there!! Edit....and if it does - I plan on doubling up!!!
  14. Yeah, the stock is definitely not performing like many of us had thought with no ships sailing. May current thought is the same as your, right now this is a $50 dollar stock until cruising starts again. Plan on buying back in when (if) it gets there......
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