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  1. Someone may have said this already, maybe I missed it, but what stopping someone (not a real Dr.) from just signing the document and providing a phony registration number ? Are they really checking it with anyone before you board?
  2. We cancelled our May 11th cruise on March 10th and received our CC refund today.
  3. Aevon, we met him on the Freedom in 2016 bartending at Boleros, i think he is now on the Navigator.
  4. Nope - cancelled March 10th on our May 11th cruise - not a dime back yet for anything, including drink packages or pre-paid gratuities.
  5. No - we received nothing pertaining to cancelling drink packages....guess we are calling tomorrow. 😞
  6. We cancelled two bookings on March 10th both with Drink Packages and have not received anything back yet. I know I should have cancelled the drink packages first and then cancelled, but I forgot. its been 21 day or 15 business day …. and .. Nothing.
  7. Yes, FCC - sorry about that - Hmm, we cancelled 3/10 but do not see anything on our C&A account when I log in. Does it matter if we booked thru a TA ? We used a Big Box TA for the booking and cancellation. We received an email from the TA, but have not received anything else from anyone. Have not received any credit from our Taxes, grats, or Drink package.....should we begin to get concerned ? Also - we booked and cancelled the same cruise for our mothers - but neither of them have a C&A account, how would we find their FCC ? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. Sorry if this has been answered before, but I haven't been able to find the answer....where will I find my FFC ?
  9. We used a big box TA that starts with a C and called them tonight about our Oct rebooked cruise - after 35 wait and then another 45 mins with them talking to Royal - we saved 300 on two rooms.....worth the aggravation to me.
  10. We rebooked today for October 26th on the Mariner - not sure when we will get FFC, but hopefully before final payment is due in July.
  11. We cancelled our May cruise booked thru Big Box TA and received a confirm from the TA within 10 minutes of filling out the online form. Although, our confirm seemed correct, the cruise we booked for our Parents, does not seem correct. I called the Big Box TA, was on hold for 3 hours and the phone line hung up on us. Going to try today to see if we can get through. As a side question - once the FCC is assigned, where would we see this ? In my confirm, it said it would be tied to our Crown & Anchor account, where on the account would it show ? Also our parents did not have a C&A account - and the email says an account would be created - how do we get a confirm of the new accounts and what would their log ons be, so we can check their accounts as well ?
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