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  1. I checked out August 14th cruise out of Bayonne....alas $200 more with the WOW sale.......boo
  2. The Royal 3 night & 4 night cruises tend to run higher prices for their drink packages. Except to pay somewhere between $48 to $68 per night. The good thing about Royal, is that you can book it now and cancel and rebook at lower price if it comes down. There also may be a 4th of July sale this week as well.
  3. Nope - like you said, Costco does not participate, so regardless of time/days they will not be eligible - been there / done that. Because of this, we only book the long cruises thru Costco, the quick 3/4 nighters - we go thru Royal so we can try RoyalUp.
  4. +1 - I submitted ours on Monday thru this electronic submittal and received email confirmations on Wednesday - super efficient !!
  5. Love it - I am going to try the same thing on our next cruise !!!
  6. The Tropical Old Fashioned from the Schooner's Bar is my go to after dinner.
  7. We had the same sort of experience as well.....we had a July 30, 9 night cruise on the Oasis booked which we cancelled a day before final payment was due, fully under the impression that our $500 deposit would be converted in a FCC, just like the other three cruises we have already cancelled. Well a few days ago, a random refund appeared on my credit card from Royal in the amount of exactly 500 dollars. I have no idea why, but I guess we need to call and ask them exactly what its from?
  8. Nothing different for me........using Edge browser.
  9. @Ourusualbeach Another question - sorry ...with our original sailing being the 28th - if we don't want to sail on the 14th Easter 5 night cruise, they are saying we can switch to 4/5, 4/19 or 4/28 - are these 4 or 5 night cruises? Also where can I find the itinerary of the 14th cruise?
  10. We were booked on the 4/28/22 and were switched to the 4/14/22 sailing as well. Our 4/28 sailing was a 4 nighter as well.....now it appears to be a 5 nighter? Could this be true or will RCCL correct this as well in a few days??
  11. Agree - we just did this last weekend, but we had to call the automated number to request a new invoice.
  12. Bumping this back up - wondering if anyone has heard any rumors from anyone regarding cruises longer than 7 days?
  13. Someone is buying - which is why the price is going up.........I can tell you, its not me.
  14. Maybe they will replace the filters in the staterooms more frequently now. Our last cruise on the Mariner, I took a peak at the filter behind the metal vent and it was disgustingly dirty. We asked the stateroom attendant to have it replaced, but they never did. It appeared like it hadn't been changed in a long period of time.
  15. Thanks for the feedback - we ended up shifting dates and booked a GS for for a much more reasonable price.
  16. Question - Looking at a few different cruises, saw one that peaked our interest. We have never done full suite before, but have sailed a few Jr Suites. Would a $1400 bump in cost be worth it to move to a Grand suite on a Voyager Class ship on a 4-5-6 night cruise? I know this will be totally subjective, but for those that have sailed both Junior Suites and above, would that extra cost be worth it ? If not, what is your break point to jump up to the next suite level? Thanks for your help?
  17. Great new update !! After our email to Michael Bayley, someone from 'his office' called today and reassigned each of our mothers certificates to each of us. He said they should have done it from the first email, as this did not have to be sent to the CEO'S mailbox and apologized. He said that maybe they thought we were asking for a refund, which is why the told us no at first, but the letters clearly asked just to reassign to each child. Anyway, its done and now we are satisfied future cruisers. Thanks for everyone's help !
  18. Agree with you. We booked this for the same reasons as you, not going to be happy with that 7 night itinerary. We haven't cancelled, but don't like the alternatives, but holding out hope for something different than PC - Nassau - CoCo Cay.
  19. Well I can tell you, its not a great PR move......My wife and I are rather young and have many of cruises in our future...not sure they will be with RCCL any longer........
  20. Well we heard back from guest relations.....bottom line - they told us to go pound sand. Cert. are non transferrable.
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