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  1. Finally got my refund! Never got an email confirming it by NCL, but it was posted to my credit card account on 7/7. Was for a 4/10 sailing that I submitted the refund request for on 3/23 (first wave of cancellations). I actually disputed the charges on 5/5 after the "going concern" announcement and unfortunately lost the dispute, so I am very happy to see the funds back in my account even if it took over the 90 days.
  2. Same, I filled out the cancellation refund form on March 23rd and haven't received anything back yet. Not sure where this "port fees are automatically refund" info is coming from.
  3. I've had several cruises on Carnival and 2 on Norwegian in 2019. Enjoyed both lines for sure, I think something you'll notice is the decor of the Norwegian ships is more upscale, even the stateroom decor. If I understood your Carnival ship ratings and you thought the Imagination was "poor" you will also find the Pearl "poor". Pearl is an older, but nicely renovated ship that does not have all the bells and whistles that the newer ships have, just like the Imagination didn't have the bells and whistles that Horizon had. The Pearl doesn't have a fun water park with multiple slides, and only has
  4. I had two cruises that were canceled, waiting on refunds for one of them. Had a cruise in August that only had the deposit paid, I cancelled the day before final payment was due 4/10 and received the $125 refund about 4 weeks later. Had a cruise in April that was canned by Norwegian, filled out the refund form on 3/23 just like you and have not received anything back yet. Was obviously paid in full at that point for about $1,400 on a casino comp. I initiated a charge back with Visa the day they announced "going concern", immediately received a temp credit and got a lett
  5. Simply call 1-866-234-7350 which is the main NCL customer service line and follow the voice prompts for "help with an existing booking". Hold times are way down now and have been for weeks, the ridiculous hold times were back in March/April when there was so much uncertainty. You should get through to a person in under 5 minutes. Cancelling before final payment will also get you a full cash refund, and it seems those that are cancelling before final payment are receiving their refunds much faster than those who already paid full fare.
  6. The TV's on all the newer Carnival ships (Vista, Horizon, & Panorama) are all bigger TV's. Probably about 42" inches, and are mounted on the wall directly across from the bed. On the "older" ships they are all the small sized computer monitor type tv's that are mounted up by the mirror and desk.
  7. My April cruise was canceled and I filled out the cash refund form back on 3/23, haven't received the refund yet. Since then I've received multiple emails and snail mail about how much FCC I have, I called in to make sure my refund request is still active/processing which it is. Agent said the FCC gets issued automatically and that then generates the emails/mail you are getting about the FCC, but they have no effect on your refund request. Simply put she said to just ignore the emails/mails as the company is trying to get people to use the FCC, and that the FCC will be removed from your accoun
  8. For whatever reason NCL split up the FCC between all the guests on the reservation. Makes no sense, you figure most people would want it all on their account as the primary person on the reservation and person who paid for it. To those wanting to submit the refund form, or still waiting on the refund fund form just ignore any emails/mail you get about the FCC. I submitted the cash refund request for my April cruise back on 3/23, haven't got the cash back yet, but I have received 2 emails and the other person on my reservation even got a snail mail letter about the FCC. I called up
  9. I've only seen Carnival do a sale on Cheers once in my life and that was this past Easter weekend, 10% or 20% off depending on when you were sailing. Seemed like a good deal for both ends, consumer got a great discount on something that has never been discounted before, and the company got some much needed cash flow. Hard to tell if it will ever go back on sale, unfortunately I didn't bite on the Cheers sale because I have $800 of OBC for my 2021 sailing so I have to wait till I'm on board to buy Cheers so I can use the OBC. As far as complimentary lobster, not on a 5 day only 6+ d
  10. If the FCC is currently in your account you can use it even if you filled out the refund form, at least that's what I was told by a casino reservation employee. I was supposed to be on a 4/11 sailing (first wave of canceled sailings) and I filled out the cash refund form on 3/23 the first day it was available. I then wanted to inquiring about a sailing for 2021 and to see if the comp sailing I had could be extended, they were willing to let me rebook the comp sailing as far as March 2021 and apply the FCC from my account even though I had already filled out the cash refund form. According to t
  11. I think just about everyone who wants the cash refund has the same issue. I was supposed to be on a 4/11 sailing so I was in the first wave of canceled sailings. 3/23 was the first day that you could fill out the online form to request the cash refund and I did so and received the confirmation. About a week later I received an email saying that I now had a FCC. I called Norwegian just to make sure I was still due to receive the cash refund to which they said yes the FCC automatically gets applied to your account when your sailing gets canceled, and when your cash refund goes out they will remo
  12. We usually sail out of NYC, and for that reason always book port side for the views of Manhattan during sailaway.
  13. Yes they do, on both sides of the buffet!
  14. I cancelled/rebooked my June 2020 sailing on the Pride to June 2021, I had FTTF and a Cabana at HMC booked for the original sailing. Those were canceled when the cruise was canceled, refund being issued to original form of payment but according to the agent on the phone "may take several months". I wish they could've just carried over the things I had booked to my new bookings, especially because I got the Cabana 10% with the discount code John Heald posted back around Black Friday.
  15. Long story short, I was supposed to be on the Pride in June on a "comp" from a land based casino. Did not want to go at this point, got impatient and on Friday called in to rebook the same ship/itinerary for June of 2021. All good they moved my booking without any fees/penalties and I still got to keep the "comp". Seeing today Carnival canceled through the end of June.. Wondering has anyone rebooked before being officially canceled, and had success calling in to get the OBC applied retroactively. Thinking I might be SOL, but may be worth a phone call.
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