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  1. There is no documented rule about how many carry-on bags, personal bags, or really even checked bags that you are allowed to bring on. So bringing 1 carry on with the CPAP, another with soda/wine, and then your personal bag with cruise docs won't be a problem.
  2. Beers at District Brew House are included with your drink package, as long as they are under the $15 mark. If they are over you just pay the difference. I'm looking forward to trying out a bunch of them on the Escape in a couple weeks!
  3. Nothing like sailing away with the skyline in the background! I'm doing the same ship and route in August so I can't wait for the rest, thanks for taking the time to do this!
  4. Doing the same ship and route in August so I'm looking forward to the rest! Thanks for taking the time to do this!
  5. Hard to get it exactly lined up using the pdf site I found, http://www.cmeatsea.org/images/Ships/bliss_DeckPlans.pdf But you will definitely have rooms above you which is good, and it looks like you will either be above the duty free shop (very quiet) or above the mojito bar. From my recent cruise on the Getaway I remember the mojito bar having live music a couple of nights during the week, but it didn't go very late into the night like the nightclub does. I would google Norwegian Bliss 9228 and see if any negative reviews pop up, if none do you should be fine!
  6. Yes, just make a reservation and present your room keys upon arriving. Your onboard account will be billed for the meal, but your onboard account will be start +$100. Simple math lets say the meal cost $80 and you have it on the first night your account will now be +$20.
  7. I believe all of the balcony rooms are just shower stalls. Think the tubs start with the haven spa suite and up.
  8. Paul thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I am doing the same trip in August so this was extremely helpful, I hope you had a great cruise!
  9. Personally I prefer being on the port side for a full view of Manhattan, and booked there for my Getaway cruise 2 weeks ago and my Escape cruise in August. There isn't much to see on the starboard side except Lady Liberty. Being that your friends have an aft facing balcony on deck 14, that's where I would want to be for sailaway. Away from the crowds, and the ability to see the Manhattan side and the New Jersey side without having to fight for a new spot. Plenty of room for 4 on the aft balcony too, grab some drinks after muster and enjoy!
  10. Just a name change, but essentially the same package with the $15 limit per drink, and as many drink as you'd like. A couple months ago NCL repriced their liquor menu and moved a lot of popular spirits past the $15 mark which they caught a lot of heat for so they walked it back. Package now still includes Johnnie Walker Black, Grey Goose/Belvedere, etc. Higher end scotchs and whiskeys are over the $15 mark, but you just pay the difference plus 20% gratuity. 2 weeks ago on the Getaway I didn't pay any upcharges, almost all of their specialty cocktails are included. When you add the package on to the booking you will see it also triggers a $20 per person per day service charge which is pooled between the bartenders. I tipped a couple bucks extra for great service here and there, but there was never any pressure to do so.
  11. I sailed on the Getaway out of NYC two weeks ago, our edocs showed 12pm for boarding as well but other passengers were on-board around 11:30am (priority status & low zone #'s). We arrived at the terminal around 12:15pm and were on-board by 1:00pm. Thought it moved pretty quick considering the terminal was still jam packed when we got there.
  12. After 6 Carnival cruises, I took my first Norwegian 2 weeks ago on the Getaway. Didn't find the nickel and dime'ing to be any worse than Carnival, if you're okay with eating meals in the buffet and main dining room there isn't any upcharges. Just upcharges for the specialty restaurants just like Carnival. Letting them pick your cabin is a gamble, but that goes for every line not just Norwegian. You can luck out and get a better category than you paid for, or you can get a cabin in an undesirable location because it was one that no one else wanted to book. I feel like more often than not I see people complaining about getting stuck in a loud room on a guarantee/assigned cabin, and scarcely see someone getting upgraded. Also if you book a sailaway guarantee it does not come with any of the free at sea promo's like the drink package, it's worth paying the extra money for the ability to pick your cabin because you also get the promo's. To be honest I found the food to be a bit of a let down on Norwegian. I found myself really missing Guy's Burgers and Blue Iguana around lunch time as Norwegain's buffet was just okay. The menu's in the dining at night did not change very much and I found the food to be just okay as well. I finished everything I ordered so believe me I didn't go hungry, but I just wasn't impressed by anything I ate. Norwegian's food isn't terrible/inedible, I just liked Carnival's offerings better. I was also disappointed with the comedy club on Norwegian, there was not comedy every night like on Carnival, and the comedians did the same act on the nights the club was open. I am used to comedy just about every night on Carnival, with different acts from the comedians. Also really missed Carnival's alchemy bar as that was our after dinner spot. All in all we enjoyed our first Norwegian cruise, and are cruising with them again in August on the Escape. We felt we had more fun on Carnival, but relaxed more on Norwegian and found the ship and environment to be more upscale, but not stuffy.
  13. Unfortunately there is no "special" cup provided by NCL like on Royal. Norwegian doesn't have the Coke Freestyle machines like Royal does, so all of your soda's must be obtained at the bar.
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