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  1. I agree with Sauer-kraut, make all of your reservations for 4 and just let them know you are only going to be 3 when you arrive. If you make the reservations for 2 and try to add on the third upon arrival they may not have a table big enough ready for you.
  2. Great start! Loving the pictures. I am sailing on the getaway next saturday so I am looking forward to the rest!
  3. Hi all, I am sailing on the Getaway in a couple weeks and I am looking for others experience with what time they got on board in NYC recently. I will be taking the train in, so I can either arrive at the port by 10am or 12pm. Getting there at 10am I would assume I would be within the first groups/zones to board, but I am trying to avoid the hustle and bustle. If I arrive at 12pm is the cruise terminal usually cleared out by then because most people have already boarded? Or is it still packed around that time? Leaning towards arriving later if it means I would be able to walk right on the ship, but if it's still going to be a sit around and wait for your group to be called situation I may opt to go earlier. Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!
  4. Just made a booking on the Escape to Bermuda in August so I'm looking forward to the rest! Thanks for the taking the time to do this and enjoy your trip!
  5. When you arrive at the port you should be able to use the Casinos at Sea check in line as well. YMMV though as far as how quickly that gets you onto the ship. Correct you will receive a drink card good for complimentary drinks in the casino, and potentially other goodies during the week. Also note the 20% off isn't off the entire fare. Lets say the "big/bold" number is $3,200 for the particular cruise, you will not receive $640 off. The discount does not apply to the taxes/fees, it only applies to the "cruise fare" and a part of that is "non-commisionable" which means the 20% discount doesn't apply to the full cruise fare.
  6. Booked back in December using a "comp" certificate from Caesar's Atlantic City, for a 7 night cruise in April out of NYC. I believe at the time Norwegian was running either a pick 2 or pick 3 perks/promo, but since I was using a certificate from a land based casino I was only eligible for 1 perk. You may have the same situation, I picked the drink package of course! Our certificate was for an inside cabin, but we upgraded to a midship balcony on deck 13 for an additional $650 per person. YMMV on the upgrade cost due to location, room category, and the going rate of the particular sailing. When it's all said and done after you pay the port tax & fees, daily service charge, service charge on the drink package, upgraded room fee, and there's also a $200 admin fee per person.....the cruise isn't exactly "free" or "comped", but it is significantly discounted. Anymore questions let me know!
  7. Bermuda can tend to be on the cool side outside of the Summer months. Highs of 70's in the Winter/Fall/Spring, so nice enough to walk around in shorts and t's, but not day at the beach warm. Sailing out of NYC this April, had the options to go to Bermuda or Port Canaveral - Great Stirrup - Nassau, and while I'd much prefer spending 3 days in Bermuda the warmer weather in Florida/Bahamas drew me in. And yes sailing out of NYC in April can be chilly as well, could be 40's could be 70's. Unpredictable in April, but expect chilly.
  8. Technically "by the rules" the bartenders are only supposed to let you use your card, but it is rarely enforced. It's in an effort to prevent people from finding a card on the floor and going up to the bar and ordering drinks on it, and saying it's my friends/wifes/husbands/etc's card. However in my 6 cruises with Carnival I've only had an issue with it once, my girlfriend was sitting in her lounger by the pool and I went to the bar to get us drinks, the bartender wanted her to wave over to verify it was her sort of deal. Minor inconvenience. As another member said if you become a regular at a bar it is even less likely to happen, the bartenders will know you are traveling with another person and that's why you have 2 cards. They will probably also know what you want to drink!
  9. Search "Carnival Towel" on ebay, a decent amount of them come up, although mostly pre-owned. You can find a lot of the ones that were gifts from the casino as brand new.
  10. i_da_bell thank you so much for taking the time to scan and post these! I am sailing on her out of NYC in a couple weeks so this is a huge help!
  11. I would imagine they won't handle your Yeti for health/sanitation reasons. Not accusing you of being dirty so don't take it personally lol, but if you pick up some type of virus and are using the Yeti which you then pass to the bartender who handles it, makes your drink, and then continues to make other peoples drinks that's a really quick way for that virus to spread around. Keep in mind if you have the drink package you can order 2 drinks at a time, 4 drinks if you use your travel partners card too. Not very difficult to get the Yeti filled up in 1 trip to the bar, although like you said not very environmentally conscious. Double edged sword I suppose.
  12. I have a feeling this is going to have to be handled through Norwegian, not the airline. Similar to when you book a cruise with a travel agent, they have to be the one to make modifications to your booking. In this case Norwegian is your flight/travel agent, I also have a feeling that it's not going to be easy to accomplish the change. Lots of red tape to navigate.
  13. If you have a $200 OBC it can be "used" for the Cheers package if you purchase it while on board. Meaning lets say the package cost you $400 and your account starts + $200 because of the OBC; when the Cheers charge hits your account the account will now show - $200, meaning you only owe $200 for the cheers package because of your OBC. Hope this makes sense. The only down side is buying the package onboard, the only way to use OBC for it, does cost more per day. I think about $5 more a day. Personally I won't cruise without Cheers. Besides the 15 drinks it also includes bottled waters, sodas, sports/energy drinks, and coffees from the coffee shop. Not hard to "break even" on the daily cost when you factor in the non-alcoholic drinks and what they cost a la carte too.
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