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  1. I received an email from RCI, signed by Aurora Yera-Rodriguez, over the weekend stating that the final payment due dates for cruises departing from 10/1/21 - 12/31/21 are moved to 30-days prior to set sail date. Anyone else receive such an email? I trust it is legit as it will help us make a final decision closer to our set sail date based on the current climate of C-19 restrictions and impediments. Thanks.
  2. I think I caught it by just looking at it! Oh well, back to my lunch protein smoothy...dehydrated peas mixed with water...yum! Looking forward to our Christmas cruise on Mariner...hoping it will all be maskless by then! Godspeed!
  3. What was the overall condition of the ship? Notice anything that made you think, "gee, I wonder why they hadn't fixed that?" DId it have an "old" or worn appearance or was it looking fresh? We're planning to cruise over Christmas on Mariner. I understand that it is similar to Freedom. Thanks.
  4. Been seeing some posts about cruises being at reduced capacity...sounds kind of nice and that's one thing I sort of hope continues for a while. Anyone with insight or knowledgable forsight care to take a guess as to when bookings will go to normal capacity? Gracias
  5. What about those who turn 12 on the first or second or third day of the cruise...really doesn't make any sense. But then again the CDC is involved so why should it?
  6. I'm hoping that the nonsense around masks aboard for ANYONE is long past by the time we cruise in December. However, if RCCL insists on mask usage we will likely cancel it. We made this resevation back in February, 2021, so we meet the conditions for the Cruise With Confidence program. However, I am wondering if we will be able to apply the FCC from the December booking to another booking we made back in April for a cruise in July, 2022, should we end up cancelling the December '21 cruise. Anyone have a similar scenario occur? Thanks!
  7. Chuck Norris doesn't need a Covid vaccine, Covid needs a Chuck Norris vaccine.
  8. What does Amped Up mean specifically for Mariner? We're booked for December so I'm just curious as I've not been on it before. How's it compare to Brilliance and Freedom? Thanks.
  9. I can barely spell casino and have never played any kind of game of chance, except Blackjack with my brother-in-law in which I lost $14 when I was like 12 years old ☹️- which explains my ignorance of such activities. That said, the lovely wife has voiced some curiosity about taking part in some casino games (she too is a tee-totaler when it comes to gambling), but since neither of us have any idea how to start, we never have. So, what would you reccommend to a couple who want to dabble with some games just for fun - I'm pretty tight, so my allowable "expendable cash" limit is low - like maybe $20 per visit. By the way, are you always playing for money at the casino or are there other possible prizes like OBC, drink packages, specialty restaurant vouchers, etc.? What denomination of currency should I use, quarters, dollar bills?? Thanks all.
  10. If I recall accurately, and correct me if I do not, you can go to Guest Services and request that "included gratuities" be removed from the drink package. The whole "included gratuity" thing is a big pet peeve of mine. If it's included in the price, it's NOT gratuity!
  11. Only on a couple conditions: 1) We are NOT charged gratuities upfront for any purchased services such as spa services, drink packages, etc. (exception being for anything covered by the "prepaid gratuities"). 2) We do receive good service. Even if we opt for prepaid gratuities, I like to leave cash on the bed for the cabin attendant each morning when we've received good service, which has been the case for all of our cruises, I'm glad to report.
  12. I can't wait to step out onto my balcony and scatter the ashes of all the masks I'm gonna burn over the surface of the water!!
  13. Hi all- We've booked this Alaskan cruise and I am wondering if we'll always be within sight of land? A buddy of mine mentioned that he thought that might be the case. Can anyone tell me for sure? The itinerary is: Seattle - Ketchikan - Sitka - Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier - Juneau - Victoria, BC - Seattle Thanks.
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