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  1. We have an October 24th 2020 cruise booked out of LA but nearly hoping it does not take place. Too many inconsistent Covid readings to travel from Belfast NI.
  2. We would gladly reschedule but the whole package is booked through a TA in Scotland and apparently if we try to reschedule the penalties are large. If any of the legs of the trip are cancelled by either TA, airline, cruise company we are entitled to a total refund. This would be the fourth of five holidays we have lost out on for 2020 but "health before wealth".
  3. My wife and I are booked on this cruise departing October 24th but selfishly and unbelievably are unsure whether we want it to take place. I never thought to hear those words as we were both looking forward to this trip so much. Our travel from Belfast Northern Ireland, first to Vegas, then cruise and finally finish in San Francisco is a lot of travel in very uncertain health times. As there is little to no chance of a vaccine to Covid prior to this date we believe it would be a big gamble to be in close proximity with so many strangers over so much travel. Final payment due in June, we cancel, we loose, Princess cancels we at least get FCC but hopefully a refund. Maybe the cruise would be available for you good folks closer to LA, fingers crossed. Am I right in believing that this cruise is already cancelled until early October?
  4. Please make sure and give me a virtual wave when you dock in my home city of Belfast
  5. As you can guess , we love having a drink and watching a sunset. Our cruise leaving ,I think Costa Maya, in October 19.
  6. I come at this from a different angle. We live in Belfast Northern Ireland and to celebrate my early retirement we have already enjoyed some sunshine last month in Fuerteventura, looking forward to our trip to Lanzarote mid March, already a quarantined hotel in neighbouring Tenerife, short trip to Copenhagen in April, family 2 weeks in Portugal in June into July. This leads up to our trip in October to Vegas, L A, Royal Princess to Mexico and finishing off in S Francisco .So a lot of aeroplane air cons to inhale. Tonight the first case of the virus was reported in Northern Ireland with the carrier being an Italian man who flew into Dublin and travelled to Belfast. My rhetorical question is, do I cancel some, all of my holidays? We are a fairly healthy couple and the only advice currently being given locally is if "you" believe you have the virus, self isolate. Under no circumstances attend your GP or local hospital for fear of spreading the virus and only if health worsens. Could I be in as much danger locally as travelling? While not belittling the seriousness of this virus, more people have died of flu in the same timeframe, would all travel be cancelled if the flu virus worsened? We will take each holiday as it comes but unless this "pandemic" worsens I hope to be enjoying some good holidays this year
  7. Thanks for the quick replay and help Colo. Cabin looks to have a better view than some other restricted balconies. Did not know what to expect as this was a better deal than an interior cabin.
  8. Hi all, Checking some details on our October 24th cruise on Royal Princess. Our designated cabin/ state room is E629 which we know is a restricted view balcony , I can view E625 on youtube but so far I am unable to find a photo/ video of E629, hopefully there is something out there or has any of the board regulars been in this cabin? Not a particularly light sleeper, especially having purchased the premium drinks package, but is there a possibility of obtrusive noise from above or around this cabin? We found anytime dining suited our needs perfectly with little or no waiting on our last cruise on MSC Seaside out of Miami but having read some Princess boards there seems to be a recurrent theme on having had to wait when using anytime dining. Loads more questions as we travel from Belfast in Northern Ireland initially to Vegas, cruise from LA and finish of in San Francisco but any help with these queries would be appreciated. Regards and thanks. Bill
  9. Hi there, While on the Seaside last week , we were having a great night in the Haven Bar with Latin Fusion, any one know what happened to the singer towards the end of the week? When some of the others in the next seats started to " loudly" order rounds of drink on their bracelets for other attendees with no bracelets. The waiter seemed to have words with the purchasers but to no avail and the drinks were delivered. Promise I was not stalking these people but seen them at the pool some days later minus the bracelets. My question being , can these be removed if misused? Seemed strange the bracelets were gone mid cruise.
  10. Had plenty of rum and cokes last week on Seaside and any I ordered while standing at the bar were poured from Bacardi bottles.
  11. Both main Seaside pools on decks 16 and 7 are 6ft 5" deep.. Not so much swimming as large lounge pools.
  12. Would not be a big sports bar person while on a cruise but I am an avid rugby fan so hopefully get to see some matches on the Seaside between 5th and 12th October. Will be watching the sports bar schedules closely.
  13. Not flying out of Dublin , virgin out of Heathrow, so no pre_clearance unfortunately. Finding out that muster could be at 4pm might decide it for us. Will fully decide on the day but we are not ones for putting extra pressures on ourselves while on holiday so could leave exploring Miami for the next time and instead try strolling around Seaside with the first of many beverages, alcoholic and otherwise. I am sure there will be other questions closer to the time but thank you all for now.
  14. Hi all, as title suggests trying to maximise Miami time. Our sailing on the Seaside on October 5th does not sail until 7.pm and with it being our first time in Miami would love to spend a few extra hours there . We arrive 1700 hours the previous night at the Hilton Blue Lagoon which seems a fair bit out of town. I know, should have booked a few days either end of the cruise , but!!!!!!! Is possible,permissible to park our cases, board at our appointed Aurea time, register and then leave the ship for a few hours. Possible Taxi to somewhere in Miami to stretch our legs prior to sail off? Is it even possible time wise, would have to be in a taxi watching the Seaside sail away. Thanks as always.
  15. Been meaning to get back to this post. Sadly we had to forgo this holiday but we have now booked a week on the MSC Seaside out of Miami earlier in October .Hopefully I will not regret this decision but it was beyond my control but thanks again for all the help
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