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  1. Hi there, While on the Seaside last week , we were having a great night in the Haven Bar with Latin Fusion, any one know what happened to the singer towards the end of the week? When some of the others in the next seats started to " loudly" order rounds of drink on their bracelets for other attendees with no bracelets. The waiter seemed to have words with the purchasers but to no avail and the drinks were delivered. Promise I was not stalking these people but seen them at the pool some days later minus the bracelets. My question being , can these be removed if misused? Seemed strange the bracelets were gone mid cruise.
  2. Had plenty of rum and cokes last week on Seaside and any I ordered while standing at the bar were poured from Bacardi bottles.
  3. Both main Seaside pools on decks 16 and 7 are 6ft 5" deep.. Not so much swimming as large lounge pools.
  4. Would not be a big sports bar person while on a cruise but I am an avid rugby fan so hopefully get to see some matches on the Seaside between 5th and 12th October. Will be watching the sports bar schedules closely.
  5. Not flying out of Dublin , virgin out of Heathrow, so no pre_clearance unfortunately. Finding out that muster could be at 4pm might decide it for us. Will fully decide on the day but we are not ones for putting extra pressures on ourselves while on holiday so could leave exploring Miami for the next time and instead try strolling around Seaside with the first of many beverages, alcoholic and otherwise. I am sure there will be other questions closer to the time but thank you all for now.
  6. Hi all, as title suggests trying to maximise Miami time. Our sailing on the Seaside on October 5th does not sail until 7.pm and with it being our first time in Miami would love to spend a few extra hours there . We arrive 1700 hours the previous night at the Hilton Blue Lagoon which seems a fair bit out of town. I know, should have booked a few days either end of the cruise , but!!!!!!! Is possible,permissible to park our cases, board at our appointed Aurea time, register and then leave the ship for a few hours. Possible Taxi to somewhere in Miami to stretch our legs prior to sail off? Is it even possible time wise, would have to be in a taxi watching the Seaside sail away. Thanks as always.
  7. Been meaning to get back to this post. Sadly we had to forgo this holiday but we have now booked a week on the MSC Seaside out of Miami earlier in October .Hopefully I will not regret this decision but it was beyond my control but thanks again for all the help
  8. When do you pick up the Aurea armbands, on boarding, in your cabin? Just thinking of drinks package and will it be available from boarding. While on our Carnival Dream cruise last year I noticed a lot of stateroom doors bedecked in all sorts of identifying stickers. Is this a Carnival thing or fairly normal across the cruising world? Thanks
  9. Thanks again for the quick replies.
  10. Me again, Aurea, does it include prepaid gratuities and if not what is MSC normal rates. Does Aurea include any speciality dining privileges , either priority booking or in reference to the cost. I see loads of massages available but am unsure of what is part of the package and what will be part of the reported hard sell. As always, thanks in advance.
  11. Hi All, We have Aurea booked with room 14029 for a seven day cruise in October with a room, suite, stateroom change available .On checking the deck plan our current room looks fine but do any of the Seaside experts know better as in noise, convenience to amenities, etc. Booking our "free spa experience" is also new, can this be booked prior to boarding as it will be my wife and mine first time in Miami with only a day and a half to enjoy its delights and so we were hoping to delay boarding until later on Many more possible daft questions to follow but looking forward to our first MSC cruise. Bill
  12. Well after much deliberation we are going to go with the Summit😀 due to it all being sparkly clean after its overhaul and hearing a majority of good things concerning Celebrity. Having an Oceanview Balcony and a classic drinks package leaving on Sat 2nd November. Thank you all for your advice and Hurricane prevailing will enjoy our week afloat. Our Vegas stay is in the MGM Grand for five days and this is where I will definately need all the advice as we have never been to Vegas before P.C.
  13. Hi All, New to Celebrity and a novice at cruising, Carnival once and RCI once. My better half, wife of nearly 41 years, turns 60 this October and to celebrate we are travelling from Belfast NI to Vegas for five days and on to San Juan for a few days. I know I may be asking a slightly biased audience but I am looking at a seven day cruise of either RCI Freedom or Celebrity Summit. These decisions are usually my wife's domain but in my wisdom I have decided to keep this a secret from her, well at least until I can keep it in no longer. Carnival out of New Orleans was excellent but a bit brash for us both. Are RCI and Celebrity much the same activities wise. What would be the general consensus . Regards.
  14. In Belfast any meat cooked on a grill outside is "BBQ,d", sports shoes are "trainers" rest, washrooms are "loos" and the one that sets us in most trouble when abroad is. When asking for an ice cream cone in Northern Ireland we ask for a "poke" which means something completely different in a lot of other countries😀
  15. This is what Cruise Critic is all about. Quick,concise and informative answers to cruise questions. Thank you so much cruisinqt, this will give me food for thought.. Bill
  16. Hi All. We have just booked a package that takes us from Belfast Northern Ireland to New Orleans for a few days then unto the Carnival Dream for a 7 day cruise, so far so good. We decided on a balcony cabin and have been "allocated" cabin 9400 which on reading reviews has noise from the Lido floor above. We can move cabins and even levels but unsure of where would be an improvement noise wise . We are not overly light sleepers but would not like our first cruise in many years spoilt by chairs scraping at unreasonable hours Any recommendations for cabins would be appreciated Thanks Bill
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