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  1. Margaret, thanks for the Garnet Hill links. I like your style. Everything was in my wheelhouse except color. The few things I’ve ordered from them have been great quality. Anita, DGD counted nine sneezes in a row from me today. Whatever is in the air there, must be here too. Guess that Sahara Desert dust doesn’t agree with either of us! Melody, I hope you get to eat your breakfast of champions soon! Debbie
  2. Melody, we’re trying MSC Davina in January. I’ll report back how it compares to other lines. —Debbie
  3. OK, Ladies. I've been away for a couple of years. I retired from my 9-5 and didn't have/take the time to check-in on CC but once during that time. I didn't catch up reading on the EARTH thread, so didn't post. Since I'm getting ready to travel on a new-to-me cruise line, I've been researching. Since I was reading, I thought I'd catch up here and post. While deciding what colors to include in this cruise wardrobe, I discovered another page to add to my FIRE journey. l learn these little nuggets at the oddest time! This rule of thought is that your professional suit color or
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