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  1. Melody, we’re trying MSC Davina in January. I’ll report back how it compares to other lines. —Debbie
  2. OK, Ladies. I've been away for a couple of years. I retired from my 9-5 and didn't have/take the time to check-in on CC but once during that time. I didn't catch up reading on the EARTH thread, so didn't post. Since I'm getting ready to travel on a new-to-me cruise line, I've been researching. Since I was reading, I thought I'd catch up here and post. While deciding what colors to include in this cruise wardrobe, I discovered another page to add to my FIRE journey. l learn these little nuggets at the oddest time! This rule of thought is that your professional suit color or formal color should be your natural hair color. Guess that means mine should be dark brown with gray tweed. LOL Your accent (tops/accessories) colors should be the colors found in your eye. Therefore, my accents are three different colors of green and my trim accent is gold. The thinking is that you find your best colors within/on yourself. Does this ring true for anyone?
  3. Hi, Melody and Ladies! I’ll answer for Kim since I was the reason we didn’t meet. Short story—my back went out. Longer story—I’d just come home from a 5-day to NC Smokies preceded by a 4-day in WV with DH’s family. My ache and pain issues are my mid-back—never my low back. So, maybe, that’s why when my low back acted up from so much inactivity, I knew I couldn’t make a 3+ hours solo trip. I visited my favorite chiro master and diffused a mess of essentials oils while in a long hot bath (Love my claw footed tub!!) I’m back to normal now. Well, as normal as I can expect. LOL Kim and I plan to try to get together after the holidays. I’ll be sure to get my back in good shape the week before this time! I’ve read a little here and there trying to keep up with the convo but feel like I have little to add most of the time. Glad to read though. Retired life seems to take more of my time than working life ever did. —Debbie
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