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  1. There is usually some "mellow" music being played in Central Park in the evenings. On my last cruise it was a wonderful classical guitarist.
  2. I believe that option has been discontinued. On the old RoyalIQ app it failed as often as not.
  3. Just go to Guest Services once on board and have them switch it. Should not be a problem so long as 1 room occupant is 21.
  4. It really is all over the place. In Trondheim this past July the daytime temps varied between the mid-50's to 90 and nights varied between low 40's to upper 60's
  5. Just do a quick google search for Royal Caribbean Christmas cruise and you'll see how they decorate. There will be Christmas Carols on the promenade on Christmas Eve, Christmas themes in the parade, Santa on Christmas day for the kids, special MDR menu for Christmas dinner. Also, a lot of the everyday activities will have Christmas/holiday themes added as well.
  6. 20 - 30 minute journey assuming no traffic. Consider 3rd party travel insurance - you just never know and I find prices are very reasonable.
  7. Muster stations designated "G" should be Aft cabins, all passenger decks. The muster stations on Oasis class run Fore to Aft "A" through "G".
  8. I'd like to make a suggestion for threads such is this one for CD's as well as Ship's Master assignments: make a separate thread for each calendar year with appropriate thread heading. e.g. "Current Cruise Director - 2019". When the year is over, lock the thread. Just a thought.
  9. That would also help to explain why Disney Cruise Line fares are 2 to 3 times higher than other mass market cruise lines. Although, having worked for DCL for 5 years I'm not so sure they would make the exception you are asking for.
  10. Missed the rock wall, thanks for the correction.
  11. 2nd oldest ship in the fleet (29+ years old), won't have many of the amenities of the newer ships but she's a fine vessel. For eats outside of MDR and Windjammer there is Sorrento's and Johnny Rockets plus a Café Latte-tudes for coffee. No wave rider or rock wall either.
  12. There's always the option of doing nothing. 1) the damage has yet to be assessed, they have jumped in with immediate needs and more will come. 2) I would NEVER want my cruise ship used as emergency housing. That was done with hurricane Katrina and the people virtually destroyed the ships' interiors. 3) Taking a ship out of service is a massive hit financially and would put large numbers of ship board personnel out of work. 4) If the president is so worried about the people of The Bahamas, he can open up all of his resorts to those that are in need of shelter. 5) There are plenty of hotel rooms throughout The Bahamas that can house a large number of the people from Abaco and Grand Bahama. The cruise lines most certainly do not "rely heavily on The Bahamas for their businesses." The Bahamas happen to be convenient, not necessary. Once Havana is fully accessible, the cruise lines will drop Nassau and Freeport. They've been working on that for decades. The Bahamas are far more reliant on the cruise lines.
  13. Also keep in mind that total traffic is a factor, Grandeur isn't the only ship trying to get out of the port as well as in. Add in commercial and Navy traffic from Norfolk and Newport News and it becomes rush hour on the Bay. Also, There is a finite number of pilots available.
  14. We all have differing philosophies. Not sure how or why you jumped to the quarterly profit statement. The contest didn't charge an entrance fee and the 13 year old got the opportunity to develop and hone some useful social skills. It's not always about the purse.
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