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  1. If I put my glasses on, they look completely different.
  2. Since we are talking about this, if I am not mistaken, if you are with ATT, you can opt to pay a $10.00/day fee for unlimited texting and calls. Has anybody done this? It seems like a relatively inexpensive option.
  3. Check out excursion blue with Bruno https://www.tahaa.net/index.php/en/
  4. When did Australia begin requiring ETA’s ? We traveled to Australia in 2015 and I don’t remember getting an ETA.M
  5. I concur, the sushi/sashimi is not restaurant quality.
  6. We found the same thing. We saved 500 pp on RT tickets from LAX to Sydney by not using easy air. We are flying Fiji Airways.
  7. check this out http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/search/label/Rangiroa
  8. I have been there and there is some very good snorkeling. It is called "The Aquarium".
  9. Thanks Leigh and Lacy for the info it helped me make up my mind. I have it dialed in, we are going to The MalaMala Island.
  10. We are visiting Fiji and the Lautoka Islands in January. Does anybody have any input of the pros and cons in regards to which of the islands to visit? Savala, Tivua, South Sea, Bounty, Treasure and Beachcomber Islands.
  11. Sooooooo..... will you share the details of your next trip? We are doing Fiji in January and wondering if you guys might be on that cruise. I know you enjoyed your South Pacific cruising last year, are you guys doing a repeat? We are going to grow up and be like You and G.
  12. On Moorea check out the Laggonarium. We rented a little 2 seater buggy, drove around the island and stopped in at the Lagoonarium.
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