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  1. Thank you for the great info! I will go at 9:30. Great info!
  2. Thank you to everyone for the great answers! I feel silly asking but now have knowledge lol! I will take pictures!
  3. We depart from Vancouver next Monday, yeah! I received an email saying they expect delays as there is 3 ships that day. It said if booked your hotel through them you would receive boarding instructions at your hotel (we did and are at the PP). Said deck 8 at 10:30, deck 7 at 11, etc. We are staying in the PS and I thought we would be one of the first on...not a huge deal but I wanted first access to the concierge in the NL so that I could get some reservations set up. Of course, I don’t know what I will find out once we get to the hotel. My question is if they give me a later time should I go
  4. Regardless of the cruise......CONGRATULATIONS Grandma!!!! Nothing in this world better than a grand baby!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! Although torn the Marriott didn’t have the room I wanted so I ultimately decided on the Del! King room, ocean view....I’m excited. I know it means we will be on the Island but I think we will be fine with going back and forth. We have reservations at Juniper & Ivy on Sunday night. Doing the zoo on Monday and then think we will eat dinner in Coronado Monday night. Found a couple nice restaurants with great reviews there. I think this will be a great way to end our cruise! Thanks again for the suggestions!
  6. Thank you! Love being outside the box lol!
  7. I did consider this,.....my only concern is that since we won’t have a car will I find enough here to keep us busy? I will definitely go over for a visit but wasn’t sure about staying.
  8. Thank you for the link! This I will definitely do!
  9. Thank you to everyone for all the suggestions! I’m looking over the suggestions....sounds like I can’t really go wrong with any of these!
  10. I don’t know why but I’m having a hard time deciding on a hotel in San Diego. We end our cruise there and we are staying 2 nights. We have all day Sunday to fill (any suggestions are welcome) and then are doing a private tour at the Zoo on Monday. We love any kind of food! I would like to see some shops. And I want to stay within about 15/20 mins of the airport. Budget isn’t really a concern and we like nice hotels. Any suggestions?
  11. I’m sure it will be round trip. We are booked on the Sept 17th, departing from Quebec City and ending in Boston. Received our email a couple days ago ago also. I’m actually excited about the changes and very happy to end in Boston instead or the originally planned NY. Nothing against NY but have been there several times and have never been to Boston. We will stay for a couple extra days.
  12. Another option.....I purchase the casino chips online. I would say we play more than a little 😂 and I certainly don’t like carrying cash. Trust me, you can buy as much as you want. You will have a card with the information on your chips waiting in your room. Then, after boarding, as soon as someone is in the casino take that card to them and they will convert it to cash. Since you purchased up front they are prepared and expecting you. Then we take our cash to our safe. No extra fees doing it that way. I charge on my HA credit card so I get credit for the purchase and I just pay it right away
  13. I noticed this at the bottom of my PCC’s email this past week. *Please Note: The Office of the Personal Cruise Consultants is closed on Saturday and Sundays - effective March 2nd, 2019.* My PCC typically didn’t work weekends anyway so I didn’t think anything about it but it appears to be a new standard.
  14. I hate that you had bad pork belly! When done right it is amazing so please try again!
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