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  1. I have had the package and some times the bar tender will try to give you a can of soda, not a fountain soda, based on my experience.
  2. Bought 10,000 on AARP (the limit) to put down on our world cruise, not many $500's left.
  3. We are on the 2021 Princess World Cruise also!
  4. It depends on the airline used. For BA one bag free, second $100 US
  5. You do realize if you do a mock booking and the EZFare rate is cheaper, you can contact princess and rebook at the lower price, did this a few times when we did EZfare
  6. I hate the princess cruise planner pages. They want I to go elsewhere to book a cruise, it is crap!
  7. Yes in your booking documents it tells you what visas you need. We also are on the 2021 world cruise. Some of the visas you can do on line 6-months before you go. See you on the ship! Look at your bookning summary it is under "visa requirements".
  8. Looks like for those who want to buy 100 shares, this is the time. Also did you see the deep discounts on Europe in the fall, their bookings are off.
  9. Do you think the mines know the difference between oil tankers and cruise ships?
  10. Dont whistle walking backwards when you board the ship, not a good omen!
  11. No, in Euro countries you get Euro's only. Just like in US, I have never seen it ask if I wanted peso's.
  12. We took 1000 Euro's for a 28 day cruise. What we had left over just paid down my cruise bill with it.
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