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  1. I will cancel my cruises one paid for, if no vaccine requirement. I want to feel safe on the ship.
  2. I am glad we booked our 2023 WC so early, checking prices today they are up about 15K per person without all the free perks we got. If you want to cruise, you better book early or be prepared to spend mocha dinaros on it.
  3. We are only doing club class from now on. We have a Hawaii trip booked in 2022 and WC in 2023. The way the protocols are set up, we will be guaranteed to eat when we want and where we want to. Its only a small premium and worth it IMHO!
  4. We applied our future cruise credit ($100pp) for the world cruise. We got an additional 3% off of the fare for a savings of about $1000 pp, this INCLUDES the $100 so it is INCLUDED as part of the 3% NOT 3% plus $100 off! Sorry for your loss of the $100!
  5. Emerald was the worst ship in Princess fleet IMHO. We were on the Royal (sister of Regal) and it was a great ship. The crew on the Emerald were just the worse ever and felt they did not like American passengers. This was on a recent med cruise.
  6. Thanks, hopefully on a world cruise people will not be noisy, elder group of passengers.
  7. We booked this balcony for our upcoming world cruise, would love to know the answer to it.
  8. Not good, people dropping like flies, walking around our local church there is always 7-8 open pits and this is not a big parish!
  9. Yes we used BA to Rome using EZAir/BA and yes we picked our seats in advance!
  10. I personally use the cruise companies insurance along with medijet transit for emergencies to get me back to the states.
  11. Here it is; https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-inspiration-beached-for-scrapping-in-turkey/41042
  12. If you google these ships, there is a great one where there is three of the ships beached in Turkey to get melted for scrap, it looked like they had them at full speed with a lot of soot out of the stack and they just beach these ships as the people climb on board. That beach had three carnival/princess ships beached!
  13. You think that is crazy, we will be on the Island for 110 days doing the WC without IC or a vines with the full drink package!
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