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  1. Emerald was the worst ship in Princess fleet IMHO. We were on the Royal (sister of Regal) and it was a great ship. The crew on the Emerald were just the worse ever and felt they did not like American passengers. This was on a recent med cruise.
  2. Thanks, hopefully on a world cruise people will not be noisy, elder group of passengers.
  3. We booked this balcony for our upcoming world cruise, would love to know the answer to it.
  4. Not good, people dropping like flies, walking around our local church there is always 7-8 open pits and this is not a big parish!
  5. Yes we used BA to Rome using EZAir/BA and yes we picked our seats in advance!
  6. I personally use the cruise companies insurance along with medijet transit for emergencies to get me back to the states.
  7. Here it is; https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-inspiration-beached-for-scrapping-in-turkey/41042
  8. If you google these ships, there is a great one where there is three of the ships beached in Turkey to get melted for scrap, it looked like they had them at full speed with a lot of soot out of the stack and they just beach these ships as the people climb on board. That beach had three carnival/princess ships beached!
  9. You think that is crazy, we will be on the Island for 110 days doing the WC without IC or a vines with the full drink package!
  10. I got the invite plus a chance to be in the live presentation, I have been accepted and was asked for questions to pose to her. I provided the 3 questions in which I am interested in, how will the virus be handled by crew and passengers, will the vaccine be required, how will we know if the ports will allow the ship into port. We have booked a WC originally 2021 but moved it to 2022. The live event will be on Zoom and I have received the code to get in live. I am curios when cruising will start and hope our world cruise gets off.
  11. Waiting for the vaccine in early 1st quarter to sail again. Once the lines require everyone to get the vaccine we will be back. Booked a cruise for Jan 2022!
  12. Its an interesting fact that Carnival corporation is the leader in the coronavirus and deaths among its passengers. In the industry I used to work in, this seems like an issue that needs a very through investigation (root cause) prior to any Carnival Corporation ship sails the high seas. They need to look to see if crew members from certain countries brought it onto the ship, was it from a port/s visited by each ship, why did it take long to find it on the ship, do they have procedures in place to detect it faster on each ship (maybe purchasing that portable machine that the president highlig
  13. I have had the package and some times the bar tender will try to give you a can of soda, not a fountain soda, based on my experience.
  14. Bought 10,000 on AARP (the limit) to put down on our world cruise, not many $500's left.
  15. We are on the 2021 Princess World Cruise also!
  16. It depends on the airline used. For BA one bag free, second $100 US
  17. You do realize if you do a mock booking and the EZFare rate is cheaper, you can contact princess and rebook at the lower price, did this a few times when we did EZfare
  18. I hate the princess cruise planner pages. They want I to go elsewhere to book a cruise, it is crap!
  19. Yes in your booking documents it tells you what visas you need. We also are on the 2021 world cruise. Some of the visas you can do on line 6-months before you go. See you on the ship! Look at your bookning summary it is under "visa requirements".
  20. Looks like for those who want to buy 100 shares, this is the time. Also did you see the deep discounts on Europe in the fall, their bookings are off.
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