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  1. Hi all, OP here. We decided to go on the Norway fjords cruise via Reflection in May instead since the dates for this Scandinavia cruise didn't work since we have a local wedding to attend during this sailing date. Thank you for all of the tips though! One day we'll do a Scandinavia/Russia sailing.
  2. Hi! We'll be staying in this exact room in 2.5 months while we sail the Norway fjords on the Reflection! How did you like the room? I booked it specifically because it was on the hump and we'd get the larger balcony.
  3. Yeah, that was me that Allura_317 quoted. I sailed the Symphony in December and had the UDP. That was our experience at Playmakers in December. It's not included in the UDP according to the staff and manager there.
  4. Yes it is! You can still order as much as you'd like including two appetizers for yourself or two desserts for yourself etc.
  5. I'm sorry, I wouldn't know since we always choose the Anytime/My Time Dining.
  6. Our cruise was in December and this deal was in November, so about three to four weeks before our cruise.
  7. Just wanted to let you know that we officially booked a tour with Alister! He seems super easy going and already gave us a super packed itinerary. The price was great too for a private excursion for just the two of us. Cheaper and A LOT more stops than a similar excursion Celebrity was offering too.
  8. Hi there! My husband and I will be stopped in Belfast on June 2nd and we're looking for a Game of Thrones tour. I've emailed Irish Tour Tickets and it looks like the one they offer is no longer available. We're looking for one that stops at Giant's Causeway and the Dark Hedges. Also, a major plus if they supply costumes for picture opportunities. The tours I've found are longer than we're in port and the meeting point is far from the terminal. We'll be in port 9am to 5pm. Any suggestions?!
  9. Was on the Dec. 15th sailing and it wasn't available then. We really wish it was though since at the airport, just to get our bag tags and to drop off our bags at the baggage drop took almost an hour.
  10. Currently booked on an 8 night Norway Fjords sailing via Celebrity Reflection for May 2019. This one goes out of Dublin and stops in Alesund, Bergen, Geiranger, Olden and then Belfast. Right now, I'm currently planning to book a fjords to trolls excursion for Alesund and a GOT tour in Belfast. Rest are up in the air right now. Always looking for suggestions or if any of the remaining ports can be DIY πŸ™‚
  11. Yeah that was the same manager that we talked to as well. Even the two waiters we talked to said automatically it was not included. There really should be signage or something visible for patrons to know that it's not included if that is their official stance.
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