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  1. Thank you so much for this. I saved $1200 Cdn on a Baltic cruise that I had booked earlier this week.
  2. We were going to book for August, but have now decided on a July sailing. With the 'take all free' promo, I think my wife and I have decided we would prefer a balcony over an inside cabin. The OV cabins are either at the very front of the ship, or deck 5, and I dont really want to be directly under the hustle and bustle of deck 6. That being said, even though the cruise is over a year away it appears that all of the cabins on the port side of the ship are sold. Is there a reason for that? Is there more to see on the port side, or is it just coincidence? We're going on an Australia/New Zealand cruise later this year, and chose the port side, as it is only traveling one way and there will be more to see on that side of the ship. If the port side is the ideal side, there are some spa balcony cabins on deck 15 that are available. Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. My wife and I are thinking about taking the 9 night escape cruise out of Copenhagen in August of 2020. I know it is too far to book flights, but assuming the airline uses the same schedule, they have a 10:40 am direct flight home. It looks like the ship docks at 7:00 am, and if my google maps search is correct, the airport is 30 min away. I'm I flirting with disaster thinking I can make that flight work?
  4. Euro Cruiser, thank you for the map, thats extremely helpful as my wife and I were planning to arrive to the port by train, and a 600 m walk will not be stressful for us, especially if it means we dont have to rely on 2 buses, we'll also be there in October, so I dont anticipate it being too hot. Is it possible to find out which dock the ship will be using? Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks Hank, Our cruise leaves on the 3rd of October, and we disembark on the 12th. Booking this far in advance, I can book the Frecciabianca in first class for 10 euro each. I was looking at the regional train and it appears that they're only booking out to early June. I would rather spend a few more bucks and know that I'm planned out and have a reasonable plan that allows some room for error (or strikes).
  6. Another question, when the cruise is done, we're going to Venice for a few days before we go home. If I self disembark, is it reasonable to assume that I can catch a 9:16 train from Civitavecchia to Rome Termini? The cruise planner says that we get in at 5:00 am.
  7. My earlier option from Florence is 9:33 am - 11:05 am. If I still miss the connection the next train to Civitavecchia is 1:57 pm - 2:44 pm. That would be pushing it a little for my liking. If I were to somehow miss the connection if I took the earlier train, I would likely just take a cab to the cruise port. Thanks for you advice.
  8. I'm cruising on Jewel of the seas out of Civitavecchia later this year. According to the information I have, the ship leaves at 5 pm. We'll be spending the night before the cruise in Florence, and taking the train down in the morning, here is what I'm thinking of booking: Italorail Firenze SMN to Roma Termini (9:52 am to 11:25 am) Trenitalia Roma Termini to Civitavecchia (11:57 am to 12:44 pm) Have I given myself enough time to make the connection, and have I given myself enough time to make the cruise? I've heard train strikes are a thing, but they're less likely between Tuesdays and Thursdays, and our cruise leaves on a Thursday, so I'll stay hopeful. Thanks in advance, Mike
  9. My wife and I will be taking our first Princess cruise in December (Ruby from Australia to New Zealand) and are very excited. The itinerary shows 5 days at sea, so we want to maximize our time in Sydney as much as possible, as it will likely be a very long time before we go back. The ship leaves Sydney at 6:45 PM. If we planned to be at the port for 3 pm, would that give us enough time, or should we plan to be there earlier. We will be staying in Sydney the night before, if that matters. Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks Bob, I hate assuming, but that’s where my head was at.
  11. i apologize in advance if this has been answered in the past. I understand that all adults in the same cabin must have the same drink package with the exception of a few circumstances. If I want the drink package with voom, but my wife only wants the drink package, will RCL be ok with that, as long as I call in to order both? Or will they want both of us to have the exact same packages? Thanks in advance, Mike
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