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  1. Thank you for your input! I am not well-seasoned with this site but I was able to find your "live" review and really enjoyed reading the entire post. I am going to call Carnival today and follow your 2 cents worth. We moved to Florida 18 months ago from PA and have decided we really want to try out our home port (Tampa) next. It will definitely be the easiest logistically as well as the most economical with not having to get flights. Your comment on the ship equation was our deciding factor. Thank you!!!
  2. I am hoping to get a lot of feedback from this wonderful group. We just got off the Magic last Sunday and we currently have another Magic trip booked 1/30/21 but really want to change it to another ship. We loved the cruise, but have decided that we liked Victory and Glory better than Magic probably due to the size of the ship. I would love feedback on the Legend and Fascination as we are undecided on which ship. I would also love feedback/opinions on any/all of the ports listed. And which trip would you choose? All are January, 2021. Legend: Tampa, Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel. (Easiest - we live near Tampa) Fascination: San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Barbados Fascination: San Juan, St. Thomas, Tortola, Antigua, Dominca, Barbados We have only been to Cozumel, St. Thomas and St. Martin of the ports listed. ALL opinions/suggestions are very welcome!!!
  3. I really appreciate all of the replies to this post. I've learned a lot!!! Thank you everyone!
  4. Does the texting work while you are in ports or just while on the ship?
  5. Has anyone done the Kukoo Kunuku excursion with Carnival in Aruba? What are your thoughts, likes, dislikes? I like the name 🙂 and am interested in hearing opinion of others who have done the excursion. Thank you!
  6. Has anyone done the Kukoo Kunuku excursion with Carnival in Aruba? What are your thoughts, likes, dislikes? I like the name 🙂 and am interested in hearing opinion of others who have done the excursion. Thank you!
  7. I never purchased a spa pass before but I recently did for my cruise on the Magic on 1/18/20. I'm curious to see how it will be.
  8. I think it's fantastic that you made this post and are willing to do this! I'm excited to be boarding Magic for the first time on 1/18/20. I'm curious to see HOW long the lines are - buffet, shows, comedy club. I know to go into it with a lot of patience - but I think seeing a visual might help. I would also really like to see how crowded the Alchemy Bar is - that's our favorite spot! I would also love to hear your general review of the Magic. Thank you for taking the time to do this post for everyone. 🙂 I'm really looking forward to following it.
  9. Has anyone gone on this excursion? If so, would you please tell me if you liked it or not? How large is the boat? How crowded? Would you do it again? Thank you!!!
  10. Thoughts and experiences on this excursion?
  11. Thank you pcvtmom - I really appreciate your reply and your opinion. 🙂 I did the same ... I only booked it for myself as my husband is not interested in it at all. Thanks again!
  12. Just booked it for my 1/18/20 Magic cruise ... Hope it's worth it! Does anyone have any comments/reviews about the pass on Carnival Magic?
  13. Jimbo ... What was the situation in SJ? Did you enjoy your time in port?
  14. I belong to a couple of Facebook groups for our cruise. I figured out from the times of the posts in those groups that I must have checked for FTTF about 15 minutes BEFORE it became available. It sold out by the time I got out of work and was able to check again. I have had FTTF for all of my past cruises. I've settled down and realized it won't be the end of the world if I do not get it this time. It might be interesting to find out what it is like cruising without it. We now live in Florida and will be driving to the port instead of prior cruises living in PA, flying, and having to worry more about luggage getting lost - we won't need as large carry-on bag. We've been to HMC a few times so it isn't quite as necessary to be among the first on the island. I think we've only gone to the guest services desk twice in all of our cruises. Maybe this is just a good way of saving $100.00. Not that I won't keep checking - and GRAB it- if FTTF becomes available. 🙂 I agree ... Good luck to both of us!!! 🙂
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