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  1. WE usually barter as well. The last few times we paid $55.00 pp but I was able to get 12 people (our friends) to join us and I was successful in negotiating the wines. The last few times the offerings were mostly white wines and pretty cheap wines so they were nice enough to sit down with me to pick the wine's for each course. We will be on Oasis in November so I am hoping to do so again.
  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully, your TA is on the phone getting this resolved with the Resolutions Department.
  3. Looking forward to cruising again. Thank you so much for the Review.
  4. Who are the concierge's in the Suite Lounge? We will be on the OASIS for Thanksgiving week and the week after. Thank you!
  5. We usually tip the concierge $100:00 more if they do a lot for us,
  6. My husband is on day 8 of symptoms and each day it is worst. I on the otherhand have mild symptoms but tbh have not been sick in 20 years,
  7. I have no idea. The vaccine doesnt even work. We took the vaccine to cruise and just tested positive. Had to cancel our cruise on Sunday! First time vaccinated in 20 years and yipee!
  8. We are booked to go to Maya Chan in September. We're on a B2B so not sure what we will do on our second week. Maya Chan is lovely. It's a day pass and has kayaks, paddle boards, all - inclusive with a lovely lunch and unlimited drinks. They also offer massages on the beach. Not sure how much they charge as it has been at least 3 years since our last visit.
  9. Awesome. Went into my edocs and was able to print them. Thank you!
  10. Anyone else having an issue getting into the Luggage tags? I keep getting a message that the connection is not private.
  11. Nadja is the suite concierge. Not sure who is in the Diamond Lounge.
  12. We are getting ready to cruise in three weeks. Is RC STILL giving Pinnacles free internet? Trying to purchase everything we need to purchase before getting on the ship as I find it is usually cheaper. Thank you!
  13. Great. Guess I better download the app! LOL
  14. How can I find out ship time vs port time? Trying to book some private excursions and don’t want to mess up the reservation. Thx
  15. I flew on six different flights this month on United and they are definitely serving alcohol and snacks for all flights over two hours. Economy!
  16. It appears that Pinnacle's are receiving the invites. I have received invites to go on Test Cruises for Allure, Ovation and Independence. I declined as we have two cruises in September and do not wish to be apart of a test cruise. We will wait until RC has all the proper protocol's in place before getting on a cruise ship.
  17. We know several vaccinated friends who know have COVID again. The reason why they will start soon with boosters.
  18. We also received an invite. Not interested but appreciate the invite!
  19. We got the invite but did not respond. Just much money to spend after considering hotel, air, ubers etc, We will happily wait for our cruises in September.
  20. We got invited to go on the Allure or Ovation. We passed! Not paying $$$ for hotel/airfare for no points or perks to be a guinea pig! We will just wait for our cruises in September!
  21. I really enjoy the suite lounge, would hate to see that go to the wayside, if we haveJS booked, i guess we will hope for the best.
  22. We booked it a year and a half ago when the prices were dirt cheap. And then, a lift and shift. Plus, with my TA discount, we got it that cheap.
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