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  1. next year i do not think so . i dont know where your from but the refund rules are full refund if requested see attached from MSC web site at the time of cancellation .
  2. when MSC cancelled our cruise we booked on the usa web site we were offerd a future cruise credit or a full refund . We chose a full refund as we may never cruise again . We were told 60 days it is now 111 days and they keep pushing the date ahead . Our Travel agent has been told the refund has been approved but still no credit card refund . she keeps being told 7-10 days . that is my point . I am owed nearly $7,000.00 Canadian and i want it back . This cruise was booke before the canadian site was working and we want the refund.
  3. we are fed up with MSC cruise cancelled by msc and no refund yet 110 days . all emails i have sent to corporate bounced back not delivered . i think they shut their email system down for the executives . I sent a dispute to BMO mastercard for a chargeback will never deal with MSC again
  4. Our march 29th cruise cancelled due to covid . Asked for full refund through a travel agent . She has checked a few times . Still no refund . They keep saying processed but we never get it . We have cruised 20 times other lines . Will not book msc again
  5. I Can understand your situation But MSC knew exactly who were on these cruises . The programmers can do a program to refund all tickets for those who are requesting refunds many took FCC . the refunds may help those people from needing to apply for government assistance
  6. had the mereviglia booked for march 29th cancelled by cruise line . Wanted a full refund as we may never cruise again . Has anyone received a refund that was requested . Just so sad they are saying 60 days . I have never had a business take that long to process a refund for service not provided . they process payments within days . Very angry we booked on US site before Canadian site established
  7. The MEDOC insurance from Johnson says it’s not a formal travel advisories just a recommendation not to travel
  8. our travel insurance said the same thing . Canada need to issue a formal travel advisory or the company will not cover cancellation . right now it is a suggestion we not travel .
  9. frannie


    Can you buy Apple watches on board the mereviglia
  10. mine is good on the app and on our reservation i feel the same way . May not sail MSC again so wait til after the upcoming cruise
  11. just got a reply to the form i sent to the voyagers club . They said my info was in their system 3 different ways . How that happened i do not know . They merged all the info and siad to log into account now . Just tried still no number and no miles shown . I replied to my email and said not fixed yet . we will see
  12. will check this out when we are on our cruise
  13. called customer service said the problem was my account showed canada as country and i was on the us site . Told them to leave everything as it was til after our upcoming cruise . will fix it then
  14. I have an account and a cruise booked .i called voyager club nice girl added my number to our booking on my details but still cannot see point balance when I click on voyager club in left side and enter number it says number does not match records.
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