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  1. all booked for hotel before cruise and transfer to get to the hotel from airport . Thanks everyone for all your help
  2. We are booked at the hilton blue lagoon and our travel agent has booked a transfer for us to the hotel . 5 passengers 97.00
  3. well i got tired of looking . Told our TA to book us in the Hilton Blue Lagoon Miami . Now all we need is a transfer to the hotel from the fort lauderdale airport when we land
  4. yes would love to stay there but cost is a factor and with our dollar difference 30% is a lot to pay more
  5. i have been reading some reviews saw a few comments about bed bugs and Lice not what i want to read about
  6. Thank you all i will look at the blue lagoon area to see available rooms
  7. Does anyone know if you can get flavoured water on the ship and if it is included in the easy Pkg
  8. i think wherever we go we will just get a hotel with a pool . our 7 yearold grandaughter is with us and do not want to do a lot of roaming around . just get settled enjoy the day and wait for the cruise
  9. it may but we land at 930 am so thought we would do the transfer to miami the day we get in rather than the day we sail
  10. We are flying into fort lauderdale early morning will get a transfer to some hotel in miami and then to the port next day for cruise
  11. we are sailing on the mereviglia march 29/2020 can anyone suggest a good clean hotel close to the port . there are 5 of us so we need 2 rooms . We are canadian so we need something not too expensive with th 30% exchange rate we need to pay . We only need 1 night before the cruise . Checked the holiday inn 340 biscayne blvd but it is booked for march 28th
  12. No problem using the photos i had said complete the several days later it was like it never existed
  13. What in the world is going on with MSC . did web check in several days ago said completed . Went back in today to view and photo gone and says not complete . Hope they run the ship better than their IT group runs the web site . Maybe we will need to wait til we get to Miami port to check in ???
  14. tks cannot wait to go
  15. Does anyone know if the Mereviglia has a Michael Kors store for Purses > Sailing in March with our daughter who loves Michael Kors
  16. same here i posted on a facebook MSC group . Someone said the cruise needs to be paid in full b4 you can update web check in info .
  17. called msc canada re logging on . Rep said to do web check in i would need to go to web check in on usa site . Tried that would not let me fill in any canadaian info . went to the canadian site tried to do web check in said Different OfficeCode Go to the original website wow messed up
  18. maybe i will let my travel agent handle my booking . we do not sail till next march so they may get things fixed
  19. I just went to the canadian site cannot log in using reservation number . i can sign in to account just shows cruise and days but no details
  20. What in all thats crazy is going on with the new canadian Msc site . we booked on the USA site and had no issues logging in until today when i tried to log in i get this We found your account, but on a different MSC Website. Please access your account from the country site on which you registered or use a different email address to create a new account. For more information, please contact us at 1-877-665-4655. i went to the canadian site and tried to sign in with the booking number it says We are sorry! Please be informed that your booking it's linked to another country Select your Website I can sign in to the account but it does not show cruise details just says cruise name with 293 days
  21. Just curious . Does anyone think the drink selection will be different when the ship sails the caribbean . Example the beer selection or cocktail selection . This will be our 20th cruise and people do like all the fancy drinks when sailing down south .
  22. we cannot book on line i guess . when i go into booking only if i add to cart for 42.00 each can i see times . we got ours free
  23. Ok told my TA to book the show for our Granddaughter . hope she enjoys it
  24. wondering what is on the menu for the cirque show and dinner . we booked the show and have a 7 year old fusy eater
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