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  1. Jim I little late to the party, just caught up. Have a wonderful B2B. We are heading to Mexico for a wk vacation. They say they have a la petit chef restaurant at our resort. Will be fascinating to see if the menu is any different. Have a wonderful time.
  2. DH always has escargot 2-3x's per cruise. I may steal a little 1x, but that's it for me.
  3. I sent ours in on Tues for our Joy cruise in Dec. Got confirmation on Wed.
  4. With Delta, I've always had to watch my flights. They always seem to change. I'm a planner so ten d to book everything as soon as I can. And it never fails that I eventually get an email from Delta that something has changed. So always keep an eye on flights and call them as soon as there is an unacceptable change.
  5. Thanks for posting. Love following along. Beautiful pictures. Please keep them coming. We are scheduled on the Silhouette 2/22 then Edge 2/23. It will be our 1st Edge class cruise. So following with envy. Have a wonderful cruise.
  6. Haven't been on the Encore, but have had several aft facing balconies. I would book an after facing balcony in a heartbeat. For me its the calming of watching the wake of the ship, love it. Also, the balcony is usually bigger than a midship balcony.
  7. We did it 2013 or 2014. Must have been on the Epic or Breakaway, it was fun. Food was good, not great, show was fun. DH doesn't drink any more otherwise we might do it again. If my brother & sil were with us on a future cruise I'd do it again. It was fun & entertaining.
  8. Always - Celebrity and NCL in the haven. Never - Carnival, Costa Try - Would like to try Oceania, Regent and MSC. We have been on several Princess cruises but haven't been able to find an itinerary in the last few years that would pull us away from Celebrity & NCL (haven only). We also were on Silversea for a cruise in Alaska. Wonderful cruise since it was a small ship (under 400). DH told me a couple years later that there was too much Italian food in the main dining room so it kind of turned him off to Silversea. But depending on itinerary I could probably convince him.
  9. We have a cruise scheduled for Dec. Western Caribbean. We've been to all the ports, so if we can't go on our own, we'll have to see what's offered thru the cruise line. We've been wearing masks. Went to Cancun in Dec for 11 days. Wore our mask when we had to and were fine with it on the resort and when we did excursions. I'm happy just getting away 😁
  10. Nothing but to wear your mask. When we were in taxi's, the airport, going into a restaurant, stores masks were required.
  11. We, also, just got our fix. just returned from Cancun for 11 days. We've also got reservations in late March in Playa del Carmen since cruising won't be a happening.
  12. I really enjoyed your review. We've haven't done a transatlantic yet. But someday in the future I'm sure we will
  13. I'm just afraid if I do book on the Silhouette, will that get canceled too. 😟
  14. I just got the same love letter this afternoon also.
  15. We did have air booked. Thank goodness the rules have been relaxed and we were able to cancel and have applied for a refund.
  16. We had a 12 day on the Joy scheduled for 1/31/2021. It was canceled back in mid Oct. No email, phone call or anything 🙄. I found out on cruise critic. Called NCL, they confirmed cancellation. (An email would have been nice). We only had pd a deposit since full payment wasn't due until end of Nov. They gave us full refund and 10% discount for future. Have already used discount, booked a cruise Dec 2021 7 day. Right now the only cruises the Joy is scheduled for (that I looked at) are 7 day cruises.
  17. We were in a forward facing Haven cabin on the Getaway. Except for the small balcony, loved the cabin. Lots of room, separate bedroom. Would definately do it again.
  18. This isn't just NCL. I would think (I haven't ck'd other cruise lines) they all do it. Years ago I worked retail. I remember we were having a 50% off "sale" on womens winter coats. Well, they marked them up 100% and them slashed the price 50% and said "sale" It's all about getting the shoppers attention whether for clothing, food or vacations.
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