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  1. Ahoy! Thank you for the info. We are also aft cruisers and love it. I do get motion sickness but ever since being introduced to Transderm there’s never been a problem. Knock on wood. We’ve just never been this low in a ship before. Technically that should make the motion aspect better so this is good. It’s the vibration thing. I can sleep through a nuclear attack... my partner not so much. Thanks again for the input.
  2. Ahoy Mates & Maties! This group sounds like the perfect folks to ask a question regarding upgrading a cabin. A bit of history first if you don’t mind. I was the happy receipient of a “free” Carnival cruise from our casino of choice. We all know that nothing casino related is free! Anyway, I was given an 8 night inside cabin and a friend was given a 14 day veranda cruise. (Tells you which one leaves more money at the casino!) We have chosen a seven day Carnival Magic Cruise for June. This will be my first Carnival Cruise, first anything besides a veranda cabin, and first time lower than deck 9. Lots of firsts going on! Though I’ve often said I wanted to try the cost saving inside cabins I couldn’t bring myself to do it and have upgraded my cabin to an OV, still on deck 2 (2474), the very aft of the ship. (Believe there’s a dining room area above us. Hummmm...) We’re big fans of the aft cabin areas on Celebrity and were hoping for the same on Carnival. We have since googled the cabin and come up with some eye brow raisers regarding our cabin location that we’ve never experienced with the higher up cabins on Celebrity - noise and vibration. Many mentioned the loud noises and extreme vibrations on docking mornings. The funniest being that you’re never late for an excursion since you’ll be up hours earlier than necessary! Now that made us raise both eyebrows. We immediately started looking to upgrade to a veranda elsewhere, and can, but there’s this part of me that wants to give this a real try. For seven days we think we can live through almost anything to include bed vibrations that didn’t require quarters. But there still a hesitancy. The questions are... what would you do? Be adventurous and stay, particularly after spending money to upgrade to OV? Have experienced the area before and would never have booked the cabin? Would immediately spend whatever money to not have be the first one up on the ship? Have booked the cabin before and loved the early morning wake up so that you could see the sunrise and be the first at the buffet? Etc., etc. We really are interested in hearing everyone’s ideas, opinions, perspectives, and words of wisdom. Always love the banter. Thanks in advance for any and all.
  3. Pfeilm

    Helicopter/Dog sled tour

    Budget Queen -- thank you. We're compiling our "must do if possible" list and following those with "just in case" or "wouldn't mind doing" lists. If it's on the "must do if possible" list it will be booked either via Celebrity or individually if available. If on either of the other lists we'll probably wait until onboard to see what's left to be had. One will head to the excursion desk and the other will head to Murano to see about booking a discounted dinner for the night. (Love us some Murano!) Anyway it goes, we'll definitely let all concerned know of our intentions. Hate to miss the boat! Thanks!
  4. Pfeilm

    Helicopter/Dog sled tour

    We could potentially do both desires with the only train times being 8:15a & 12:45p. The 4:30p train not available on our port day which we couldn't have made anyway. (Port: 7a - 6p). If they're still flying you give us hope. Oh, did you say the cost? Thinking something like $550.
  5. Pfeilm

    Helicopter/Dog sled tour

    Hummm... seems we're running into that very issue. Nothing shows on Celebrity's site for flights AND dog sledding; TEMSCO requires an email for questions regarding bookings, and ERA shows no combinations after Sep 1 and 5th depending on place. Also ran into that issue with the White Pass & Yukon Train extensions -- not on our arrival date and some stopped altogether. We like shoulder seasons but doing so does run us into these type scenarios on occasion. No biggie -- it's all good -- it's Alaska!
  6. Pfeilm

    Helicopter/Dog sled tour

    I'm also looking at flightseeing (helicopter or floatplane) and dog sledding excursions for our September cruise. Through the ship (Celebrity Solstice) I nothing for the combination but that could be due to having been already booked. Had hoped to use OBC but alas.... Looking up Alaska Icefield Expeditions now. KM32937 -- do you recall how long the whole excursion entailed? Trying to tie this in with the White Pass train if possible. Thanks.
  7. SHIP: Equinox CABIN #: 1641 DECK #: 11 CLASS: AQ AREA: Aft - Port BED NEAR: Bathroom QUIET?: Very BALCONY VIEW: Good view, no obstructions (support bars on balcony do not obstruct views) BALCONY SIZE: Normal WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: N0 PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: The only noise noted was a "popping" sound near or part of the sliding door on the nights when the swells/waves were large enough to rock us to sleep. We didn't even notice when the popping stopped. For those not wishing to walk the cabin may be a bit far from the elevators and stairs, and near the opposite end from the Relaxation room. We loved the walk and only use stairs so it was perfect for us. - Pfeilm
  8. Well there's the problem...you were at the captain's table and not the Martini Bar! Only 14 days to go until the Molecular Bar! Enjoy for us too in the meantime!
  9. It is? Oh my! :eek: LOL. Hey needtobespoiled! How's life? Kinda missing your emails. Stay in touch.
  10. Hello! Do be sure and check in on the link above. lots of plans already in the making. It's going to be one big party beginning at Sail-away if not earlier. Pub craws, cabin crawls, Left-right-center, slot pulls, mahjong, folks already putting together'er masks, door decorations, soppy cups, etc., etc. I'm relatively new to Cruise Critic but even I can tell that it is an unusual roll call this far out. With the ship being about 85% sold out at less than two months after opening and the prices continuing to go up.... It's going to be a heck of a party. And those are our non-gay breathen! Huh, Cabin-in-the-Woods!
  11. Pfeilm

    Celebrity Connections Party???

    Aloha All! I'm hoping you can help. With our four upcoming cruises, it took forever to get registered for the Meet & Mingle for the first cruise due to Celebrity having some problems. Issue resolved and we have our confirmation. The next cruise was an easy join with no problems though it still doesn't have the requisite 25 people. Our furthest cruise out is too far out to even allow joining so no problem there. The problem now is the Alaska cruise we're sneaking in between two. When we attempt to join the only answer that comes back is "Cruise Critic Registration is not allowed for bookings in a status other than booked". We're confused, we enter our reservation number., as displayed on our paperwork and in MyCelebrity cruise page. It's the only number we have. I originally thought it might be because it's not paid in full yet but neither is one of the others and one was just completed. So... Any ideas? Enquiring minds want to know. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. If the dates aren't shown plug in the latest date shown and next your way through the pages. Or plug in the ship, if you have a preferred ship in mind, and do the same by going to the last page and working your way back. Both have worked for me.
  13. Booked AQ2 the first week the Mardi Gras itinerary (Feb 20, 2017!) came out. It sold out within a month I believe. Last I heard the veranda price is now $700 higher than what I paid for Aqua. Am a big believer in the 123Go promo. Next cruise is the April TA that does not include the promo and lots of extra decisions are having to be made there -$750 to $$900 for a beverage package... per person? Sure wish the 123Go wasincluded on TAs. Looking at all carte, and probably less drinking, now. Anyway, Aqua class and Conseirge classes sold out over two years in advance.
  14. Pfeilm

    Beverage Package Gratuities Update: 15% to 18%

    And some tip because they're fortunate enough to be able to do so. This includes tipping cruise ship staff, restaraunt employees, newspaper delivery persons, trash collectors at Christmas, postal woman, hairdresser, etc., etc. I don't have to, I'm not guilted into it, I'm not subsidizing their income intentionally. - I'm just appreciating their efforts and services and am lucky enough to be able to do so. I was once asked what I was doing for the recession. Since I was one of the lucky ones and was not in jeapordy of losing my job I could answer with - I continue doing what I would do otherwise. Eat out, travel, stay at hotels, go to the show, etc. ... And that includes tipping when I can. I'm betting I'm not the only American doing so.
  15. Pfeilm

    Beverage Package Gratuities Update: 15% to 18%

    We've come to learn that "free" is a relative term. We recently priced a cruise with and without the "free" beverage package. Long story short, without the "free" beverage package the cost is $1400 pp; with the "free" beverage package the cost is $1700. Hummm... Interesting definition of "free". Guess what we went for... Yep, the "free" package. The $300 difference far exceeds the cost of buying a complete beverage package on its own. Anyway it goes though.... "Free" really isn't "free".... But it's good! Note: dollar amounts listed are made up. Difference between though is accurate.