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  1. I was on hold last night for 2 hours and then disconnected so I decided to try early this morning. I got through in about 30 minutes. The phone representative said that a batch of FCCs went out yesterday with the wrong amounts. She said that the FCC would be canceled and new ones issued with a week or two. She also told me that my future OBC had been processed. I have seen nothing to indicate that that is true. She gave me a different phone number to take care of that. When I called, the message said they were closed until Monday morning. Lastly, I asked about my
  2. Got mine today too. Less than half of what they owed my wife and I. Been on hold for 1 1/2 hours with Royal, so I assume that a great many people have similar problems. Getting disillusioned with Royal.
  3. Had one on the Allure a couple of years ago and loved it. Ordered one on the Symphony two months ago and it was overly sweet and not particularly tasty.
  4. Yes, I have Boost Mobile and they do not support wifi calling. Thinking about switching carriers for this reason.
  5. Tough question to answer with any precision since you are dealing with both RCI and your credit card bank. Some banks process refunds quicker than others. I normally see RCI refunds within a week.
  6. Do try their breakfast offerings for something different and delicious.
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