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  1. I've yet to find any hotel in San Juan with free shuttles to the PanAm Pier and I am not aware of any hotel within walking distance of said pier. That said, Uber is pretty reasonable for the Condado Hilton to the pier.
  2. Tried it two years ago and couldn't get it to work. I looked at it recently and saw that there was now a $15 recurring charge if you wanted to store your personal details or to scan your passport info into the app. Doesn't seem worth it for an app that has many reported issues. Bsides, customs has been streamlined over the last couple of years. We breezed through six months ago after our last cruise.
  3. My experience over the last five years is that M&M is less promoted, less attended and less supported than it was ten years ago. Not sure why though.
  4. We are in our 60s and we have always enjoyed the Southern Caribbean. Leave out of San Juan and head to Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. Some of the best islands in the Caribbean.
  5. On our cruise six months ago on the Freedom, we did not receive an invite in our room. I went to the customer service desk and asked. Eventually, they were able to track down someone who knew the day & time and we just showed up. There were only about ten people there. We heard from someone else a couple of days later that they had also never received their invite. Seems that at least sometimes, the invites are not diligently delivered. If you are sure that there are the requisite twenty people signed up for your cruise and you do not receive you invite, just go to customer service and ask.
  6. There can be some decent deals sometimes. I keep a spreadsheet of the things I want to do through RCI so I know when it's a real sale and when it's hype.
  7. I was on the same cruise as the OP. I boarded between 11:00 am and 11:30 am and was on the ship in less than 10 minutes after arriving at the port. We ate breakfast at the Windjammer every morning at 7:00 - 7:30 am. While the selection was limited, it was not difficult to find a table at this time. Lunch on the other hand was another story. Very crowded no matter what time we ate. On the two sea days, we ate lunch in the MDR. Much better atmosphere and much smaller crowd. This was my first time on any Freedom class and we really had few issues. The crew was among the friendliest and most helpful of any RCI ship we have been on. It was also my third cruise out of San Juan. Very enjoyable cruise. Our only issues were the crowded elevators, the crowded Windjammer for lunch and the difficulty in getting a seat for the ice show. There is little doubt that we will cruise out of San Juan again as we love the variety of the islands in the southern Caribbean.
  8. On Chrome, using an incognito window seems to help with the RCI website.
  9. You will get a ton of suggestions! We are staying at the Condado Plaza Hilton the week before you. It has a pool and a beech.
  10. I truly love to wake up in the morning, open the curtains, walk out onto my balcony and greet the new day. I doubt that I would be content in an inside cabin of an ocean view. The balcony is also great for reading on sea days.
  11. For me, the perfect blend would be to have an Oasis class of ship do the southern Caribbean ports. I love the Oasis class ships for the speciality restaurants, the shows and the activities. I love the southern Caribbean destinations. Since there are no Oasis class ships currently going to the southern Caribbean, I have opted to go on the Freedom of the Seas this December and on the Symphony of the Seas next December. That way I have two distinct experiences to look forward to.
  12. Google search is your friend. At least 3 sets are posted on a different site.
  13. According to the latest Freedom of the Seas Cruise Compass I could find, 5:30.
  14. The same thing happened to us several years ago at a different Sheraton in San Juan. Luckily, I checked up on my own and found that our SJ Sheraton had closed. The corporate Sheraton offices never told us. Seeing that it happened to you recently certainly raises a red flag for booking any SJ Sheraton in the future.
  15. My wife and I always come in the day before when we cruise out of San Juan. This time, we are staying at the Condado Plaza Hilton. Appears to have a decent beach and pool along with a couple of restaurants.
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