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  1. 18 months ago we were on the Fantasy and booked two placeholder reservations. I called my big-box travel agency today to have my $500 refunded as we are unable to cruise before the deadline. Since the credit card I used for the deposit was canceled due to fraud I am now expected to get a letter from the credit card company (Chase) stating that the card was canceled and that there is zero balance. Then I have to FAX that to Disney with a copy of my drivers license. And all within the next 7 days. And Chase just said it would take 7 days to send the letter to me. Why the use of fax (very 1980s; maybe I'll call them using my bag phone next time) and why all this within 7 days is beyond me. Hopefully this works out, but just a word of caution to those that may not use their placeholder reservations. As a side note, both the agency representative and especially the Chase rep laughed out loud when they heard what Disney is expecting (the Chase rep said, "they're not expecting very much, are they?" I just had to laugh along with them...
  2. And, yet, that's what everyone calls it. So, the point is?
  3. Only two weeks remain in the quarter/year, perhaps they are trying some things to meet/exceed budget and earnings expectations.
  4. For our cruise with our children in a few weeks I did not see any connecting balconies online, then called our big-box travel agent and they immediately found the perfect ones on deck 8 which were not showing online. Either I wasn't putting in the number of people correctly as someone previously stated or they were withholding them for someone looking for connecting cabins. Either way, I was very happy to have secured them!
  5. Looking forward to your report! We will be on HOS Western in two weeks. Can't wait.
  6. 1. I can't even begin to imagine the horror this woman has been through with this incident. I don't fault her whatsoever in wanting to hold everyone involved responsible and remuneration is the primary way to do that. 2. Maybe scratching big checks will help in some way prevent something like this from happening again. Again, monetary punishment is the only way to send a message to those responsible that changes need to be made.
  7. The combination of the deck number and those three digits is your cabin number.
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