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  1. Keith, please add: Symphony Feb 12 - Miami RT -geoffieg (Geoff & Lorelei) Symphony Apr 28 - Athens - Venice - geoffieg (Geoff & Lorelei) Thanks. Hope I did that correctly.
  2. The CDC rules/guidance only apply to cruises docking in the USA. And, as I read their rules/guidance, they are somewhere between unrealistic and stupid. Passengers are not going to wear masks while sitting at the pool. If they had to, most would not get on the ship. And ships docking in the Florida may also not be an issue, as Florida now mandates that any buisness operating from Florida cannot require the employees have a Vaccine. NCL has already said, they will just move their ships to another state.
  3. We are also booked on the Sojourn on May 24 but scheduled to disembark in Lisbon. I looked a couple of days ago at the travel policies for Spain, France, Morocco and Portugal. Let's start with US citizens cannot currently enter Spain, so boarding the ship would be a problem. We also can't enter France, Morocco or Portugal, so I guess if we were even able to board the ship in Spain, Seabourn would just have to let us freeload until the found somewhere we were allowed to disembark. We don't see anyway our cuise won't be cancelled.
  4. Interesting that the Ovation is still planning on its January 3 voyage which is from Hong Kong to Singapore. Most foreigners are not currently allowed entry to both of those without a 14 day quarantine. That could change before January 3 but given the way the US is handling COVID who knows.
  5. We were booked on the February 15 Ovation sailing, originally Singapore to Hong Kong, now Singapore round trip. When Seabourn finally offered early last week to allow cancellation with a full credit towards a future cruise or compensation if you proceeded with the cruise, we decided to proceed with the cruise. But then by Thursday, the stories about the continuing spread of coronavirus and, more significantly, the reports about the quarantined ships led us to cancel Thursday night. While the real risk of contracting the virus may be small, the idea of being quarantined for two weeks was not an option. And, our decision was also influenced by the Ovation having just been in Hong Kong. We have re-booked a cruise in the Mediterranean for May at substantially greater fares than the cancelled cruise. Hopefully, the health concerns are less by then. And we are hoping to do the Asia cruise next year. So to those of you debating the esoteric of how you might respond if you were booked on an Asia cruise, this is one real world report. We hope those that are sailing now and board the ships in the next few days and weeks are safe and have a great time.
  6. Sorry, its not hyperbole. Other reputable cruise lines have made the decision to put passenger and crew safety above profits and re-routed or cancelled ports, including Hong Kong. Suggesting that Seabourn "has been here before" and therefore must be making the right decision is short sighted. Only time will tell if Seabourn or other cruise lines apparently willing to take the risk will pay the price for having a ship full of coronavirus exposed passengers. The downside of the risk could be devastating for the passengers, crew and Seabourn's reputation.
  7. If anyone currently on the Ovation reads this post, would you please reply and report what, if anything, Seabourn is advising about the disembarkation in Hong Kong on the 1st? Thanks
  8. Susi N: We are on the same cruise as you. I just looked at Hanoi weather in February, and average low is 60 F and high 70 F. I don't consider that cold. We have made back up hotel reservations in Hanoi, and booked one-way flights to HKG on our scheduled departure day of March 3. We still plan on going to HKG, but if things continue to deteriorate we can get off ship in Halong Bay, then take car to Hanoi and explore Vietnam for four or five days. Sorry things are up in the air for your 35th anniversary trip, but there are still options for having a great time. Hope to see you on board.
  9. Trend: We are on the cruise disembarking in HK on February 29. Our back up plan is to disembark at the last stop in Vietnam and spend several days in Hanoi, then fly to HK and straight out. Hope that we don't have to do that, but you might consider a back up of joining ship at first stop in Vietnam
  10. Has anyone seen or heard what Seaborn intends to do about its Asia cruises in early 2020 that start or end in Hong Kong? We are coming up on the date by which we have to pay the full balance for a cruise in February that ends in Hong Kong.
  11. Mandarin Oriental gets our vote. Great service, location, breakfast on Hong Kong Island. Refined luxury.
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