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  1. You have the restaurant times? Want to see if Chops/Jamie's was open for lunch and which days
  2. Yes but can't you use the $35 credit for it?
  3. Just realized we booked a cruise right smack in middle of Rosh and Yom Kippur. Will Crystal have a Rabbi on board for those two holidays? Or will it be self lead like it is always for shabbat? Thanks
  4. Is it $35 (or 20% off) per person or total? $70 goal for 2 people is pretty good, makes Chef table practically buy 1, get 1 free.
  5. How do I apply the 15/20% off or $35 off? Wait to book Chef's table on board? Or is there away to pre-book with credit after buying ultimate dinning?
  6. Going back to Royal for "a" cruise after a long hiatus. Crystal has become our main line. When we cruised Royal we use to book Chops and Chef's table. We are going to do 3 night cruise only and was wondering about Ultimate Dinning Package. I assume it doesn't apply to Chef's but can I use the $35 credit for Chef's? Also being that it's only 3 days there will be no sea days so does that mean Chops and Giovanni won't be open for lunch at all? Thanks
  7. We did that trip last year on Serenity it was amazing you will love it. (Skip the carnival show with free caprihanans on the first stop) the drinks and shows on board are better :)
  8. Can't find the Roll Call Thread (http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2407201) so I am going to assume this is now the roll call. 😁 Jaime and I will be joining you on this trip. We are on the train from Porto to Lisbon and looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days. You can find us daily at the Avenue Saloon enjoying a Summer Spirit and some caviar between 630ish and 730/8ish before dinner. Join us!
  9. Currently on the NCL Getaway (first time) and racking my brain trying to figure out what keycard (freestyle card) colors mean? On Royal it's your room type but on NCL I've seen yellow cards that were suites and yellows that weren't therefore it isn't room type. So what do the colors mean? Also what colors are there? I have only seen Blue and Yellow
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