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  1. I have decided that if coworkers or friends decide to go away I am going to be supportive of their choice and just encourage them to be cautious....and also to tell me ALL about it! If we did go on a cruise before a vaccine we would definitely tell family and work and deal with the consequences. Should we get sick and decline rapidly - I would not want it to be a surprise that I died on a cruise ship!! I don’t anticipate the cruise restriction from my office being lifted soon either...we will need to quarantine/ work from home for 2 weeks after our trips....but since
  2. We are also in the wait and see category. I don’t mind wearing a mask when running errands but I don’t think I would enjoy sitting at the pool in a mask. I am hopeful that more and more solutions like ClearMask that’s been on the news lately or face shield hats will become a suitable and mainstream solution so you can see their faces and smiles. My husband also struggles with hearing loss and the muffled sound plus the lack of lip reading for him is a challenge. But a clear SeaFace mask 😷 would make it more possible To enjoy our time! My bestie has a cruise planned
  3. If Universal Studios can open on June 5th - the Bahamas opening for July and Aug seems more feasible than I had previously thought. I’m not rushing to be the first in either location because we are making the most of our year at home - but it’s good for business.
  4. Disputes per my credit card company state that I should work with the vender first. Royal has sent many emails stating they are working on my refunds and credits. If you had a 6 month emergency fund which should generally be a pre-Req for going on a luxury vacation - you can wait another month for your $1300 payment in an unprecedented pandemic when there are thousands of payments that need to be made!! #We are all in this together!
  5. TAs not getting paid for WORK THEY ALREADY DID is also very different than you not getting paid for NOT working. And I’m SURE that there are plenty of people worried about your lost income during this pandemic - they are just balancing the risk of loosing lives against money. It’s been only 60 days...not a year!! and clearly - if you worked for me - I care about your lost income - that’s one thing the last several posts should clearly demonstrate. We paid for services for the first month of quarantine that we did not use because we were still being paid even when we didn’t ha
  6. why would I go shopping and buy/need delivery of over $5000 worth of gear to mow my lawn - the lawn guys are certainly are not anywhere near me on my 2 acre lot when they come?? Study the facts and follow the rules. The science is pretty clear on how this virus moves indoors and out!!!
  7. All of these services are allowed where I live and are deemed essential or have been opened - you just need to follow the rules. We have plenty of sanitizing supplies and masks for in home activities and it’s easy to social distance outside. Most of our neighbors had haircuts on 5/11 when they opened in New Hampshire (2 minutes from my house). We waited until the end of the week to make sure safety protocols were in place. Everyone wore masks and used all of the sanitary procedures required. Haircuts for boys/men take about 8-10 minutes...which is below the 15 min Threshhold
  8. Generally mine too!!! But we are using this forced time at home to take care of lots of neglected things...like the septic tank pumping and roof repairs....can’t control the fact that the hot water heater leaked or that a toilet leak was found...and some projects that were on the horizon that are much easier to do while we are home (basketball court and kitchen remodel). the pool guys, lawn guys and cleaning ladies are regulars though - we would never enjoy any downtime or the nice features of our house otherwise. Our kids are at the ages where pre-COVID they play multiple sports
  9. The reason everyone says they want their money back is because of the economy. For that to return - everyone needs to do their part whether they like it or not. This is something that every mother and in many cases every parent already knows - sometimes you have to put your own feelings and opinions aside and do what’s right for your kids even if it isn’t what you want. Now we just have to expand that and suck it up so we can all get back to ‘normal’ and get back to cruising and get back to life without needing refunds!!
  10. Well - I am going to go out on a limb here and defend the OP. My cruise was cancelled in March for a sailing in April. In the year leading up to this - my travel agent helped me numerous times with booking or adjustments or questions the past year. They are not responsible for our cancelled cruise and Royal IS doing the right thing by paying them their commissions which I think is very important. Infact - I firmly believe this is why my agent keeps helping me when we had trouble with our FCC amount and such. OP - Thank you for reminding everyone of the relationship between a ch
  11. Our Costco is soooo easy to shop in right now! Super Clean, well stocked, and with so few customers in the store at once it’s easy to shop quickly! By far my favorite store to shop at during the pandemic! I wish I could get everything we needed there!!! Hope your trip was easy and uneventful! The week has not been ideal here...pool opening on Monday cancelled and not rescheduled yet and new water heater install had to be pushed from yesterday to today because the parts didn’t come in until mid afternoon...but I think we have that going in this afternoon, the roofer scheduled
  12. I just want to say thank you for doing that!! It’s such a tough time for students!! Hope all the moms out here had a spectacular Mother’s Day! Busy week here...pool gets opened today..new tankless got water heater mid week, roof repair end of week and cleaning lady on Friday!
  13. My TA reached out to RC yesterday and was told he had to call back to a resolutions number that is only open M-F. Hope to get a resolution today...maybe that $18 drink package intern does still work for RC!
  14. Royal announced sometime ago that FCC would be split evenly between all passengers in the room regardless of how much they paid for each booking. This may or may not be useful for future bookings - but from what I have read here they have said that they would evaluate on a case by case basis redistributing them more like how they were originally booked. if we cruise while my daughter is still a kids - a kids sale free promo would not be helpful for us with the FCC as partitioned...
  15. Our family of 4 (in one cabin) received our FCCs today too...or a portion of then... Today we got 4 FCCs for $101 USD each. this was our cruise invoice...I am expecting that our FCC matches the top line + 25%...we have a LONG way to go!!
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