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  1. [color=black]We are going on the West Carib and wanted to know what the best night was for Portfinios. I have seen somewhere on the site that the Caribbean night was one of the better ones. Thanks for the help [/color] :)
  2. How do you know who is going to be the CD or assistant CD on a particular ship. Do they move around from ship to ship. I am going on Explorer of the seas July 31 any info on who we might have and if they are well thought of? Thanks
  3. Thankyou so much:)
  4. Can somebody help I am looking for a web site that tells you what boats are in port on any given day. Sorry I should be able to find it but I cant. Thanks for the help
  5. Bangus

    Cave-Tubing in July

    I have a group of people that want to go on the tubing tours but I have seen so many posts about water level that I wanted to see if anyone knew what the levels might be in first week of August. I know if it rains then the level will be high just looking for someone who may have experience that time of year. I also have seen great comments on x-stream, Wet and Wild and Reg tours what would your vote be? Thanks in advance for any help:)
  6. Thanks for all the replies very helpful:)
  7. Just a question regarding what kind of Gratuities you give for tours arranged outside the ship. I know that seems like a silly question but not sure if the cost includes gratuity or not and if not what guidelines people use. In addition, if you did tip do you give dollars or the local currency? Thanks for the information
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    Thanks for all this info:)
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    Any thoughts about companies that I could contact to pick us up at airport take to hotel then pick us up again in the morning then the return trip to FLL Thanks
  10. I have a group comming in to FLL day before the cruise and are staying at asouthbeach hotel. am I better off renting a car and droping off at port of Miami than taking a limo. Do rental companies have a drop off location at the port?
  11. I have a group of around 20 people doing a cruise in July. I am interesting in opinions of a hotel to stay at on the beach or very close to the beach that would be fun for a group of this size. Age ranges are from 4 to 74 would like to be close to perhaps the south beach area. Any comments are apprieciated:)
  12. Bangus

    Explorer of the Seas

    Thanks for all the input seems like the H category may be ok although I would have gotten a balcony but to many people in the group and we are looking to stay together. If anyone has further input would like to hear from you
  13. Bangus

    Explorer of the Seas

    Thanks both I am traveling with a group that has age ranges from 5 to 74 does that change things? Any thoughts on can miss excursions? How about Category H?
  14. I am currently booked on the Explorer of the Seas for the July 31 Western cruise and have had some thoughts about changing to Mariner of the seas same time frames. The Itinerary on the Mariner seems better any thoughts on differences between trips. Also I am booked in a category H room anybody been in a similar cabin concerned about the noise from the night club. Any help would be appreciated
  15. Bangus

    CENTURY Being Redeployed...........

    It just continues to get more unreasonable I tried to get on Voyager of the Seas one day later than the original sailing basically the same islands leven a ower class cabin this one would cost me $8994 additional. I would like to have the name of the person you called if you would share with me. It makes no sense that they will not change people to a similar or as they would clasify it a lower class boat and not match the price. My email is sla1061@msn.com. I will let you know what I hear maybe we do need to write a letter to the CEO