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  1. On 2/12/2019 at 4:46 PM, gmbhardy said:


    That’s really interesting. One poster said that at the beginning of the cruise the old menus (with the increase) hadn’t been replaced yet but the bartenders were charging according to the roll back. I wonder if that’s the case on the Escape.

    Yes that was me, they changed the drink menus to include more.  We have been invited to a Cruise Critic feedback meeting tomorrow with the Hotel Director. Should I mention this board?

  2. On 2/12/2019 at 7:29 PM, OceanBlueWaters said:

    This is ridiculous.  When can we all stop speculating and hounding on board passengers about current prices?  Is this what it has come down to?

    Apparently NCL is remaining mute and want all their passengers (and bartenders) to be surprised upon boarding their next cruise!  As advertised, NCL offers a great cruise experience (lots of FREE AT SEA to attract the unsuspected also). I suggest we all wait to board and find out the surprise when we get there!  I love surprises!  Don't you?



    I'm on the Breakaway now and Ultimate Vodka is not a part of the Ultimate Beverage Package 😄

  3. 3 hours ago, erdoran said:

    I'm a bit confused about something actually--when you say "Grey Goose at $19.99" (or whatever price) does that mean a SHOT of GG or a drink MADE with GG?


    Jordan9900, thanks for the info.  It's nice that we are being heard at NCL (at least that's how I interpret your post, that NCL heard the extreme displeasure and took it seriously)

    First night on the Breakaway at the martini bar I watched a guy have a meltdown over all the Patron prices over $15. Wasn't fun for the bartender.

  4. 20 hours ago, AtlantaAlly said:

    So you’re saying that the cruise started with Grey goose as an up charge and now it’s included as of day 3? Or have the price increases just not hit breakaway yet?

    No they had the menu that was in the original post with Gray Goosse at 19.99 but when you asked the bartender if it was included they said yes. The drink menus were changed yesterday. Also Patron silver is included.

  5. 15 hours ago, Jldevlin said:

    Hubby is a Bacardi and coke guy ...I like mojitos and we are both satisfied with the Pinot Noir as our wine choice, add in a few beers and we are happy ....So this does not affect us as it does others ...I really could not tell the high end vodka over Smirnoff ...but it feels a bit unfair for the ones who can ...We still like NCL but we are happy to move around other lines if our needs change ..

    No coke - Pepsi 🙂

  6. 3 hours ago, Gampy1967 said:

    I am to tempted to request the form to lower my DSC by the extra cost the increased drink charges cost me over and above the UBP.  If my drink of choice was previously under the $15 level and now it is over, I will simply deduct the total overages from my DSC.  That way NCL does not get extra cash out of me that they had no right to because they increased the cost of the cruise after I booked it and paid in full.

    Not sure this is an option if it is why wouldn't everyone do it?

  7. On 1/20/2019 at 11:10 PM, pitz0005 said:

    Two other things I noticed.


    I normally ordered Kettle One, but of course they would be out. Second choice, Tito's.  Several times I was told that Tito's was an upcharge.  I feel bad for the bar staff, but it did get a bit old.  


    Second, when I ordered a drink, almost every bartender would ring up two drinks.  I could see the screen $34.xx.  I assume they get some benefit based on the number of drink they sell?  Their share of the service charges?  I can assure you the books are nowhere near accurate.  

    The last time I was on NCL the bartender told me that the tips go into a pool and is divided per drink which he said was .25 to .30 per drink.

  8. 9 hours ago, blcruising said:

    This a good start. I had a respectful, 15 minute conversation with their resolutions desk. My sense is they are receiving negative feedback about it. Obviously, the resolutions desk isn't making the policy. The logical next step is to take your business elsewhere.

    I think everyone should go to NCL Facebook page and add a comment to each of their posts.


  9. Here is my quick review.


    My wife and I kept all the receipts for all our drinks and it totaled $1440 for the two of us.


    If you have the package you still have to sign for all your drinks, they can run a tab and put it on one card. It freaks you out the first time you sign as it shows the total purchased but it does not show on your account except when you are drinking in "Texas" they will only charge you the Texas sales tax. It's not NCL's fault just Texas collecting some sales tax for the privilege of drinking before you hit international water. The staff will switch out to bottles that do not have a Texas tax sticker on them.


    As for what's included: Just about everything we drank which was $10 or less. Vodka: Grey Goose, Ultimate, Ciroc, and all the frozen blended drinks that did not exceed $10.


    The glasses of wine we had ranged between $8.50 and $9.75.


    So if you average 6 drinks a day it's worth it, if not don't. It would be nice if it included bottled water which would make it easier to get to your "quota":D


    Would I do it again, sure, I'm on vacation!:cool:

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