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  1. Oasis out of NJ leaving the same day as our 5 night Freedom still seems to be "reasonably" priced.
  2. So in conclusion...can count on yet another cruise being cancelled. Sigh....
  3. So same as us. We are on 8/28 so a not much after you.
  4. Thanks. We are on the 5 night Bermuda cruise on Freedom. Good point as it rotates with the 4 night Canada cruises. Wonder how they would even modify these as I don't think you can get to Bermuda in 4 nights. So maybe a complete shift of the dates? We booked this cruise for Bermuda, but won't be against an itinerary change as long as the dates still fit between the end of camp for our kids (as our son is a counsellor so he can't skip out early) and start of school.
  5. Thanks. Doesn't sound too good. Will just need to wait and see then.
  6. We have a 5 night Bermuda cruise booked end of August. Since booking, I have noticed that price for this cruise changes regularly...usually for the better. Today however, there is a huge increase in price and our room is almost $1500 more than we booked. Is this a bad sign? Maybe they want to prevent more bookings as the cruise is unlikely to sale? It's a 5 night but not sure if Bermuda is unlikely to open for cruise ships. Or maybe it's just getting close to the maximum capacity to allow for social distancing? Or maybe they are getting
  7. Thanks. I guess Royal's site just holds out on these but not sure why just balcony rooms. If I had known, I would have called.
  8. Thanks. I am looking at just regular balcony rooms to hold 4 people. As posted by Ourusualbeach above, they are exact same price . On Oasis, they have a pullman + sofa bed stead of a just a double sofa bed. Could see these rooms for promeande, central park and boardwalk so is deceiving they weren't showing for balcony rooms.
  9. Not too long ago, I was looking at rooms available on our Oasis cruise to see if they had any balcony rooms that have the 5+ indicator (i.e. Pullman and a sofa bed...so our kids get their own space). We grabbed one of the Central Park 5+ rooms as these showed on Royal's site, and none showed for their Balcony rooms. I figured the balcony rooms with a Pullman and sofa bed were sold out as this cruise has been selling for a year or so. They just released summer 2022 and when I check Oasis balcony rooms for 5+, none of them are showing as available. So I'm guessing that they don't
  10. I received that same email today. We do have one FCC that expires Dec 30, 2020 (already extended) so I assume that is the one that can now be used up until Dec 31, 2020. I do need to call though to confirm as that one wasn't from CWC. Our others already expire Dec 31.
  11. My March 2022 is at $111.72 CAD, which I think works out to your $84 price. Won't be purchasing that one. Pretty crazy!
  12. Thanks. We book refundable, and only call if it goes goes (or so it shows)
  13. lol....IT is always very reliable Realized that could be due to crown and anchor? I get that value until I continue to the end. Then it adjusts.
  14. Thanks so much for confirming! It's a website error then as that's our current price. On Royal's site for a mock booking it currently shows $3454. So odd. Thanks so much again.
  15. Oh my gosh, that is so nice of you. It's Freedom of the Seas(5 night), Aug 28 , 3 adults and 1 child, spacious balcony (3B) in aft Refundable and CAD The only other thing I'm questioning is if this is the non-refundable price even though it says refundable in the cancellation policy (but that's how it's been the past few weeks)
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