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  1. Thank you...wonder why the system labels it as Boardwalk View Interior. Yeah...both our current promenade room, and these are interiors with a window but no balcony. They are quite reasonable in price for Harmony compared with balcony staterooms. I guess the main disadvantage of these rooms as there seem to be very few that hold 4 people...meaning, I wouldn't be able to price check once they are all booked. (being 2 years away, in general its a good chance to get lower price)
  2. I'm a bit confused of the interior rooms on Harmony. We currently have a promenade booked for 4. When I did a price check on the room today, a "Boardwalk View Interior" is now popping up (e.g. room 9577). A couple things aren't making sense: The room description says it holds 2 people and has 2 twin beds (i.e. no mention of a sofa bed and holding 4, but the deck plan has a triangle...plus its showing as an option for booking) When I look up this room, it shows as a Central Park room (i.e. not Boardwalk) Can anyone confirm the above? And if the room does in fact hold 4 people and is Central Park room...what do others prefer.....Promenade Interior or Central Park Interior? (Or Boardwalk interior if that's what it actually is)
  3. Interested in your review. Never been on Enchantment, but have done a short (4 night) Bahamas cruise on Mariner.
  4. Also, anyone that has BOGO will miss the first formal night (assuming first one is night 2)
  5. Loving your review. We have BOGO and was on the fence about Jamie's. But from your pictures it looks really good! You enjoyed? Also good to know that you got good seats for Hairspray lining up 40 min early.
  6. LuCruise

    Guarantee Cabins

    Once you are assigned, you can call and change your room number to any other available stateroom in the exact same category. We didn't love forward location, so I checked UK site to see other free rooms (as they show rooms that are available, unlike US site that only shows some)
  7. LuCruise

    Guarantee Cabins

    We've only done guarantee twice but both times we were assigned forward location (which I changed). Also like you...the second time I researched rooms . Many rooms were available. Then when I checked and saw room assignment (which was only a few hours after previous check) , there were very few left. So they must have done a bunch at once (whether a person or computer).
  8. Ken, thanks for clarifying. I didn't remember seeing refundable option but thought I had missed it. And I think you posted same time I posted do you answered my second question.
  9. Guarantees are always non- refundable, right? We can upgrade for about $100 per person for a 4 day cruise but it's not until next August so not sure we want to chance switching from refundable. Also, if the (mock) booking lists it as Junior Suite Guarantee, then it would only be a JS assignment, right (i.e. as opposed to getting lucky with a grand suite or something)
  10. Did you have a Headliner show ontop of the ones you could book?
  11. LuCruise

    Disney or RCCL?

    We took our kids on Allure when they were those ages and they loved it. We've stuck with Royal ever since. At the time we look at Disney vs Royal and for the price difference we went with Royal (and so glad we did!). For us too, we won't do Disney anymore as they have outgrown it, especially our son and Disney seems very princess focused. As an aside, we love love love the parks, but that is a different vacation. When they were younger (2 and 6 years), we were on Disney Magic and it was very good. Everything is geared towards kids from activities to shows, etc so it's definitely a good option for OP with the ages mentioned. But as suggested, Royal is great too for kids and amazing for families...and sticking with the amped ships (esp something like Independence which has an amazing kids pool splash area with smaller waterslides - although not sure if kids in diapers are allowed, as with Disney too) or Oasis or Quantum. It's a shame that they are getting rid of DreamWorks as that was an excellent feature for kids. Our kid don't go to the kids clubs so can't talk personally from that perspective (but have heard very good things)
  12. Actually you got me curious so I priced out a JS for 2 with an interior for 2 across the hall. The price is actually $55 cheaper than all 4 of us in a JS. Only issue though is that our kids wouldn't have access to Coastal Kitchen so we couldn't make use of it and main advantage would just be the double points (which is still the main point for us).
  13. Not sure I'd be comfortable with them in their own room that isn't connected yet (esp 2 siblings that get along sometimes but also fight)...but connecting as we have booked for sure. An option though down the road.
  14. Wonder if they'll go with the new types they are adding to Navigator? Not sure what type of space is required though. Will be interesting to see what they do.
  15. Great pre-review so far with all the details. Looks like a great itinerary and ship. Stateroom looks neat too. Happy to follow along.