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  1. It's funny as you just can't win. We waited an additional 2 weeks to give our 16 year old son his second dose as "Health Canada recommends waiting between 8 and 16 weeks for 12-17 year olds" due to some heart risk, especially for young boys. We could have gotten him in sooner if we used the excuse that he is a camp counsellor (and can't work from home). Then they removed that recommendation. By the time vaccines opened for 12+ (and our daughter had her 12th birthday), the rules changed so she got her second at 29 days. So basically in our household, only our 12 year old daughter will be c
  2. Thanks. That's what I was thinking too, but it didn't explicitly state this rule didn't apply to non-mixed doses too so wanted to make sure.
  3. That's horrible for anyone who got mixed doses. Do you know if the 28 - 42 day rule is for mixed doses only? Thankfully DH and I got Moderna for both and our kids got Pfizer for both, but like most Canadians, our doses are more than 42 days apart (and that is with the accelerated schedule)
  4. same...where only one was missing this morning Just hope they fix it by Black Friday
  5. Same problem. My Dec 2021 Anthem is not showing, but my other 5 are showing (including another Anthem one and another one in Dec). Seems very random. Have tried in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. This one is missing from the app too.
  6. Everyone is different and I'm biased to Mamma Mia as I've seen it 25 times between Toronto, NY, around Buffalo, and one time on Allure...but to me, it's just a fun upbeat show. I quite enjoyed Hairspray as well on Symphony. Have yet to see Cats on Oasis but will definitely go when on the ship. Personal thought, but Chicago isn't quite as much of a family show (even though I know it was on Allure for a few years), so not the best choice. From the choices, I'd pick 7 night Symphony just for the ship alone, plus 2 private islands is nice, but don't think you can go wrong with any o
  7. Same. Only seems to be working for my Mariner sailing (new planner view). Cannot view for Anthem or Oasis sailings.
  8. Thank you. Great to hear that the shows are on as normal. Yes I did see that there is a charge for extra experience for those. I'm sure things will change as the months go on, and different in the US, but good to hear current experience.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Exciting that you are going soon! Would love to hear your experience. Have a great cruise!
  10. I've been watching for reviews about Anthem as I think it started up in the UK a couple days ago and so far haven't seen anything. Wondering about the experience. I know it's a shorter cruise but are they playing We Will Rock You and other shows? How are covid protocols?
  11. This is strange. I just did a search on Anthem from Oct - Dec and the ship is no longer showing. If I start my filter on Anthem, then the first month I can select is Feb 2022. That doesn't seem good....or is it just a website error?
  12. Omg...it's so exciting seeing live reviews again. Thank you for taking us along. Have an amazing cruise! We were on Adventure Dec 2019 and really liked her.
  13. For our Anthem March 2020 cruise that never happened, we originally planned to take the Disney excursion (transportation) . We were going to go to Disney Springs and perhaps also resort hop. I agree as it's a lot of money to spend for a few hours but this would still have given us a bit of a Disney fix That was our original plan. Then a couple weeks before, we switched to Kennedy Space Centre, which seems like another good option.
  14. For #3, pretty sure they added laser tag to Freedom as part of the amp.
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