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  1. We were also on March 15th cruise and waiting for taxes and fees. Rest has been processed (FCC and cruise planner items refunded).
  2. Thanks. That's what we're thinking too. It'll cost us $270 to upgrade (on an already pricey cruise considering its only 5 nights), but think we can manage. Wish Freedom had pullman and sofa option or trundle type beds on regular rooms. Moving to ultra spacious is too much. You did pretty good on Symphony!
  3. Thanks so much for the quick response. I figured the star was a mismatch. As for the room size, we're thinking the balcony will make up for the slightly smaller room.
  4. We currently have a spacious ocean view room at 211 sq ft booked on Freedom (one of the new rooms so I know very few have actually seen these rooms). Looking at upgrading to regular balcony room at 188 sq ft. Anyone know if the size feels that much smaller? We are a family of 4. A balcony would be nice, but not sure if the extra sq ft will feel roomier (then again, no balcony on current booking). Also, I assume there are no pullman + sofa beds on Freedom? The deck plan shows a * which says it means "sofa bed and 3rd pullman bed available", but the room description just says double sofa bed so I'm thinking the deck plan is an error.
  5. Thanks. When DH and I were on Independence a year ago Dec, we had to book a session in the cruise planner, so I wasn't sure if Mariner had done the same since we were on it two years ago. Good point though...with this covid stuff, they may change it to reservations only to control the crowds.
  6. Thanks. I think if Mariner was 5 days, it would be an easier decision, but CoCo Cay is a factor. I also like that you walk off the ship and you are at your destination. My daughter also really likes the Sky Pad and she voted Mariner for that reason. But if she'll only get 1 time on it, then not worth ship selection.
  7. Currently have 5 night Freedom Bermuda cruise booked for next summer. Currently have 4 night Mariner Perfect Day cruise booked for this summer. Coming with our kids (12 and 16 next summer). They don't use the kids clubs but enjoy the ships activities. We've been on Mariner but we keep missing the amplified CoCo Cay. (We have 2 other cruises with it, but who knows if we'll make those). Never been to Bermuda or on Freedom. We will either cancel Mariner OR Lift & Sift to next summer and cancel Freedom. Trying to decide what to do so have a few questions. Are reservations now required for the Sky Pad on Mariner? Last time there were not, so our kids could go on it many times. If reservations, I suspect they will only go once or twice. Aside from the Sky Pad, I assume the ships are pretty similar? CoCo Cay is definitely kid-friendly. What about Bermuda? We're not super adventurous and like to keep things simple. (i.e. if something is far away or we need 3 buses to get there, it's not for us) Thoughts? Keep Freedom or switch to Mariner? We have a nicer room on Mariner (sp balcony vs sp ocean view) for much cheaper cost.
  8. That's great. Thanks so much for mentioning as I had no idea and thought we'd better cancel sooner rather than later. So guess then we still have another few weeks to decide....4 Night Mariner or 5 night Bermuda. It would be easier if everyone in my family had the same preference....lol.
  9. Really? So if for example, I had $200 of FCC (that had an original use by Aug 31 2020 expiry) that was applied to this (Mariner) cruise, and for Mariner itself I would get $105 back (under CWC, then deposit only as FCC). Then that would mean that I would get a single FCC for $305 that expires Dec 31, 2021....and similar idea for the rest of my party? So if that is the case, then the original use by Aug 31 expiration wouldn't matter (which was my worry...that they would re-issue the FCC after Aug 31). This cruise isn't until end of Aug 31 but I assume similar schedule which doesn't seem so bad.
  10. We book directly with Royal but a TA would definitely be advantageous here. To clarify, it is the re-issuing of an existing FCC that I'm concerned of timing....but guess that is probably same process.
  11. Thanks. My daughter applied her FCC on a cruise already cancelled (as she had KSF for this cruise so she couldn't apply hers). So when I inquired about extending the expiration date they said no. It must be used by Aug 31. I will obviously ask them when we cancel this cruise but we're still deciding on straight out cancel or Lift and Sift to next Aug and then replace it with our current booking (4 night Mainer - good room, my daughter likes the sky pad VS 5 night Bermuda cruise on Freedom)
  12. Not sure if anyone can answer this but thought I'd try. I know there is a long delay in issuing new FCCs for cancelled cruises. We will be cancelling a cruise where we had applied a previous FCC. Does anyone know if the re-issuing of an existing FCC can be done fairly quickly? The reason I am asking if we have until mid June to cancel this cruise, but the original FCC expired end of August. So I am concerned that it will get re-issued after August if it also takes many days to get re-applied.
  13. Thanks for the review. As you say, it us well needed. Bet you had a blast with all of you! We were on Navigator in August and really enjoyed the ship. I look forward to hearing your experience and thought
  14. Good response For Shows...I agree, easy to do, but I wonder if they will repeat shows more? One of my favorite things with cruising is relaxing seeing the water in the day (or watching my kids on the slides, etc), but for the evening, I love dinner and a show, or shows. The main shows typically repeat as it is, so would they double (e.g. play 6 times instead of 3)? And what about things like Love & Marriage, Game shows? These are fun too. And is The Quest done? Since it's a team game. For Elevators, you have the sanitizing but I think the issue is also many people in a small space Wonder if they will limit to one family at a time? I'm always one that likes to take the stairs when we can....esp on a cruise with all the eating and treats...but for many it's not a choice.
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