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  1. This exactly....A balcony room or JS if not too much more would be our first priority. Or 2 rooms if we are with our kids. For us, we don't need the fancy suites as don't spend much time in the room...esp when kids are with us. They want to be out and about. Another "treat" for us is the deluxe drink package. Again, we don't typically get it when it's a family trip (ok...so the exception is for our next cruise as it's our own gift for being off cruising for so long , but it's more the freedom of selecting drinks as still I won't drink a lot with kids around). If just DH and I, then perhaps Chef's Table to try one time. Or 3 night dining package. And last, someday it would be quite an experience to try a dolphin experience. We're more about the ship than the ports, but this one has always been on my mind to try. Above is listed in priority.
  2. There are some rooms on Oasis and Allure (promenade, central park, boardwalk and balcony) that show as 5+. We try and book these when we can if sticking to one room as it means that there is a sofa bed and a pullman. With booking GTY, it's unlikely they'll assign one to you (as there aren't many), but it once you get your room, it doesn't hurt to ask if any are available. You can always move to any other stateroom in the same category.
  3. Totally get that as things are extra bad in Florida at the moment. Our cruise is out of New Jersey so feel a bit better. Hopefully things will improve soon.
  4. I'm a germophobic even before covid so can totally understand. Totally agree with your statement. Sometimes it's just common courtesy...and we need to be able to get things better. Thanks again for sharing your experience. Glad you still had a good vacation.
  5. Do they still have the WOW bands? And if so, do you still need to carry your sea pass card?
  6. Chef's table looks amazing. DH and I almost tried it one time, but wasn't sure if we would find it too long. I'm the same in terms of a lightweight, and I'd probably feel it after the second glass. Probably someday we will give it a try.
  7. Thank you so much for your feedback. I hope you still had a nice trip without being too stressed of the relaxed rules. My original post was about a month ago. Our cruise is Royal and they just recently changed their policy to move final payment from 90 days (which would have been 2 days ago) to 30 days before the cruise. SO we have more time to decide. Unless anything changes, we are now leaning towards the cruise (and had planned on paying it off until they moved the final payment date)...for very much the reasons you state. For AI, there is no test to arrive (unless your airline requires it), and as you say, they may not enforce rules as much. With the cruise...they have very strict protocols....12+ must be vaccinated AND must show a negative covid test to get on the ship, under 12 must also show negative test...AND test again at the port... AND test again mid cruise for cruises more than 5 days. Masks required indoors and at most times (our cruise is an indoor ship), etc. If a positive occurs at any of those times, Royal will refund you, and will help with your travel home or quarantine. We have also purchased refundable plane tickets as the borders are still closed (and we may fly anyways). As a precaution...and I certainly hope it doesn't come to this, DH and I are thinking of bringing our work laptops in the worst case that one of us tests positive (but not sick), and maybe kids laptops too. The ships take huge precautions and seem to handle it well when there is a positive case onboard. We still have the AI booking but have until early Dec to cancel it for full refund.
  8. Great to hear that escape room is running...but sorry that you missed it. Do you know how many they allow per game? We would love to try it on Anthem. It's apparently not running though...fingers crossed when the ship returns to the US...so good to hear that it is running on other ships.
  9. For you and your kids...2 connecting staterooms are great. We do this when the price is right. Two washrooms and more space overall. But I will also say that we have stayed in a single stateroom before with 2 kids as well, and manage fine....especially at your kids ages. When we can, we get a room where they each have their own bed or mattress. I'm not sure how the beds work on Odyssey. On some of the newer ships like Symphony, the sofa bed turns more into a trundle (vs a double mattress), which is great. For the rest, it depends on the relationship and budget. If grandparent and nephews can stay together then that would save money, but the grandparent may want privacy. Would be nice if at least you can get your rooms close together. Or of course, one of the larger suites. Not sure about kids sale free, but I wouldn't expect it with Royal's shut down. Good luck. Report back what you decide.
  10. OK....so I just found something on Royal's site about getting a test to return to your own country. It's a bit confusing (and not clear) as it's under the section for "Kids Age 2-11" years old...and it doesn't exactly specify PCR test nor complimentary (except in the heading)...but I think this section is what is needed. See second sentence under second bullet in Kids 2-11 section. Sounds like we are good, right?
  11. Thank you for the replies. We will be returning to Canada so need the PCR test (not antigen) This is what I noticed. I was looking at Royal site and couldn't find anything about a complimentary PCR test if needed to return home for cruises out of the US. I could have sworn I did see this before. This will be an issue if they don't provide it (even at cost if really required) as our flight is 4ish of the same day we return. Our cruise is end of December.
  12. That's great. I'm hoping they open it on Anthem when it returns to the US. I assume they run it with just a family or two?
  13. Ah ok...Anthem is returning to US in November until Spring
  14. What do you mean? That they may start running some of these things once it returns to New Jersey? Not complaining if not, as just happy to get on a ship and they still have a lot of fun things running, but would be bonus if any of the above started up again as well.
  15. "The Gift" is one of the production shows on Anthem. They are running the other two shows so not sure why this one isn't currently running.
  16. Have heard iffy reviews but would we would still like to see it. Similarly, we found that planet one on Allure odd, but still glad we saw it.
  17. Yeah, all are not running due to covid but just wondering why they couldn't still have it with everyone spread out? And wonder when it and others listed will return. Makes sense with bingo...so not re-used/shared.
  18. I know there is a covid reason, but why have they currently not running... Rollerblading on Anthem (as I'm pretty sure I saw ice skating on a Freedom compass)? Cupcake class? If social distancing is an issue, couldn't they have it in MDR or some larger venue and spread families out at different tables? The Gift on Anthem I get social distancing prevents the Escape room (although I thought I heard it's running on Oasis) and laser tag.
  19. For cruises out of the U.S.....My understanding is that if we need a PCR test in order to return to our home country after the cruise, then Royal will provide this (and free of charge). However, I am looking at Royal's site, and I can't find this listed anywhere for cruises out of the U.S. Is this still the case? And if so, I assume you can arrange at guest services?
  20. From searching, I can't find anything wrong with them so was just curious. Must be just how they are categorized (2D vs CB for connecting)
  21. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but ship wifi is free (i.e. to access the Royal app)....but internet to access outside, emails, etc is what you need to pay.
  22. 100% with you. We are always on our phones at home, personal or work that when we go on a cruise, phones go in the safe. We never purchase the internet package and that would be a negative thing for me as without it, we really get quality family time together. I agree that I love reading other's live reports and good that some don't mind but for me, I take lots of photos (with an actual camera) and then write the review/report after the fact. I guess going forward we will have to use the wifi (not internet) just to access the menus and planner ...and guess then, it may as well double as my camera, (but if they still have a paper planner, then I will be carrying that around).
  23. We already have rooms booked on Anthem but just curious about the connecting balcony rooms on deck 8. Whenever I do a mock booking to check for a price drop, I notice that the total price for the connecting rooms on deck 8 comes out to about $200 cheaper (e.g. room number 8184/8186). Strangely they still show as category 2D, whereas any other connecting balcony room shows as CB. These are not showing as obstructed. It's not just our next sailing but I've noticed it on other Anthem dates. So just wondering if something is wrong with these rooms? Sometimes it's tempting to switch to these rooms. They are even the same location as our current booking (just a different deck).
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