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  1. We already have rooms booked on Anthem but just curious about the connecting balcony rooms on deck 8. Whenever I do a mock booking to check for a price drop, I notice that the total price for the connecting rooms on deck 8 comes out to about $200 cheaper (e.g. room number 8184/8186). Strangely they still show as category 2D, whereas any other connecting balcony room shows as CB. These are not showing as obstructed. It's not just our next sailing but I've noticed it on other Anthem dates. So just wondering if something is wrong with these rooms? Sometimes it's tempting to switch to these rooms. They are even the same location as our current booking (just a different deck).
  2. Check in for our Xmas cruise was Sept 25. Now I'm looking at the app and it says Nov 9th. So guess they moved it out to 45 days before. But not clear if this mean you can check in before paying it off (since final payment is now 30 days)
  3. One question...does this push the check in date out? And if not, do you need to make final payment in order to select a port arrival time? Last week for our xmas cruise I noticed that the App listed Sept 25 as check in date, but now the app shows check in is closed.
  4. Hmm.....and I just received Final Payment reminder emails for our Dec cruise. Seems one Royal system doesn't know about the other Royal system. There's a surprise. Which to believe?😏
  5. Yeah true...guess a lot of the dates are already past final payment.....or as per post above, for new bookings. Works for our cruise but we're end of Dec.
  6. I haven't seen this posted yet. Anyone get an email about final payment moving from 90 days to 30 days before for cruises within this date? Not bad as we were planning on paying it off this weekend, but guess we can wait.
  7. I've seen WWRY 5 times in my home city and loved it. Can't wait to see it again on Anthem. Also loved Hairspray, and other Royal musicals we've seen so far. Another question....I've read from protocols that masks are required indoors and are not required by pools. So for Anthem, are they required for the indoor pool (regular one and solarium)? Obviously I'm not asking about when swimming but when in the area, on loungers, etc. We will have a couple cold days at the start and at the end so will be using that pool....so just wondering.
  8. We really like promenade rooms and have no issue booking them. For straight interiors, unless we really want to save money, we do avoid them (and haven't actually ever booked a straight interior - just one with a screen). I find that just having the window removes any claustrophobic feeling as you can look outside your room and gives you additional light. I also find it fun to just check out what's going on, or people watch for a few minutes. Also, the extra seat by the window is nice for a bit of extra space or seating. Some complain of noise. The only night this was an issue for us was 70s night but we were up anyways so not a big deal. Overall it's fine. Also, for another complaint, we simply close the blinds when changing. Easy fix. The promenade rooms are a great alternative to interior rooms.
  9. Thank you so much for this report. We have Anthem booked for Dec out of the US. Your report is extremely helpful and you've answered a lot of my questions about activities and signing up, etc (I think you've also responded to some posts on the other Anthem UK thread...really appreciated). I do wonder if they will open up things like escape room and rollerblading when it returns to the States (as escape room is running on Oasis and I'm pretty sure I saw ice skating on another review). Not sure if they just didn't have the staff to run these in small groups? Sounds like you had a wonderful cruise.
  10. Anyone know if Royal is still flying people home for those few that do test positive (at least in near future)? I heard of a few scenarios initially but not sure they are continuing to do so. I agree with the above...the combo of 2 day pre-testing will help, 12+ must be vaccinated (and under 12 tested at the port), and masks indoors all help.
  11. Hi all. We have Anthem booked in Dec. A question about drinks. We have the drink package. I assume that you can no longer grab a drink at let say, at Schooner or Bionic bar....and then just walk and drink it? Do you have to find a seat at one of the bars/restaurants? What about by the pool (indoor and outdoor)? Or at the SeaPlex? The theatre? We'll have our kids with us so it's not like we'll be hanging out at bars unless it's trivia or something so just figuring out the logistics.
  12. Great to hear that you felt very safe, especially with you health risk. We have Anthem booked in December. My only hesitation of this ship in particular is that it's a very indoor ship. Did that concern you at all or as you said, you felt quite safe with keeping the normal covid precautions (masks, etc)
  13. Perfect thank you for letting me know. I mean, I know they will let know if you test positive, but good for negative result you also get a paper copy. We are cruising Royal but I would assume it's the same.
  14. It's really exciting seeing these ships start up again after so long, and then following along. We were supposed to go on Freedom last month but that didn't happen. The ship looks great after the amp. I look forward to following along. Wondering where you found the table about Venues and Activities at a Glance with the vaccinated/unvaccinated noted? That's good info (and shows you what is running as well) Have a wonderful cruise.
  15. Thank you for sharing your experience. We are looking at cruising (Royal) in Dec. One question that may seem silly/ Do you know if you have the option to get a paper printout of the PCR test? The reason I ask is that we don't get internet package...so we would have no way of knowing the results.
  16. How did you find KSC covid-wise? Would love to do this on our Dec cruise but 99% sure we will skip it due to crowds with covid (esp with Florida numbers). Or are you saying that you had to stay in the bus and you couldn't see the exhibits?
  17. Interesting. What about kids? Sometimes it's hard to tell if a kid is over 12 or under 12 (esp with growth spurts)
  18. This is a great post and gives both sides. We know that things won't be ideal...having to wear masks (haven't figured out yet how to prevent mine from fogging up) and not being able to grab a drink and just walk with it. Plus not everything on the ship is running so limited experience, and reservations for things that are running. But on the flip side, we just want to get back on a ship...and even if not 100% experience, it's great to get out of the house and have family vacation. Question for those who have gone and are worried about covid...do you find that you relaxed once on the ship? Or are you constantly on nerves? We just did a a mini summer trip and I did relax once there, but we were only 1.5 hrs from home.
  19. It's great hearing updates in this thread. One question on something I haven't seen mentioned. Is there entertainment in the Schooner bar in the evenings (i.e. piano player)? And if so, how is the person? We love hanging out there, especially when the person has a sense of humor and has fun. (But not sure if it's too busy with covid protocols)
  20. I'm really sorry this has happened to you and your family. Just awful to have gone all the way to Barcelona and then only to be quarantined. Is testing at the port part of Barcelona requirements for adults? I thought you only need to test 2 days prior. But does make you wonder if Royal will add this to all cruises.
  21. Thanks. These rooms are inbetween the forward and aft elevators, but a touch closer to the forward side.
  22. Thank you. These are just next to ours (and one deck down) so this really helps. Good to know about the music. I seem to be the only one in my family sensitive to noise (when trying to go to bed) and I just bring ear plugs to deal with any noise issues.
  23. That would be an issue for us...mostly because we have connecting rooms with our kids.
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