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  1. Thank you. Very good to hear that noise shouldn't be an issue. Yes, our Mariner room is aft facing (but the large corner room so excited about that). Our Adventure room is port side, but "aft" section, but really only about 7 JS rooms down from the stairs.
  2. If a choice between two ships then we'll select the ship we haven't been on yet. It may be similar to one (e.g. Same class) but it's nice to try something new and then you get different shows. But having said that, we'll be repeating Mariner next summer. For us, itinerary is second. Ship matters more.
  3. On Mariner we have back after corner balcony room booked on deck 10. On Adventure we have a room midway between aft elevator and end. Both of these are under the Windjammer. Anyone know if we need to worry about noise?
  4. Hi APDMOM. I came across your review by accident as the odd time I'll scan the other cruise lines and see if any interesting reviews. So was excited when I saw one from you. Looks like you're having a great time on your cruise. Would love to hear in the end how you find it compares with Royal (which I know varies by ship). We always stick with Royal but as above, will often look at others wondering if we should try another line someday. 😊
  5. Symphony also has Laser Tag which is fun. (And I think Oasis is getting it as well if I'm remembering correctly)
  6. Have yet to be on Rhapsody or that class, but i'd choose Allure. Amazing shows and tons of food options, especially for 14 nights. But if you think you'll be overwhelmed with a larger ships, then Rhapsody may be more for you. PS - Would Allure be B2B?
  7. Great review. Your son is so cute! Looks like you had a nice cruise.
  8. Only other thing they added was family comedy show the last night (same comedians as the adult show but toned down for all ages)
  9. So sorry you got injured. Before our Symphony cruise, I had read of a few others who had the same happen to them. Due to the warning,s we wore long sleeves on the first few days trying the Abyss. Once we knew what to expect and how to position ourselves, we stuck in our short sleeves (but not to say that a ride could have turned us the wrong way and we would have had the same issue). The Abyss is lots of fun...without any injuries.
  10. I just meant how OP commented they were next to another couple and they really hit it off and basically had their dinners together. But good to know they have lots of options for different size tables.
  11. Great review. Sounds like you had a great cruise! Nice too how you lucked out with another table of two in the MDR. We'll be on Anthem same itinerary in March. Good to see how the timing works for Universal (and i assume similar for Disney). So tempting to go but can imagine that we wouldn't get on many rides with those kind of waits (and for us, it'll be march break so even more crowded). With kids, they wouldn't be happy just walking around. 🙂 Did you catch The Gift and the other regular show? (I saw you mentioned We Will Rock You but may have missed the others). Did they have other things going on during the day? Really looking forward to Anthem as it seems a bit different from other Royal ships.
  12. Strange. Our Adventure is December. We actually gave it booked but will probably cancel.
  13. It's on our cruise planner for our December Adventure cruise in the "Internet & More" section.
  14. Hoopster95, your experience on Brilliance looks amazing! You even got the Wonderland World dessert? Room looks perfect too with it being intimate and private. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thanks for describing how to find the location. Good idea. Different question....my one concern is more of a physical issue where I cannot sit for long periods of time (and I know the meal can be 2-3 hrs in length). From the way you describe it, it seems like it would be easy enough to get up a couple times, right? I don't want to affect the experience for others though if this would be distracting.
  16. On our Anthem cruise, it was another $30-35 per person, which is why we went with half day. On our Navigator cruise, the full day was more reasonable. IWish the half day tickets though went to noon and not 10:45am (if they do start counting). Are you saying that they have been doing this now at CoCo Cay? Or just mentioning that it's one way for them to proceed?
  17. Wondering too, especially as they seem to have discontinued the half day tickets. Someone did comment that you just give your sea pass upon entry. So as long as you don't exit, they wouldn't know the difference.
  18. Thanks for explaining. How long ago was your cruise? That's disappointing about the wines offered, especially as it's supposed to be first class. That's really bad to if its too noisy to hear any of the explanations. So think we'll wait until we're on board and see if there's a sale. If not, we'll select another specialty or gallery tour or something. (We want to do something special or different on our Adventure cruise). Overall it sounds really nice though and something we would never do or experience otherwise.
  19. Can I ask why? Also, did you notice any discounts on Adventure?
  20. We booked in Plantation for same issue as OP. The area seems similar to Harbor Shops area with lots around. Hoping it's not too far from port but was significant savings.
  21. Great review. We were on Symphony in March and like you, was really impressed. Did you find the Gallary Lunch worth it? Or is it really just an MDR meal (which I know you said you didn't go to, so maybe an unfair question) with a bit of a tour? The menu looks standard offhand. Trying to decide between Gallery Tour, Chef's Table or other item for an upcoming cruise.
  22. RicoRoxy, thank you so much for posting the cruise compass and map!
  23. We had a free Johnny Rockets meal for four with out Boardwalk Balcony room on Symphony. Well, never used it. There were too many other good food options, and we just never felt like having greasy fast food.
  24. That's an excellent price difference. Usually a CP balcony costs a lot more than a Promenade. We enjoy Promenade rooms too and have booked them more than once. For our Harmony cruise, we wanted to try a CP balcony, but ended up with Central Park Interior as it was a good alternative. Same view without the balcony. To add a balcony would be another $800. Either way, the rooms seem peaceful, can also people watch, and different than you an get on a standard cruise ship.
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