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  1. I thought once our family of four was fully vaccinated that I would relax. But honestly, I'm also just as nervous mostly because of this Delta variant and still hearing of fully vaccinated testing positive (about 20% each day here where I live)
  2. That's why we're also contemplating of just paying off our Dec cruise and then seeing closer to the date. Most of it can be paid by FCC anyways. But then if we cancel Dec, our FCC will be more then our March cost...so we would lose about $500.
  3. Have a great cruise! I hear you...you can plan and be excited and then it doesn't work out or things change. Or our fear is having issues returning. What if Royal stops giving PCR test on board. Then we would need to figure out where to get one, etc What our world has become..it's such a mess. Anyways...glad you are al negative and on your way tomorrow. Have a great time.
  4. That was one of our reasons for leaning towards cruise out of NJ as we have the option to drive...but of course, only if land borders open.
  5. Lol...we actually had that resort initially booked....then we switched to the Iberostar Lindo. Our booking is only 5 nights though so it wouldn't cover us. Really great though that they offer this for 7+ nights.
  6. Exactly what we did...Before we never would have had more than one booking, but now, we have all these refundable bookings (cruise and AI for Dec, 2 cruise options for March 2022)
  7. Can I ask what hotel you are staying at? I just looked closer at the one we have booked (one of the Iberostar ones) and they only offer antigen tests for free. There is a charge for PCR tests, which we need for Canada. I just calculated it and it adds another $680 when converted to CAD.
  8. That's good you can wait and see. We're tied to school holidays. Only thing is how long we chance it by waiting in terms of the flight cost.
  9. Thanks. Our hotel does free PCR testing for 2 guests...so need to pay for other two. They also currently seem to offer free stay in the case of needing quarantine....but that expires Sept 30. Not sure if they will extend it or not.
  10. We have a Royal cruise out of NJ in December and torn of what to do. Our final payment is coming up in September so need to make a decision soon. Our family is fully vaccinated with same doses (kids got Pfizer, DH and I got Moderna). From a cruise experience, we are fine with masks, glad that NJ will have 12+ vaccination rule. A plus is that it most likely will not be a full ship. Minus is that some venues as of now are not running (one of the shows, rollerblading, escape room, etc), but that can change by December...and I know there is still lots to do. The cruise has one stop at their private island so we would get off. We would stay on the ship for the other two ports. If we go, Dh would like to drive (...if border opens) as he feels it'll be easier to return in the chance that one of tests positive. And perhaps it'll be safer being in our own car vs in an airport with lots of people (but there are rest stops, additional hotel, etc with driving). It's about an 8-10hr drive vs 1.5 hour flight (and I have issues with sitting for long periods of time). But currently Royal is flying anyone back home that tests positive....so perhaps flying is better as our car would be stuck in NJ in the chance that this happens? We also have a refundable booking at a reputable resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The hotel tests for you to return to your home country. But..if you test positive, then I believe you need to stay there for 10-14 days. Option 1 Pay it off and decide closer to the date, leaning to Mexico but keeping cruise booking just in case. If we pick the resort, the cruise money will go to FCC which we can use for March (same cruise booked - but Dec booking is about $500 more than March so we would lose money) Option 2 Cancel the December cruise and go to the all inclusive Option 3 Pay it off and continue with plan to go (drive or fly). It's a bit stressful though if one of us tests positive leading up to vacation. We are all vaccinated and we would keep things low key leading up to the trip (no playdates or family get togethers), but kids go to school and DH and I could be back in the office by then. What are other Canadians doing? Are you planning on cruising, and if so, from where? Or are you skipping cruising and doing all inclusive (or skipping vacation all together)? In one sense, I almost feel like cruises are safer as they have strict protocols to board. But the ship is indoors and so everyone together. And who knows if March will be any better. Really torn....
  11. Thank you so much for the cruise compasses. It gives an idea of the other things going on and timings. Really appreciate it.
  12. I've seen WWRY 5 times here in my home city many years ago (I'm in Toronto, Canada). Love it and really excited to see it on Anthem. Great to hear that Anthem does a great performance.
  13. Thanks for the reply. So The Gift isn't playing. (Heard mixed reviews...but kind of makes me more curious to see it). Too bad about rollerblading. I know my kids would miss that. Sorry, one more question. How do the pools work? Can you just go (family pools)? Or do you need to sign up for a time? Anyone have a cruise compass to share? Trying to decide if we should wait based on stuff not running, or if Dec will still have enough (assuming same protocols). We're coming with two kids (teenager and pre-teen)
  14. Welcome back. Great to hear you had such a nice cruise. I do have a questions about things running / not running Were all shows running (We WIll Rock You, Spectra's Cabaret. The Gift)? Do you know what activities were running in the Sea Plex? I think I heard rollerblading was not? What about Circus Trapeze or other stuff? Was Escape room running? Thx.
  15. Haven't read anything about it so am wondering the protocols for Oasis out of NJ. Are guests 12+ required to be vaccinated? I'm guessing so, especially due to the new Bahamas rule. We are sailing Anthem out of NJ so guessing ours will be the same.
  16. Can I ask what you mean? We have a December cruise on Anthem out of NJ. I used to have doubts that Anthem would return...but now feeling much better about it thinking all is good (except with a return slightly later than planned at start of November)
  17. We must be on the one right after you leaving on the 24th...It's a 7 night Bahamas cruise so looks like it's not the cruise length. Seems to be the ship as we also have Anthem booked for March 2022 and also cannot view it....but we can view Oasis sailing for 2022. The poster above said hers is working so guess just the further out ones. Lol...you are well prepared for your Marcy cruise.
  18. That's great....a good sign. Question...does Anthem show for you on the app? We have it booked for December. I can view details of my other cruises but for Anthem, it doesn't open and just says "we're working on the fun".
  19. Too bad on the roller-skating. I'm guessing that the Escape room isn't running at this time?
  20. Debating the same (but we are in Canada). With respect to covid ....what is less risk? Flying or driving (where would need bathroom breaks and a hotel or two)?
  21. Following along. We were supposed to be going on Freedom in a few weeks....that is, before covid came along and changed many plans. Thanks for your review. Looks great so far. Great catch on the balcony royal up!
  22. If cost is right, then we prefer a balcony. Having said that, I am totally fine with an interior type room....but promenade where there is at least a window (or we have no issue booking virtual balcony)
  23. This is exactly what we have done for December...hoping at least if the cruise doesn't work, the Mexico resort will (but waiting on flights)
  24. We're deciding what to do about our December cruise. We're all vaccinated but concerned with the scenario of testing positive and not being able to get back to Canada. Typically we book refundable, but in this case we booked NRD as the price difference was large (and booked it March 2020 not dreaming this would go on so long). Just wondering how your were able to get back your NRD as a refund? I thought that it would go to a FCC...even if you cancel prior to final payment?
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