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  1. Yes, 14 weeks before departure through your personaliser
  2. Just pure ignorance in my opinion. No other possible explanation I can think of. The worst case I saw in the buffet was a lady who inserted her finger into one of the puddings. When challenged she got aggressive shouting at the staff member that she had washed her hands and she needed to check how hot it was. Needless to say, the whole tray was taken away.
  3. Not possible on P&O cruises using TUI charter flights. Check in only on the day. Well, hasn't been for last 3 years.
  4. For P&O charter flights there is no on line check in. So you either pay up or take your chance at the airport. If sitting together is important to you then people seem to advocate getting to check in early but if everyone did this then it would be pretty awful.
  5. Additionally P&O could come under pressure to secure TUI (GE powered) 787's in the longer term with the possible expansion of TUI's own cruise business.
  6. Its open to everyone. Supposed to be adults only.
  7. Oh dear. My original post wasn't intended to be any comment on how strictly P&O enforced their dress code or whether someone hadn't told me something they should have. I am fully aware of the guidance. It was a simple observation that the dress code section on my Personaliser was blank rather than the expected 4 formal and 10 smart casual. As Eddie11 suggests above, this is probably due to the length of time I still have to wait but since the current ratios have been in place for some time I was purely wondering whether this absence might be an indication that P&O are considering reviewing it. On Britainnia, I think the Glass House is smart casual although I believe that doesn't extend to shorts no matter how smart or how much they cost. The Beach House however certainly allowed shorts in the Caribbean this January as the guy next to me was wearing a football short and shorts and trainers and was joking he had needed to buy some long trousers at the first port as he hadn't brought any with him as didn't think he needed them. I think P&O really do need to be clear and be consistent as it only leads to upset.
  8. No, thankfully not another discussion about the merits of "smart tailored shorts" etc. I have booked to go on Britannia in Jan 2020 and have just noticed that the area on the Personaliser that details the dress code is blank rather than the expected 4 formal and 10 smart casual. I know this may well be due to length of time I still have to wait (sob) but I also wonder whether they might be reviewing.
  9. Exactly. I sat next to a guy in the Beach House in football shirt, shorts and trainers complaining that he had needed to buy some trousers at the previous port as he didn't realise he needed any. These and other boards are full of people asking questions basically wanting to push the boundaries. Largely I suspect either for the sake of it or more often than not to wind up other people on social media. Its P&O's dress code - no one elses - if they want one they they should enforce it properly .... they don't currently which leads to some folk getting quite upset.
  10. Oh so true. Have seen some passengers work them selves right up over it. So funny.
  11. Personally I really don't mind what other folk wear but P&O ask for no shorts in the MDR and several bars. Slowly but surely the dress code is becoming less strict and my guess is that it won't be long before shorts are accepted. That would upset a lot of people but please many others. To my mind P&O are trying hard to keep the dining rooms smart and not allowing shorts is an easy distinction for the staff to make. If they for example allowed "smart tailored" shorts then already over busy staff will immediately face more confrontation as customers push the new limits over what constitutes smart, how much their shorts cost (irrelevant) etc etc. I feel very sorry for the staff as it is with some passengers deliberately pushing the current advice P&O give. If you are to have a dress code then either enforce it properly or scrap it completely, I don't mind.
  12. If memory serves me right, one the things about arriving at your requested time was that if you did then the cabin would be ready. Of course, very few actually arrive when asked and funnily enough the cabins are not ready. I reckon it would help the stewards and speed the whole process up if the did block cabin areas off until ready as endless people "just dropping things off" must get in the way.
  13. Quite right but I think the point is that P&O need to change their processes to stop wasting all this needless paper (tickets, paper brochures, luggage labels etc.) and come up with solutions that support all their customers as well as being less wasteful. In this day and age it should be possible with the right investment, it simply up to P&O to create the solutions. They shouldn't just carry on doing something because they did it yesterday.
  14. 537 long days for me. Do I win a prize?
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