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  1. Who knows but I doubt it. P&O prices like everyone else are largely driven by demand. 2021 cruises have been booked not just by the usual early bookers but also by large numbers of rebookers from 2020 cancellations. Therefore many cruises are currently showing far higher bookings than would be usual at this time of year. It could be that bookings will level off once they get going again and if occupancy are not good enough then prices will come down to fill the ships. So like so much else currently, no one knows.
  2. They have installed glass canopies over the aft balconies on Decks A&B. P&O say this is to help with "privacy" issues highlighted by guests as apparently some passengers felt uneasy about being overlooked from the bar above. Some cynics (me included) suspect it has more to do with avoiding the occasional soot issue on these balconies. These balconies were brilliant for sun worshippers but now they look awful (in my view). The soot will still collect on the glass and need cleaning and despite me asking P&O many times they were unable to say whether the glass was reflective and therefore created shade or not and created a greenhouse. Since we were going to the Caribbean and the balcony was important to us, we transferred the cruise to elsewhere. There are pictures on previous threads somewhere and on other social media.
  3. GP's do not have the time to do this - and shouldn't be asked to.
  4. I believe what they are asking for in effect a delay on refunding. Providing a credit note to be used over a given period. If not used by end date then you can insist on a refund. Either way a massive change especially for anyone who might lose their job over this and will need the cash to get through.
  5. All of the above. Completely up to you. The only thing I would add is if you are on fixed dining you might notice some passengers making a great show of handing over individual envelopes to the waiting staff. I've never understood why but it's obviously important for them to be seen doing this. Others thankfully choose to be more discrete. However I don't think the staff mind either way. Don't fret, do as you want to do.
  6. It certainly does take all sorts. You were very polite. Space is certainly an issue on these flights and we have seen many very surprised that having "got round" the limits there is suddenly not enough room to store all their stuff. I do wonder whether the lower limit on these flights is also to help with the mini bus transfers to the ship which can be a bit "snug" and would only be made more unpleasant if folk were allowed bigger / heavier cabin bags.
  7. Some will say they have taken more and got away with it bit we have seen folk having to repack and get it down to the prescribed weight. Although many make a big fuss it's really not difficult, we have done the Caribbean 3 times and managed easily. To confirm its exactly as DGS says 1 = 1.
  8. On full P&O charters (usually with TUI these days) you cannot check in on line but they have specific check in desks for the flights. You may be able to check in online if you are allocated a scheduled airline but not sure. You do get on board first and you do get fast track security for what its worth but not lounge access which is sometimes mentioned.
  9. I have been talking to P&O about this as we have booked a big holiday in a cabin that is affected. We booked with full knowledge of soot risk and being overlooked. One of the main problems with this is that it appears that the Southampton based customer facing staff were not aware of the canopy installation right up the the refit itself and were therefore selling these cabins and suites as sun traps until very recently. I am trying to be positive but am waiting for feedback from those who are using them before me before deciding what to do. At the moment (from the photos), I believe these canopies materially change the cabin I booked and therefore my holiday and consequently may well reluctantly cancel which will then obviously free the cabin up for someone else. P&O certainly don't seem overly concerned about their effect (or my booking). They do however accept at least verbally that they should have communicated this change better.
  10. There are a small minority (much the same as normal life I guess) of very rude and horrible people. My wife was knocked off her feet whilst leaving the theatre by a bloke pushing passed her rushing to get somewhere. He didn't even stop although if he had I guess I might have been in trouble as well. I have also seen some be very rude to staff expecting cabin staff to run all sorts of errands for them which is unfair as they can't fight back. Thankfully it is still a minority but to my mind rudeness/ intolerance is increasing as the years go by.
  11. No. Not sure P&O actually said it would be changed. The other thing of note is the installation of frosted glass canopies across the top of the A and B deck cabins at the back. Depends who you talk to at P&O but some say this is to increase the privacy of the balconies from the bar above, others that it's an attempt to reduce the soot getting on said balconies. It gets on the glass instead. One thing for sure is that it will reduce the direct sun these balconies get which will probably be welcomed by as many as will complain about it. These do not appear to have been publicised by P&O at all with at least 1 person claiming to have booked a suite only 3 weeks ago because of the balcony and sun and no one from P&O mentioned it at all during the booking process.
  12. Yes £6 a minute is steep but readily pay for an emergency. The emails are free (we had both) but inevitably there will be a slight delay in getting the message to your cabin .... our experience was sea day and we were paged over the tannoy (including into cabin) . Brilliant in my mind.
  13. If you look on P&O website there is a process for family to be able to ring your cabin direct in case of emergencies. I think they need your ship and cabin number. If you are not there then they can leave a message on the answerphone system. Costs a bit but if needs must then its very useful. We used it when my father was taken poorly. Or they can email the ship direct and I goes it goes to reception.
  14. Yes, 14 weeks before departure through your personaliser
  15. Just pure ignorance in my opinion. No other possible explanation I can think of. The worst case I saw in the buffet was a lady who inserted her finger into one of the puddings. When challenged she got aggressive shouting at the staff member that she had washed her hands and she needed to check how hot it was. Needless to say, the whole tray was taken away.
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