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  1. I suggest you ask them as have no idea.
  2. Very true actually unless you do as some and remove the included flight form the cruise and purchase your own. Have known some do it although can't see the need myself.
  3. I believe the TUI premium allowance is 28kg. I certainly don't rate BA at any class in comparison to their competitors. If its important to the OP (not aware that it is) I would suggest doing your own research on the various cabin offerings - basically TUI, BA or Virgin) and making your own mind up as there are many different opinions on these boards.
  4. Before recent events they mostly used TUI using 787's. They had previously also used Thomas Cook A330's but following TC's demise they had to look for extra capacity so purchased some seats on both Virgin & BA scheduled flights. What they do when cruises restart remains to be seen but a minority of London flights might now be Heathrow rather than Gatwick since Virgin have currently relocated all their fleet. No one knows when these details might appear - it would be pure speculation.
  5. That was also my understanding. In their words they "declined to cover" this condition, which apparently they have the right to do.
  6. The original question also asked about cover for medical conditions. I've had a Flex+ for years and was diagnosed with cancer and required "treatment". I declared the condition and they simply said that any claim caused by this would be refused. No conversation about type / stage or prognosis, a simple no. My situation improved and I rang again 12 months later and it was reinstated on the understanding that I was no longer under investigation, awaiting treatment etc etc. So, fairly standard I think but as others have said, do declare everything.
  7. Felt exactly the same when I had mine on Saturday. Beginning of better times hopefully
  8. Got my vaccine appointment tomorrow at 9:30 as well. Am sort of childishly excited as I see it as the start to getting some of my life back eventually. Shielding has been rubbish especially with the poorer weather. I know still a long way to go but now have some hope and I get to go to town albeit for a short time. Might ask my wife to buy me a celebratory doughnut.
  9. As I understand it , yes. Not forgetting the crew as well. Sadly, I think its likely that poorer countries will allow cruises in as they will be so desperate for the income. I don't think its likely any country will have a totally vaccinated population.
  10. I can only go from my daughter who is a medic. She says that each country has its own approval process and we shouldnt be concerned. Its certainly not an indication that its been "rushed" or its a race. There is urgency but medics are by nature a cautioys bunch. Testing process has beenn compressed mainly by funding and resources being available immediately which is unheard of. My only concern is how long it will be befire certain groups start campaigning to be a priority to get access to the vaccine early. Just very pleased so far that indications are it wont be available to buy privately. I
  11. I maybe alone but I really hope the vaccine isnt available privately at least until all those at higher risk have had it. All resources should be concentrated at getting it to those that need it and not those that can afford it.
  12. All PM's and senior ministers have had highly paid non elected advisors for many many years. Some folk's obsession with this (admittedly) irksome individual is sad.
  13. Who knows but I doubt it. P&O prices like everyone else are largely driven by demand. 2021 cruises have been booked not just by the usual early bookers but also by large numbers of rebookers from 2020 cancellations. Therefore many cruises are currently showing far higher bookings than would be usual at this time of year. It could be that bookings will level off once they get going again and if occupancy are not good enough then prices will come down to fill the ships. So like so much else currently, no one knows.
  14. They have installed glass canopies over the aft balconies on Decks A&B. P&O say this is to help with "privacy" issues highlighted by guests as apparently some passengers felt uneasy about being overlooked from the bar above. Some cynics (me included) suspect it has more to do with avoiding the occasional soot issue on these balconies. These balconies were brilliant for sun worshippers but now they look awful (in my view). The soot will still collect on the glass and need cleaning and despite me asking P&O many times they were unable to say whether the glass was reflective and
  15. GP's do not have the time to do this - and shouldn't be asked to.
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